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Superman - The Richard Donner Vision - A Fan Edit by Fran Garcia (Released)

Hello RayRogers,

I haven’t watched yet the new WAC pressed Blu-Ray for the Extended version. I have just arrived from sea after almost 4 months, but I have it and as soon as possible I will check it. I will keep you informed.


RayRogers said:

Fran, will you be using the image quality of the new WAC pressed Blu-ray disc for the Extended version of SUPERMAN: The Movie?

Superman - The Richard Donner Vision - A Fan Edit by Fran Garcia (Released)

After almost two years I have just finished my Superman Project, is a compelling vision of what Richard Donner had in mind when he was creating the Superman Movies. I always had an idea on what if Richard Donner was allowed to complete his version of the Superman Story, and when I watched an interview with Richard Donner saying that the end of “Superman I” was changed with the end of “Superman II”, then I had an idea, to create a fan edit with both Superman Movies together as a single motion picture with the original end.

I will list some of the changes:

-New beginning with Zod, Ursa and Non at Krypton breaking the red crystal. Superman II -RL.
-Krypton destruction reconstructed showing Zod, Ursa and Non watching the destruction of Krypton. Superman II - RD.
-Feed the babies scenes added. Superman I - Deleted Scenes.
-Nuclear misiles scenes reconstructed showing Zod, Ursa and Non heading to earth. Superman II -RD.
-Lois is not dying and Superman is able to save her.
-Intermission added.
-Nuclear bomb scene added after the intermission as a mini adventure. Superman II - RL.
-Added a deleted scene with Lex and Miss Teschmacher on the snow bike. Superman II - RD.
-Jor-El scene with Lex Luthor recolored, added some extras. Superman II - RD.
-Zod, Ursa and Non are no longer using the fingers with powers. Superman II - RL and RD.
-Improved fx of the ray vision.
-Improved flying effects of Superman.
-Bullet hits added on the attack of the White House. Superman II - RL and RD.
-Clark returns to his home scene darkened and altered. Superman II- RD.
-Superman’s Home at the North Pole scenes altered and recolored.
-Again the bad guys are not using their fingers. Superman II - RL.
-Added a scene with the bad guys and Lex being arrested. Superman II- RD.
-Complete new “Turning Back Time” ending.
-Jimmy Olsen brand new camera scene added. Superman II - RD.
-Color correction for the complete motion picture.

The fan edit is in HD and 5.1 surround.

Here is the link to the trailer:

Hope you enjoy!!!