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Blade Runner HDTV
Originally posted by: digitalfreaknyc
Also, try burning it as a DVD-ROM as opposed to a regular DVD. Some say that helps.

This is what I did with a Verbatim +R DL. However, to do this, you have to know how to set the 'book type' on your CD burner. If you are interested in making good, compatible discs nearly all the time with your hardware, I recommend you go here:

Find the forum corresponding to your hardware and start reading, a general FAQ is a good place to start. You'd be amazed the extra features you can squeeze out of what you already have with just a firmware upgrade.

But, as DFNYC said, one of the main things that can help increase compatibility with set-top players is to change the booktype of a disc to DVD-ROM as opposed to DVD+/-R, +/-RW, +/-R DL, etc. Not all drives are capable of doing this, but if it's possible you will find a way to do in that forum.

DVD Decrypter is capable of changing the booktype setting on a lot of drives. Go under Tools->Drive->Change Book Type. This isn't exactly dangerous, but you should know what you're doing. Feel free to PM me if anyone needs help.
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This is my first post on here, so I'll try not to be too dumb.

I love the Se7en and Game DVD sets, but I'm having a small problem. I grabbed all these off of MySpleen over the past couple weeks, and they're great, however, I have burned the first disc of The Game (the actual film) to a Dual-Layered disc, it burns fine, but when played in any DVD player/drive (even the burner and played with PowerDVD) I get the opening disclaimer, your logo, and then it goes to a black screen, but I can hear the menu music. If I am in PowerDVD, I can mouse over where I know the menu items are, and I can click them to start the movie, which plays fine, and if I play it on my DVD player, if I just fiddle with it, go into the system menu a couple times and exit back, eventually I can get the menu to come up. So basically, the disc works fine, except for when it initially loads, the menu graphics do not appear. Has anybody else had a similar problem? Am I doing something asinine? Any help is appreciated.