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what I would do with 300 US$
Boon, do you understand how disrespectful it is of you to come and bring this here. Hasn't the other site been plagued enough? All this post is going to do is make you look like an asshole. For crying out loud you're chasing Dayv across forums now. If he's going to give you the money he will, if he isn't than he won't, there's nothing you can do about it! The more and more you do this the more you are tarnishing yours and the other sites reputation. This is not an opinion Boon, this has become a fact! People are leaving the other site because of this and no matter how much you want to blame that on Dayv, you are also crushing the community over there.

I'm sorry I posted this here for everyone to read because I consider you a friend but this is too far and I could not wait to talk to you in private. As a friend, I hope you read this and understand what I am trying to tell you. Also, on behalf of your actions here boon, I want to apologize to the members of because they are not involved and shouldn't have to deal with this here.
Sean's issues
I don't think theres a person here who hasn't been through that situation. There's a girl i fell for years ago but we were close friends and it's still that way today. She knows I love her and that I would like to be with her but at the same time we can't because of circumstances but that doesn't change the fact that we're friends. If you're hurting yourself, which alot of us have done in some sort or fashion, you're really being a wuss about it. Sure, I've punched walls, and kicked stuff, screamed and yelled, and became a hermit to hide from the pain. There is only one release and it's just kidding, sorry just trying to lighten the mood, it's realizing that another person isn't what is going to make you happy. I used to think that way and I got married quickly because of it and then suffered worse from a bad divorce. Once you see that you can be happy without someone else it'll make you a better person for when/if someone else comes along.

I've been single for almost 4 years since my divorce and yea, I get lonely alot but I've seen that there is so much more out there to expiernce instead of locking myself in my room being sad about someone else. Now I just lock myself in my room and play online all's totally different.
Originally posted by: Yoda Is Your Father
Originally posted by: greencapt
Wait- now that Warb is a ghost is it OK for me to talk about Halloween?

No, it is still July not October.
I saw halloween decorations in Walmart today.

That's because wal-mart hires idiots. I know, I work there.

And Warb, have you ever tried to pee on a ghost? No, then you can't say it's impossible. If my great grandma said it's truth then it's truth damn it.
Team_Warb Secret HQ(was: FrobozzCo (was :WARBLER., INC.™©®))
*comes crawling in the back door covered in rotten food and other strange filth*

Guys, hello? I'm sorry I've been missing but I was captured by the real world and didn't have a whole lot of time to be the bitch. Hello? Anyone here? Hello?

*the building appears to be empty. Empty liquor bottles lay scattered across the floor. The smell of old cigars and sex lingers in the air.*

What the hell happened around here?