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Raiders of the Lost Ark Alterations?

ThrowMeTheWhip said:

Eh said:

In the start sequence I saw Satipo’s face digitally wobble around for a split second so that’s a thing

No you didn’t. What you saw was a registration error that’s been there from the beginning. It’s on the negative. It occurs as they’re entering the Chachapoyan temple.

Are you sure it was on the original negative? I doubt that. Especially because of the clearly tampered-with torch in the very next shot! (on the Blu-ray only)

Granted, I suppose they could have “corrected” that in the 2003 DVD, and then reverted back for the Blu-ray, but I find that unlikely. Especially since it hasn’t been documented anywhere to my knowledge.

Shroud of the Empire: A Star Wars Fanfilm (in LEGO)

I’ve been a lurker to these forums for the past month after having discovered the Despecialized editions of the original trilogy on this great site.

Reading through the other fan alterations, preservations, fan projects, and discussions…

I was inspired to create a 3 part Star Wars miniseries meant to reflect the tone of the original trilogy: All done in LEGO.

I’ve posted the second draft of the first script for anyone who’d like to read it and perhaps give tips and suggestions. I know that I’m not the best writer in the world, but, I really love Star Wars, and don’t think there’s any better way to show that love than through one of my greatest hobbies & skills - stop motion animation.

Here’s a poster & Color Correction Test as well: