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Original (old) Star Wars fan, who is extremely new to this type of forum, and needs guidance about how to participate.

While I am an original (old) Star Wars fan and devotee of those first three films, I am extremely new to this type of forum. What does PM refer to here? How do I prove ownership of my original 📼VHS purchases? I believe my tapes are still in good condition, but they are currently boxed from my move and buried (hopefully safely) by last July’s 6.4M & 7.1M earthquakes. If my tapes are in good condition, would they be important/usable for your projects?
I was fortunate to see these films when they first came out on the big screen❣️ Unless you grew up when I did, you can’t appreciate how wonderful, awesome, and ground-breaking these films were to the Baby-Boomer generation! We were excited by “Pong” and a computer that held 128k‼️‼️‼️ [Heck, I still love “Them!”,”The Thing From Another World”, and “The Crawling Eye”❣️] “Star Trek” and “Doctor Who” gave us hope for greater stories and special effects - and “Star Wars”, then, achieved all those dreams!
Being a buff of movie history and old films, I am thrilled to discover your efforts to preserve those first, three films❣️ To never experience those original movies, or see them on the big screen, is to deny the pioneering magic, innovations, and talents, which went into their creation‼️ How can the next generations of writers, composers, and filmmakers learn, if a film’s history is erased⁉️ Thank you for all your efforts❣️