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Star Wars Video Games - a general discussion thread


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Continuity Error With Obi-Wan Within the ST

Emre16O1 said:

I hope you understand a little more why it irked me. But in the end it does not matter, it is just something that stood out in the documentary, giving an indication (to me) this was a more a Prequel story: in tone, style, execution, and also overall underwhelming quality: than an actual bridge, or genuine half way point story between the two trilogies.

I do, thank you for clearing that up. It’s refreshing to have actual conversations about these things, rather than it dissolving into just aggressive name calling etc. as seems to be the norm on some platforms.

I understand where you’re coming from. Though with the exception of some of the characters (i.e. Obi Wan and Bail Organa) I thought it bridged the setting quite well. There were “prequelly tones/settings” but the inclusion of Storm Troopers pulled it a litte bit into the OT territory. But again, that is just my viewing of it.

Continuity Error With Obi-Wan Within the ST

Emre1601 said:
It did irk me when director Deborah Chow said this about Ewan - “He to me, is Obi Wan”, in the “Obi Wan Kenobi: a Jedi’s Return” documentary, with an emphasis on “is”.

I don’t know why it should irk you, it’s her opinion, quite clearly she says “He to me”… meaning, in her opinion. That doesn’t mean it’s right or it’s wrong. She’s entitled to feel like that. To a certain generation, yes Ewan McGregor is their Obi Wan. In the same respect that everyone has their favourite Bond. There’s no right or wrong answer to it as it’s all subjective.