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Prequel Music
Taking a trip down memory lane here.

When I first saw TPM, at the Australian premiere, I was disappointed how unlike "Star Wars" the film was. One of the main factors that influenced this was the musical score.

A lot of the music we associate with the OT is linked to specific charactes that do not appear in the prequels, ie the Imperial March for Vader and the Emperor, Luke's theme and Leia's theme etc. I know John Williams tried to incorporate some themes from the original trilogy score into the prequel scores, such as the Imperial March as an innocent children's theme for child Anakin and the Imperial March at the end of AOTC (Palpatine on the balcony), but I still think the Prequel Trilogy could benefit with more of the OT music.

I am interested in hearing from other OT lovers, what OT music do you think would have worked well in the prequel's? The best example I can come up with is in Magnolia Fan's edit of Ep1 with the "Trench Run" music from ANH being used in the final lap of the Pod Race scene. That was brilliant and definitely enhanced that scene tremendously!
Topic - The Official Thread
Hi all

Mike, I PM'ed you about this particular issue, you're a busy man, I think we can all appreciate that!

What are you going to do about restoring footage from the OT into your legacy edition? eg, Sebastian Shaw at the end of Jedi and the original Emperor (Clive Revil) from "Empire". As Laserman has commented in other threads, the OT-bootleg DVD's don't stack up against the 2004 editions in terms of quality. I plan on doing my own restoration of these particular scenes in the future and am looking for a good place to start!

Lucasfilm acknowledging fan hate
That's f***ed. That response from Lucasfilm is pretty much saying, "Those who complained, are too stupid to understand why it was changed". Well the fact is, many DO know why it was changed (the spoiler that DON'T POST SPOILERS WITHOUT FAIR WARNING; I DIDN'T KNOW IT MYSELF - Mod). Nothing filmed in EPIII will justify this change.

The man lying in front of Luke at the end of Jedi is ANAKIN F***ING SKYWALKER, not Vader, hence why Shaw should appear at the end.

And yes this has been debated in other threads but it pisses me off to here from Lucasfilm that people were angry because they "didn't see the connection", they're angry because this change cannot be justified and does not make sense!
Topic is so loved....
Seriously, trolling and forum bashing is pretty juvenile. I can't stand people slagging others from the anonymity of their keyboards. The thing that drew me to the site was the chance to debate and question things that I could not do elsewere! Yeah right.

The (for the most part, there are always exceptions!) can pride itself on the fact that we are all rallied around a central and important cause. I think you would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated, intelligent and mature bunch of Star Wars fans. I think its ironic when other sites label us as being 'facists' simply for having an opinion that differs to their own. Here's an idea, don't visit the site! You don't believe what we believe? To quote Morpheus, "my belief does not require them to".

In the words of Eric Cartman, "I love you guys!"

Lets move on shall we.