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David Prowse is Darth Vader and he should have his death scene

I wasn’t sure where to write this, so I chose to start my own topic.

I just finished watching the documentary “I am your father” on Netflix. It’s about how Prowse was cheated out of Darth Vader’s death scene, and how a Spanish director want’s to rectify this injustice.
The director is named Marcos Carbotá, and at the end of the documentary he re shoots Darth Vader’s death scene with Prowse in the costume.
The scene exists, but the question is, would it be possible to cut it into Return of the Jedi, and if yes who should I Contact to get it done?
Another question is if people would be interested in having this done?
David Prowse wore the costume for six years of shooting, but in the end he didn’t get to show his face. This doesn’t seem fair.

I really hope it is possible to put this scene in the movie where it belongs.