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Freddy VS Jason VS Ash (WIP)

In the last five years I was wondering if we will one day get a Freddy VS Jason VS Ash movie, but I cannot wait for this (mostly because the friday the 13th franchise lawsuit), so I decide to make a fan edit with motion the comics of Freddy VS Jason VS Ash (comic), Freddy VS Jason VS Ash Nightmare Warriors (comic), Freddy VS Jason, Jason Goes To Hell, Friday the 13th Part X To Hell And Back (fan film), Never Hike Alone (fanfilm), Voorheees night of the beast (fan film), Evil Dead 4 (fanedit), Jason X The Brutal Cut (fanedit), Freddy VS Jason Hell Edition (fanedit).

It will finished very soon, so be excited for this fan edit !

Approximate runtime 10 hours

EDIT: The fanedit is complete !
PM me for the link

Star Wars: The New Universe

I loved your idea ! can you give me more details about the universe that you re-created ? And if you wish I can help you in this project, I always planed a alternate universe of Star Wars where it only considers Episodes 1-6 and Rogue One ! One of my ideas is that in a far future of the SW universe, a new order of force users is created, The Force Celestials, them protect the balance of the force and protect too the “Center of the Force”, a mystical temple, where only the Force Celestials know, and only them know what it is and where it is