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Journey of a Skywalker (up on youtube)

Siliconmaster482 said:

It’s a fun idea, though I would suggest trying to center the dialogue. It’s really distracting to have talking on only one side, especially when using headphones. I hadn’t seen some of those shots before though, so that was cool to have them against some of the lines from the films.

On a broader design level, I’d also suggest sticking with a single font. Every one of your titles seems to be different, which can be a little jarring.

For something like this it might also be better to have it as a single, more edited piece. That would help you feel out the pacing to make sure nothing drags, while making it more cohesive as well. Having multiple pieces feels very fragmented.

audio has been fixed

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Extended Edition (Released)

Octorox said:

This is a V2 of my Extended Edition of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. The following scenes are reintegrated into the movie:

-A Stirring in the Senate (Bail’s Office)
-Seeds of Rebellion (Padme’s Apartment)
-Confronting the Chancellor (Palpatine’s Office)
-Yoda’s communion with Qui-Gon (using audio from the Clone Wars courtesy of Hal9000)
-Exiled to Dagobah

I didn’t want to reinsert any scenes that had unfinished effects or repeated dialogue that already appears in the film, so the following scenes are NOT included:

-Grevious Slaughters a Jedi: Escape from the General
-A Plot to Destroy the Jedi?
-any Blu-Ray deleted scenes

Here are the changes from V1:
-The deleted scene in Bail’s Office is moved up by one scene and features new “sunset” color correction to better blend with the surrounding scenes (courtesy of Hal9000)
-The deleted scene in Palpatine’s Office is moved until after Obi-Wan touches down on Utapau, allowing for a less jarring transition.
-There is only a single audio track in this version. Yoda’s communion with Qui-Gon is included but I kept the original Vader scream since this is an Extended Edition and not a fanfix.
-Yoda’s exile to Dagobah is moved up by one scene, before Padme’s funeral. This allows for the original ending and it’s music to play out uninterrupted. (transition courtesy of Siliconmaster482)

i have a trailer for rots that incorporates some deleted scenes. u could use it if u like. its here