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Help Wanted: A Hard Day's Night? - Can someone do a preservation of?

Could someone please preserve A Hard Day’s Night?  The current DVD is cropped from the original academy ratio, and the original mono soundtrack is replaced with a horrendous stereo/5.1 one.  Basically, it’s a mess.  The original full screen DVD is out of print, but Criterion did release a laserdisc, in addition to the original DVD, and tapes.  If someone could find a way to restore it, or has a better copy, that would be fab!

Howard The Duck - special edition (Released)
I can't stand it! I have the said 12" vinyl of HtD in near perfect quality. If there's anything I can do I would love to. I have never even listened to the vinyl. However, I really would not feel comfortable sending it to anyone else. I'm sorry, reave, it's not that I don't trust you, but it's my favorite record (next to my Mad Twists Rock & Roll record, but it is really scratched up). However, my phonograph is nowhere near the quality of the single itself. It's a Sears model clearly made sometimes in the late seventies or eighties and up until August of 05 it was only used to play Raffi albums. But I just want to make sure I get some good feedback before I lug the whole thing into my living room and mess with all the cables...