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Nosferatu, A Symphony Of Horror (The Super Castlevania IV Score) - COMPLETED/UPLOADED!
Thanks for the info man. As I read in the forum it was a cool edit. I'll ask around here, in case someone could help.

If you're going to improve it with a better source, I may help with the menus if you need some help: I haven't seen the current ones, but I may help providing motion menus with intros and stuff (maybe you have already made them this way, but just in case...).

The rapidshare time restriction for the files sure is a real pitty.

Anyway, thanks for your fast answer and your interest!
Classic Edition: The Empire Strikes Back by Ocpmovie (Released)
Hi there!

I'm one of those who downloaded this little diamond from myspleen, and if someone tells me how to upload it to demonoid I would gladly do it!!!

By the way, in my opinion this is by far one of the greatest fan edits ever made (just personal opinion)

I'm not a demonoid member but as I read in the thread myspleen won't admit it, so if there is any other way of sharing this please tell me!
Info: True Romance - Tarantino re-edit
I agree with Boomstick: if there is a high quality copy of this it would be great if we could all share it and enjoy (I'm a little bit shy, that's why I didn't ask myself first)
If you do have one we could upload it on myspleen, so that all fans can download it for free.

I think I could provide some photoshop help If you want to improve the cover (although as I have said I think the current one is great!!!)
Info: Star Wars DVD trades - Will trade for SW Toys and other SW titles

I found your post searching through the internet and I came through your list.
There are losts of thing in this list that I would be interested in, but I'm afraid I have none of the things that you're asking for to trade. But I do have some flash spoofs turned into dvd format, and I'm also a good dvd-motion menu designer and maker (as good as the software allows me). I also have some interesting and rare blade runner video collection (which has nothing to do with this forum but may be interesting for trading).

I'm a big star wars fan (original trilogy only) but I'm afraid I'm too young and way too new to this level of collecting to have something interesting to trade with, so, if none of this sounds interesting for you to trade, please tell me if there's another way you would let me get to the bittorrent downloads you mention.

I'm just a fan, and I also hate the darkside profiteers who sell this stuff (although I had to buy some from them from time to time to get to some of this material. I don't feel proud about it). I just wanted to make clear that I would'nt use the downloaded stuff to sell it afterwards.