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Fan-Made Transformers Beast Wars Soundtrack

Hello Everyone,

A few years ago someone began a kickstarter to restore the G1 Transformers series soundtrack and it was completed almost a year ago. Here’s a link to the finished kickstarter for anyone interested in learning about it:

It’s safe to say that the people behind it did a tremendous job, but they’ve decided not to work on any further projects.

My hope is that we could do something similar and create our own Beast Wars Soundtrack, seeing as there has not been one released yet and there are no official plans to make one. Any other fan attempts to do a Beast Wars Soundtrack aren’t the best and incomplete.

What I have done is rip every episode of Beast Wars, from the Shout Factory! 15th Anniversary DVDs, using the MakeMKV software (, then I took those MKV files and converted them into FLAC files using the website (

The truth is I have no expertise on how to do this myself, I have no idea where to start. What I’m really looking for is someone, or a group of people, who can use these audio files, isolate the background music from the dialogue and SFX, remaster the audio, and create a full soundtrack for the series.

My part to play in all this is just to get the ball rolling and oversee the project’s progress. So if you are interested and capable of working on this project PM me. I have the FLAC files uploaded to MEGA and I can send you the link to them.

I would also love to talk to people in the replies about how to accomplish this project. The more I understand about what needs to be done, the better the final product will be.