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Help: looking for... War of the Stars II: The Future in Motion

Hello everyone,

I’m a fan editor who’s just rounding out the final bases on the sequel trilogy. I’m about to leave Star Wars behind in a galaxy far, far away, and you can see some of my work here:

However…throughout my journey I’ve watched and loved War of the Stars: Grindhoused, and longed to see War of the Stars II: The Future in motion.

Does anyone have a copy of this film? It combines ESB and ROTJ and I would love to see it. I don’t believe the creator, TMBTM, is as active on here as he was originally.

S.O.S. my glorious SW community; you’re my only hope.

Help Wanted: with my The Last Jedi Fan Edit


I’m a big fan of your work! While I’m a little in shock that someone of your skill/influence commented on such a small issue, I will take your advice to heart.

I own a Blu-Ray of The Last Jedi and whenever I rip it there is heavy cross-hatching (probably the wrong word) and pixellation. I will try to figure this out. Perhaps it’s a sign that things are just not yet…perfected…anyways.

Thanks so much for commenting! It was, if nothing else, extremely encouraging!

Help Wanted: with my The Last Jedi Fan Edit

Hello everyone,

I’m in the final stages of a fan edit of The Last Jedi.

TD;LR: I have a fan edit of The Last Jedi that makes changes no other edit has made before, but I need help addressing audio interference/popping, and I need help from anyone who possesses The Last Jedi - Deleted Scenes in 23.98fps.

Like many other fan editors, I’ve made some standard changes such as:

-Luke gives back the lightsaber to Rey
-Mama jokes are excised
-Cringey/derivative lines are cut
-Holdo’s hair is brown instead of purple
-Leia and Ackbar survive the blast and Ackbar makes the final sacrifice instead of Holdo
-Luke’s lightsaber is green with a Return of the Jedi handle
-Luke’s voiceover does not have him wanting to kill Ben, but save him instead
-Canto Bight is greatly shortened
-Rose does not save Finn
-Scenes of Holdo being unnecessarily aggressive are cut
-There is no broom boy at the end
-Yoda does not show up until just before the battle of Crate, so that Luke is forced to make a decision for good
-Ach-To is color corrected to be less drab
-Etc, etc, etc

My changes that I’ve made which I have not seen other editors make are:

-Finn completes more of a character arc: he is shown being given a jacket by Poe who tells him that he’s “Where he belongs”. Also, after escaping Snoke’s ship, Rose asks, “So, where are we going?” To which he responds, “Where we belong.”

-On Ach-To, immediately prior to Luke reconnecting with the Force and making the zen water pool vibrate, Luke hears the voice of Obi-Wan (Alec Guiness), then the voice of Anakin Skywalker (Sebastian Shaw), and finally the voice of Princess Lei in-coma, calling out to him.

-When Rey falls into the dark side cave, her scream is blended with the scream of herself as a little girl; as she surfaces from the water she hears the voice of Anakin Skywalker (Sebastian Shaw) whisper, “You were right”, and when she sees two shadowy figures (supposedly her parents) blend together in her reflection, a very soft, almost indiscernible, voice of young Rey, cries out: “Come Back”.

-Scenes are rearranged near the end of the movie, so that Luke lifts the rocks blocking the salt tunnels, instead of Rey (this gives her the ability to learn from the Jedi Texts and not be a Mary Sue)

-Instead of the theatrical version of the movie, in which Luke passed away immediately after lifting the rocks, followed by a scene-cut to Kylo Ren raiding the emptied salt tunnels…Luke RATHER lifts the rocks, Kylo Ren raids the salt tunnels, and finally Luke passes away, but not before hearing the dramatic, echoing voice of Alec Guiness calling out, “Luke…Let go, Luke. Let go.” This is the last scene before Leia and Rey discuss the hope for the future

Anyways, I really think I have a great edit for the Star Wars community, from the editing, to the voice actors, to the color-correction.

BUT-- I need help. I cannot find the deleted scenes from The Last Jedi in any format but 29 frames per second. Can anyone help me out?

Also, there is audio popping and interference throughout the video-- can anyone help me with these pops? I knew of a program from 2009 that did such a thing, but it appears to be continued.

I’m sorry for the long post, but get at me people…and may the force be with you.