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Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

dgraham414 said:
I would have kept more of Alderran, in the beginning, to give us more time with Leia. Other than that though, I liked it very much.

Thank you, really appreciate this!

The FX could use some work.

down the line this will hopefully get much better. especially the holocron get get a bit more work.

again thank you for this small review, didnt get many yet so this means a lot!

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

potty meister said:
Will you eventually provide a higher quality version? The artifacts from the video compression are pretty clear and distracting.

yeah sadly there is compression, i used wondershare uniconverter when i started months ago. now i use handbrake. i tried replacing the files but converting to mp4 takes ages and the nvidia encode (which is way faster) only allows m4v files which isnt supported by premiere. for v2 im goingto start again from the ground up. using the right converted files. but for now its just fine. it still in 4k and that was my goal.

Something seems off with the overall sound mix. I have a 7.2.2 system and no matter what I do with the receiver the audio that should be on the center channel comes out from other speakers. It also suffers from heavy compression.

i made the 5.1 channels into 6 mono channels which seems like the best option. even pixeljoker does it this way. i exported it as 5.1 so i should be fine i guess. it sounds pretty okay to me.

At 11:36 it looks like a frame or two from another scene is still there and needs to be trimmed out.

i updated the file on drive with this issue removed!

im really glad you liked it, once pixeljoker’s version releases ill use his vfx (i have permission) and maybe take some of his story beats to make it even better for version 2 down the line

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

This is a little attempt to make the POV of the Probe Droid match the one we see in Rebels a bit more:




I think is the best compromise i can achieve, I didnt want to just use the version we see in rebels cause it would take over the entire screen.

More pictures will be uploaded here in the coming days

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED

darthrush said:

Was there any re-ordering or changes applied to the final Kenobi vs Vader duel?

not really, i only added the line thats in the trailer during the duel. the fight is basially the same as it is in the show. what i did want to do was possibly add a ring to the planet, to make it like it could possibly be geonosis, but i dont think that would make sense with the placements of geonosis and jabiim on the star map.

for my edit, i wanted to respect the original vision of the filmmakers as much as possible, i just recut into a feature length film. i took some liberties by adding fun vfx easters eggs that dont effect the overall story, yes. i cut out some stuff to give certain people a stronger presence, yes. but the story doesnt change at all. The darth vader line i added was for me just a missed oppertunity. As we see in rogue one, vader can be funny haha. So adding this line in feels natural

Crimson Maul's - Kenobi: A Star Wars Story RELEASED


RELEASED I know, I know, it been done multiple times… but here is another one!

My overall goal (like many others) was to make it into what it should have been in the 1ste place: A FEATURE FILM!

For my edit i want to respect the original film makers who created this great show as much as possible. i didnt add any music, but i did do some very slight color correcting

I shuffeld around some scenes, cut out some scenes and deleted 95% of episode 4.

Changed the personality of a obi wan , reva and fifth brother a bit, and tons of others stuff that i dont want to give away just yet.

What many others didnt do was to create a logical bridge (no offense) from episode 3 to 5 (if they deleted epsiode 4 too). and i believe i created a beatiful way to acomplish this.

What i DID add was some fun VFX easter eggs that are just there for fun!
Examples of these VFX shots will be shown in the comments below.

Here is the trailer:

Lastly i want to credit the awsome creators that are helping me with this awsome project:

Star Wars Story (Supervisor & Vocal)
Nick Cortez (Grand Inquisitor Re-Dub)
Darth Porg (VFX WIZARD)
PixelJoker95 (VFX) (these VFX will be available in version 2)
Filmic Crossroads (VFX)
Tricio (VFX)
Acbagel (VFX)
Dewit (Darth Vader)
Shape Shifter VA (Quinlan Vos)
Movies Remastred (Vocal Cameo)
Mikination (Vocal)

Cant wait for your feedback once version 1 will be released! hoping for great suggestions to be applied/altered for version 2 to make an even better edit

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

I need translations of the following lines into German, Italian, Dutch, Portugeuse, French, and Spanish for the ‘Rey Nobody’ cut, if anyone can render these.

  1. He saw what you would become.
  2. You won’t just have power. You’ll have his power.
  3. You will kill Palpatine…
  4. And take the throne.
  5. I feel the pull to the light…
  6. And you, the darkness.
  7. Together, nothing will stand in our way.


  1. Hij zag wat jij zal worden.
  2. Je zal niet alleen macht bezitten. Je zal zijn macht bezitten.
  3. Jij zult Palpatine vermoorden…
  4. En de troon overnemen.
  5. Ik voel het licht zich naar mij toe trekken…
  6. En jij, de duisternis.
  7. Samen, zal niets ons in de weg staan.
A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

thx! g&g fan!

personally the vader line change is because i feel its a better response to: ‘’ dont try to fool us with your sorcerers ways ‘’

about the romantic stuff, the only thing in my mind to be removed is the part were luke says: shes beatiful, so i will look into that.

on another note, im trying to make beru a bit younger (and i gave her a bit more upper lip) , please tell me your opinion guys and gals:

canoniclly owen and beru should look younger so i removed some wrinckles.

i wont make obi wan younger, tbh alec looked very good for his age and didnt have that may wrinkles in his face compared to owen and beru

owen will be the next one to be made a bit younger

A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

kg1977 said:

nice work on these. some are small but I see what you are going for. My favorites are the both holograms. I am working on and extended version of new hope with adywan as base and one of my planned scenes is restored Jabba that looks like ROTJ jabba and not the phantom menace one, but I never thought of the hollogram idea. That would actually really make it easy to pull off from a visual standpoint to make even more convincing since you do not have to worry so much on details. Also the board room and admiral holo speaking is pretty cool…very original ideas you have there great job!


A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

CaptainFaraday said:

Do you have any plans for changing up the Death Star explosion? I did my own edit to make it look less like a balloon abruptly going pop, but it was very fanedit-y because I didn’t make it with any particular usage in mind beyond a fun little experiment.

currently not, im not so great with VFX. but if i find a really good one and i get permission to use it, then it will be changed. but sadly (in my opnion) the most edits of the explosion are a bit too much for my taste. but i will be open to it if i find the right one!

A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

Grand Master_ Luke Flywalker said:

DylanB18 said:

little idea im toying with… what do you people think?

I like it, it looks cool and was nicely edited, but what is the reason for changing it?

i changed it cause i didnt really like the original hair style on the guy on the left. Again. i know its the 70s but thats the only hair cut that always bugged me.

the guy on the right has some small edits. his hair was original looked like coconut head from that nick series back in the day. so im made it a bit shorter en changed it a bit on his forehead.

im trying to use this image with ebsynth currentlly.

A New Hope Closer to Canon Edition

im currently waiting on the hd version of the revisted version, so i could work from that as a base.

And ill be needing help with some text to speech things for luke and c3po as stated in the post, so if anyone would like to help, please send a DM. ill really appreciate it!

the holgram of jabba the hutt will be worked on by a very good friend of mine and will hopefully be done soon!

as for the rogue one additions, im searching for someone who would like to help animate the death troopers so there not standing still like puppets, just a little movement to give a little more life to it.

hope to hear from someone!