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Dune (2021): The Mindkiller Cut (Released)

krausfadr said:

EDIT: Sometimes it helps just to communicate. So I’ve removed my comments here about FE Staff.

Does that also include signatures that might possibly reference something 😉

Not sure if that was a before or after thing. If before my apologies for assuming. 😃

Good luck on your edit!

Edit: how did my autocorrect think before was “beige” lol

Ocean's 12 (A Little Less Conversation) (Released)

Tagline: A little less conversation, a little more action, please
Original Movie Title: Ocean’s 12
Genre: Comedy Drama

Fanedit Type: FanFix
Original Release Date: 2004
Original Running Time: 125
Fanedit Release Date: September 2021
Fanedit Running Time: 95
Time Cut: 30
Time Added: 1
Subtitles Available? No
Available in HD? Yes

Brief Synopsis:
Tony Benedict receives a tip from the Night Fox fueling his revenge on Danny Ocean and his team.
Ocean’s 12 feels a bit off when compared to the magic that is the first and the good film that is the third installment. Much of this is due to extended scenes with awkward dialoguue that doens’t add to the flow and a very non-linear approach to the narrative flow of the film. The main intention of this edit is to make Ocean’s 12 feel more like Ocean’s 11 & 13 by removing some of the scenes that go on too long, rearranging the out of sequence shots, removing the visual back story of Rusty and Isabel, removing Bruce Willis as a character and just tightening up the overall feel of the movie.
Other Sources:
Stock footage of the Bellagio
Ocean’s 11 soundtrack
Special Thanks:
MusicEd921 for inspiring me to try and remove Bruce Willis
That One Guy
lapis molari
addiesin for reminding me about; this made the Bruce Willis removal much smoother
My family who puts up with this hobby

At first this edit was pretty straightforward, two video channels (one for the logos at the beginning and the other for the main video track) and a straight 5.1 surround channel mix. Then as always some ideas were floated that I just couldn’t resist trying out (looking at you MusicEd921) that required some pretty extensive audio work. Sources of the soundtrack are extended into and out of scenes to make the transitions smoother and give it that Ocean’s feel.
Cuts and Additions:
+Add FE Logos
+Extend intro music
+Move Benedict receiving call from the Night Fox to the beginning of the film
-Removed Danny at the bank
-Removed Tess and the painter
-Removed the team’s intros with Benedict
-Removed Linus talking to Rusty on the airplane
-Removed Linus talking to Reuben
-Removed meeting with Matsui (we don’t really need to see it and it’s just odd and we don’t learn anything from it anyway, Danny and Rusty share the info after the meeting)
-Music replacement during Rusty and Danny’s explaination of the Van Der Woude job
-Tightened up the group talking freaking out about the take on the Van Der Woude job
-Removed Linus’s “freak” speech
-Rearranged scenes so the van der Woude job is continuous for the team
-Rearranged and trimmed scenes so Isabel’s investigation of the van der Woude job is continuous
-Removed Reuben and Livingston’s converstation waiting at the train station
-Color corrected teh scenes with Nagel to be less yellowish green
-Removed static “Rome” scene
-Edited audio of Isabel talking to Maricio about the 1077 to make the transition smoother as well as make the conversation move a bit faster
-Slight edits when Roman is showing the hologram
-Trimmed scenes when they enter the motel with Tess as Julia Roberts to remove all direct shots of Bruce Willis
-Reworked voice over scenes of the team freaking out while Danny and the team are in jail talking about odds of the rest of the team getting the egg
-Added stealing the Pinch music during the egg heist
-Trimmed all shots to remove direct shots of Bruce Willis
-Reworked and trimmed up Isabel approaching team to remove direct shots of Bruce Willis. He’s now just a museum chauffeur
-Slight trims to Isabel and LeMarc reunion and Rueben and Benedict’s final talk
-Cut “Monday Night” ending
-Movie ends with the Night Fox looking in the window after Reuben tells Benedict that they won’t be involved with anyone trying to steal from him
+Added Fanedited by to credits
+Added Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation to the ending credits
+Added Logos to end of credits

Please use the edit request form at my site if you’d like to view this edit 😃

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8 Redux (a WIP)

I used to abhor the modification of widescreen to 4:3, and still don’t like it, but I’ve grown a great deal of respect for the editors that were tasked with creating pan & scan versions of films. Wow there is a lot of composition work that goes into it. Camera movements have to be just right, the rule of thirds, character placements to imply movement and location, capturing wide shots using panning, etc. There is so much skill involved that I was almost completely ignorant and didn’t have a proper respect for before doing this edit.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8 Redux (a WIP)

Blueffalump said:

Sounds very cool! I always thought the action scenes in the movies were a bit excessive.

However, do you really feel that it’s necessary to crop to 4:3? I get that it’s supposed to feel like a 90s TV show, but the movies were not shot with that ratio in mind. This means that those cropped movie images will lose a lot of their appeal and could possibly end up looking worse than the TV series itself (which was shot with 4:3 in mind).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Blueaffalump! The 4:3 was an idea and then I polled the FE community and most had requested it so I thought I’d give it a go. Yes, the movies were not filmed with 4:3 in mind which has made the pan&cropping a bit of a nightmare, but I’m always up to the challenge. The main issue is that the vertical side of the image is pretty tight on characters in a widescreen format as the image is allowed to breath horizontally rather than within a box. The cropping is almost more intensive than the actual editing itself. I may release widescreen and a 4:3 version, though there are some cropped shots that are used to hide things that are removed in the narrative at times. So I’ll have to figure out how to deal with that.

thatguamguy said:

“Cut all Enterprise B scenes”

Reading through this, I don’t really understand this decision. It sounds as if Kirk will just show up at the end with insufficient set-up. And it also sounds like this episode doesn’t really have an opening (the boat scene feels like a post-credits opening; I don’t remember TNG having pre-credits openings which were character based rather than plot setup very often). I would try cutting together the Enterprise B stuff into a teaser; you can quickly set up Guinan and Soran that way, and then end it on Captain Kirk “dying”, and then roll opening credits.

Kirk won’t be in the episode at all. It’s just a showdown with Picard. To me, the opening feels a lot like a TNG episode. A light whimsical start that ends with a tense moment. Currently I don’t have plans to reinstate Kirk at all. I just don’t care for the performances or the storyline. The episode, like the movie is kind of a dud and ultimately serves the purpose of destroying the Enterprise.

thatguamguy said:

I kind of feel like if “Insurrection” was actually a TNG episode, the Riker/Troi stuff would be a major B-plot and it could easily lead directly into the wedding, rather than saving that for “Nemesis” where it has nothing to do with anything going on. The show never would’ve had every character have things happen in the same episode, and Nemesis already has a major plotline for both Picard and Data, it doesn’t need a wedding too. You could do a thing early on where Picard tries to get through to Data by asking about the song and it doesn’t really work and then at the end Data is singing a song at the wedding, so it feels like some kind of pay-off rather than a random gag (which, admittedly, it makes me laugh, but I acknowledge that it’s character breaking and dumb).

I completely agree. Insurrection is probably the most TNG series like of the TNG movies. Riker and Troi’s fling is a narrative supporting the youthful nature of what is happening to the crew. With removing all of Anij and Picard’s love story we don’t see Picard go through the same process and thereby don’t really get a sense of what is happening to the crew beyond the marvelous scene with Geordi and the sunrise. It also helps with the idea that the Son’a could be healed over time if they would return and reunite with their parents. Another reason I don’t feel I can take out the Troi/Riker stuff is that beard. There really isn’t a reason for the beard coming off if he and Troi’s three scenes are removed. Sure I could just have him walking down the hall with no beard and Data then touches his face, but that would leave more questions asked than answered, imho.

For Nemesis, Data will die. Sacrifice is the strongest narrative and I don’t want to steal that from his character, especially after what we saw in Picard. Menbailee originally switched up the narrative to have the wedding at the end and Data alive, but that just made a tired narrative and movie worse for me as there was no emotional payoff beyond nostalgia. I want something more along the lines of Kira and Odo, resolution but with the weight of loss and the possibility of hope, rather than an overly happy ending.

thatguamguy said:

Just my two cents, I’m sure that you have thought these things through and have reasons for the decisions you’ve made.

I appreciate your input! I originally intended to just make a 1:1 HD update of Menbailee’s edit, but my subjective interpretation wouldn’t allow it 😃 This has turned this project into a more involved process and so I wanted to share it as I go along to test ideas and get new and possibly better ideas along the way 😃

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 8 Redux (a WIP)

This is a tribute to Menbailee’s amazing ST:TNG S8 Edit. I’ve always wanted to have this in HD so I’m going to start mapping out how to do it. There are aspects of Menbailee’s edit that I’d like to expand on or adjust, so this won’t be a 1:1 duplicate, but I will borrow heavily from Menbailee’s cut list. I’d like to create a 1:1 for those who do want that, but that will come after the base edit is made.
Project thread over at FE:

Proposed Format
5 episodes in total that use all 4 TNG movies. Generations will remove Kirk & Picard entering the Nexus, First Contact will be a two part episode with slight adjustments, Insurrection will be a single episode that wraps up the story without the Picard action scenes and removes the love story as well, Nemesis will also be a single episode format.

Current Progress

Episode 1: The Nexus
Runtime: 60min

  • Cropped all scenes to 4:3 (adjusted picture as needed)
  • Cut all Enterprise B scenes
  • Fade in on drums on the Enterprise boat
  • Increased speed 3.5x when Worf falls to the water when Riker removes the plank, reworked audio
  • Increased speed 3.5x when Crusher falls to the water when Data pushes her, reworked audio
  • Rearranged boat scenes to remove Picard getting the message about Robert and Rene
  • Fade out to credits when Riker calls for Picard to the bridge and senior officers walk out of the holodeck
  • Used S7 introduction (we haven’t been introduced to the enterprise E yet)
  • Fade in on the space shot of the Enterprise approaching the Amargosa star observatory
  • Added title “The Nexus” to the shot
  • Added guest starring credits for Malcolm McDowell, Barbara March, Gwynyth Walsh, and Whoopi Goldberg
  • Removed Picard yelling at Riker
  • Tightened up away team recovering Soran
  • Picard does not get upset at Riker and Riker doesn’t ask if there is anything he can do for Picard. Riker now leaves after Picard says “that will be all”
  • Commercial break fade out after Soran leaves ten forward when Guinan senses his presence
    Fade into next scene
  • Removed shots of Data’s face bubbling out when he is laughing uncontrollably, reworked audio to smooth cuts
  • Removed Picard and Troi talking about Robert and Rene
  • Looped a reversed image of the Amargosa star dying
  • Fade in on far shot of shockwave approaching the Enterprise and Amargosa observatory
  • Removed Riker saying, “That was the mission James Kirk died on”
  • Removed Picard hitting any forcefield when he goes down to the Veridian III
  • Sped up scene 3.5x where engineer/security officer flies over the console on the bridge to remove slowmo
  • Removed Veridian III scenes of Picard failing to stop Soran
  • Rearranged shots to have Picard confront Soran and succeed
  • Picard sees the ribbon fly by after heading back down the canyon and then sees the Enterprise
  • Fade out after rescue ships jump to warp

Episode 2: Day of the Phoenix pt1
Runtime: 43min w/o credits

  • Cut logos
  • Intro on the zoom out of Picard’s eye
  • Cut shot of Picard hesitating/thinking before saying Fire. I never understood why he was so casual, especially since we see, with him, ships continuing to be destroyed.
  • Commercial fade out after Enterprise enters the vortex
  • Cut aerial shot of complex
  • Fade in on campfire
  • Removed slow mo of person falling off of roof when the Borg bombard the complex
  • Cut Lilly yelling Bull $417
  • Commercial fade out after Picard says “The future may die with him”
  • Fade in on Enterprise orbiting space
  • Commercial fade out after Cochrane dances and Diana passes out
  • Fade in on Enterprise orbiting space
  • Moved Riker, Troi and Geordi convincing and showing Cochrane about the enterprise to right after Lily takes Picard hostage
  • Moved Data waking captured by the Borg to after Lily hands Picard the phaser
  • Episode Fade out as drill approaches Data’s Head

Episode 3: Day of the Phoenix pt2
Runtime: 47min w/o credits

  • Previously on Star Trek The Next Generation montage
  • Opening on Borg drone and data looking up and seeing the Borg queen descend
  • Trimmed moment between “I am the Borg” and Data’s response “Greetings” to remove the pause
  • Removed Borg queen’s “Was that good for you?” and Data’s “Oooooh” response
  • Removed Lilly screaming and borg views as she and Picard walk down the hallway.
  • Cut far shots of crowd dispersing as Picard starts shooting
  • Trimmed up tommy gun scene to keep it flowing
  • Cut Cochrane shewing away the engineers and hiding behind a building
  • Voice over of Geordi asking for Cochrane to look at his desing figures to transition into scene
  • Cut Geordi telling him he went to Zephram Cochrane high school
  • Cut engineers approaching Geordi after Cochrane goes to take a leak
  • Cut Geordi and Riker looking at Cochrane from afar, goes directly to Worf, Picard and Hawke getting in Zero G suits
  • Cut the awkward sexual tension between Data and the Borg queen. Now the scene ends after she says, “don’t be tempted by flesh” and he looks up in weakness
  • Cut Worf saying they should wait and get reinforcements…really?
  • Cut al the “Access Denied” screen shots after seeing it on Picards screen. It gets redundant and slows the scene down
  • Cut close up shots of Worf after his suit gets slashed. Again, it slows the scene down
  • Cut the clamps flying off as they don’t really make sense the way they pop off in the zero g environment of space.
  • Cut shot of Borg queen holding Data’s hands and saying their plans have changed
  • Trimmed up Cochrane and Riker’s conversation in the Phoenix
  • Removed Picard and Worf quarrel and Picard’s Ahab moment. It’s just not him and it is a childish contradiction to everything he’s been saying to Lilly the whole time he’s been with her
  • Removed portion of Picard speaking to Worf to remove the apology for something that no longer happened. Now Picard calls him over to tell him he is the bravest man he ever has known. They shake hands and Worf leaves. Picard believes he is most likely going to die in his attempt to save Data so this connection and moment seems still appropriate.
  • Cut Cochrane freaking out about seeing the Enterprise
  • Cut Picard snapping the borg queen’s neck. Again, it’s just not Picard, or at least the Picard I have come to know over 7 seasons
  • Episode fade out as the camera turns from Lilly and focuses Cochrane and the Vulcan visitors.
  • Cut credits

Episode 4: Hearts of the Children
Current Runtime: 60min

  • Removal of intro logos
  • fade in on science team watching the Ba’ku from their hidden observatory
  • Removed any mention of Data until we see take off his helmet
  • Fade out to credits after Data looks up at the observatory after reveaing it
  • Fade in to Enterprise exterior
  • Cut all of the stuff up to the point of the crew meeting with the new members of the Federation
  • Cut Picard talking to Geordi after Dougherty ends his transition
  • Trimmed up the conversation between Ru’afo and Dougherty
  • Cut Worf waking up late and Picard chiding him about his bolster
  • Trimmed up Picard and Worf recovering Data to remove the song and silliness
  • Removed Data singing when Picard asks him what the last thing he remembers is
  • Cut Ba’ku walking with Picard and Data, now it transitions to the revealed ship and they board it
  • Cut Son’a attacking Picard and Data
  • Rearranged scenes to move Picard’s conversation with the Ba’ku about their history to follow the holoship scene
  • Cut to Geordi sunrise scene after Picard says he won’t let the Ba’ku be relocated
  • Rearranged scenes to have Data and Picard beam aboard the ship (originally followed the holoship scene)
  • Cut Picard asking about the boil/pimple on Worf’s face
  • Rearranged scenes to have Picard meeting with Ru’afo and Dougherty following Data feeling Riker’s face
  • Removed Ru’afo and Gallatin’s conversation, scene now transitions from Picard removing his rank and straight to the weapons transporting in the hallway
  • Cut all Ba’ku village shots after Gallatin says they have to destroy the transporter inhibitors, scene now moves directly to his report to Ru’afo
  • Cut to Ba’ku in the mountains after Dougherty gives the ok to send the Son’a after the Enterprise
  • Cut to Enterprise after Artim and Data’s conversation
  • Cut to Data and Worf talking (removed the boob jokes)
  • Massively trimmed up the drone attacks
  • Cut all scenes of the Ba’ku entering the caves
  • Removed Riker’s manual driving of the Enterprise…face palm
  • Trimmed more of the Ba’ku in the mountains
  • Cut all of Ru’afo getting onto the collector and his crew taking back the ship
  • After Picard has Worf and Gallatin put a tractor beam on the holoship we cut the Ba’ku returning to their village
  • Removed Picard and Anij love talk after Gallanti is reunited with his mother
  • Removed Data’s prank on Riker
  • Replaced Anij shot with Artim and his dad smiling
  • Fade to credits after the crew transports back to the Enterprise

Episode 5: Romulus & Remus

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

theprion said:

DigMod said:

The updates are currently only in the survival edition. I’ll be going to upload an updated base version this weekend.

Any news on the v2 update, Dig?

Sorry, life required some more intentional focus lately. With the color, opening and deepfake overhauls it became a bit more to bite off. I’m currently working on a Star Trek project, but should have some time to see how extensive a v3 would be of the base edit. I’ll make sure to post more when it’s updated 😃 Thanks for reaching out!

Deepfake Tarkin & Leia swap (Rogue One) (up on the Shamook youtube channel)

Shamook said:

Burbin said:

I’d be quite glad to have my work be rendered useless if Shamook could provide source quality files of the Leia/Tarkin deepfakes, as well as the missing Tarkin shots where I used other sources that are of notably lower quality.
There are 24 clips of Tarkin and 1 of Leia in that dropbox folder.
They should be original film resolution and quality.

Can you let me know which Tarkin shots that you used other sources on, my file management is terrible and I may have them somewhere.

Hello Shamook! Wow! Thank you! I’ll need to go update my edit now 😃 So glad I popped in to see how OT is doing today 😃

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Here’s how I approached that scene:
Due to Bodhi’s weird noises it required a surround track rebuild. I dropped out all of the soundtrack right after the first messenger motif plays. At that point I matched the volume for each track using the Stardust track from the FYC soundtrack. I placed Cassian’s lines on a separate center track and adjusted the length to have the low cellos come in at the right time so that it didn’t clash with the music. Sharing all of that incase you were planning to do that edit on your timeline. I personally like to see if I can replicate scenes to better understand the process. I can also share a higher quality audio file that you can match up with the video if you’d like. 😃

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

DigMod, would you mind posting a clip of your version of the “I am the pilot” exchange?

Sure thing, I’ll render up a copy as soon as the little rogue squadron is lights out.

As for the lenses, I do tone down the red lenses extensively throughout, but the hallway scene is left untouched in regards to the red eyes and lights.

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

jarbear said:

Ah, those are good points and it would make it “murky” about Cassian’s “secret” orders. What would be the point of those orders if the earlier scene at the briefing room was just about finding the pilot. I also get what you mean with Jynn’s role and it does make some sense. There would be a disconnect with the “kill orders” if there was nothing officially or unofficially talked about finding Galen.

SO I would be ok with not going that route now for the sake of the “secret kill orders” since that change in itself I think adds plenty of benefits.

It could simply be explained as Draven saying, find the pilot and bring him to us so we can find and eliminate Erso. Returning the Pilot would go along with that narrative. Their learning of Galen being on Eadu then prompts Cassian to update the mission status and ask if they should go to Eadu to finish the mission. Draven says proceed and stick to his orders. No continuity issues, imo. Especially due to the fact that the order is never explicitly heard from Draven.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

I appreciate your thoughts! For me Jyn saving the girl is that moment when her conflict with being an anti-hero is on full display. She doesn’t care, until she sees herself in this girl. Then she gets it. From that point forward she starts to use her position to forward the rebellion cause. She stands up to Saw’s men. She stands up to Cassian and makes them see why they need Galen to help in their cause to stop the evil empire. To me that is the moment when she emerges from the dissident to the hero who understands the cause. This is the same fuel that takes her into the Alliance council. She essentially becomes the heart of the rebellion fight at that point and shows them all what true heroics are while they hide in the shadows, just as she had. I suppose there is a flaw in my thinking when she talks to Saw and says she doesn’t care about imperial flags flying across the galaxy…I’d like to think that’s her conflict with the new direction. I’m not much for the anti-hero story line so I suppose I see her as a Luke Skywalker type. Not caring until circumstance brings it to her face and she must decide. Thanks for the though provoking feedback!

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

theprion said:

Hey DigMod, it’s great to learn of the progress made on RotR v2/ Survivor Cut. Really looking forward to it.

I just recently saw v1 again and wondered how do you feel about some points, specifically:

  • Isn’t Jyn saving the little girl in Jedha a little too cheesy? I mean, the place looks like another wretched hive of scum and villainy and when negotiations go aggressive, there’s a crying little girl in the midst of crossfire… Not just conveniently a little girl, but of all of the alien populace, a human at that. R1 makes its point in having sympathetic anti-heroes in a journey for redemption and this by-the-book selfless feat just makes Jyn a tad more predictable way too soon in the movie. Surely her own childhood traumas of abandonment are pretty obvious by then for the audience to need this kind of unsubtlety. Also, it makes for a strange cut that Jyn’s hair is all messed up after the blast but is back to pristine in the next shot.
  • Right after that Jyn guns down a trooper without as much looking his way…
  • In the alley fight, Jyn goes berserk and batons up about five armored troopers. The movie sticks again with the conventional hero archetype - has to be kind, has to be physical. Even though its guerilla warfare going down.
  • K2 slides in and out too conveniently during Jedha. It’s okay we get to learn how much of a rebel he is the first time, disobeying Cassian and shadowing the team all along. But then he turns off the defiant/protective attitude when Cassian orders him back to the ship a second time, and right when they are about to be captured once again… he turns his back and consents, to be seen again only when apocalypse hits (and it wasn’t a plan to get to Saw because he was just “standing by as you requested” while folks would hopelessly be Bor Gullet’d).

These bothered me to some degree and I thought of sharing. Would like to know what you think of it.

Thanks for these ideas. For me, Jyn saving the girl is an essential scene. It’s a physical representation of her story and helps us understand her motives. With the new adopted edits from the OT community the main focus is on trust, trust to do what is right. This scene shows her moral compass and unwavering drive to do what is necessary and right.

I’ll agree that Jyn going berserk is a little over the top. I kind of like it though, if nothing more than Cassian’s “oh wow, she’s something else” moment when he sees how independently capable she is at taking care of herself. It shows the start of his connection to her. I also like the K2 scene for a similar reason. It’s the right amount of brevity in a tense situation and shows how Cassian is reliant on these two characters. I fear that the necessity and import of Jyn and K2 would be diminished with the removal of those two scenes.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

Figured I’d update the crawl as many had indicated that they felt the ending was a little ambiguous.


The EMPIRE’s reign of fear has spread across the galaxy. Imperial forces occupy all regions of space. Hope and freedom are beginning to fade.

The REBEL ALLIANCE has formed from the last remnants of the Republic to resist the Empire. Little do they know that the Empire has secretly begun the development of a new super weapon.

Obsessed with power, Director Krennic seeks the defected scientist, Galen Erso, to finish this dreaded weapon that threatens to envelop the galaxy in fear…

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

EddieDean, for the most part yes. I’m kind of leaching the awesome ideas in this thread 😃
The BIG difference in the current edition I’m making is that members of Rogue One will survive the assault on Scarif. The scenes up until Scarif will remain similar. I’m taking ideas from this thread and slightly adjusting them based on personal preference.

Jarbear, I was going to suggest using Jyn’s line about seeing her father’s message to make Bodhi’s connection flow, but it looks like you have the same idea 😃 I stopped it after she says her father so that we get Bodhi and Baze’s despair scene first. Then she starts to rally them about fighting back and Cassian walks over.

I think I’m ready to call my own new version completed, unless you all come up with other new and awesome ideas. I’ll also be making an updated version of my base edit with the newer updates but with the original ending. Thanks for letting me leach on to this project thread 😃

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Messing around with this on my timeline. What is the flow of the scenes? Are you doing:
Jump from Jedha, Jyn rallies team, Krennic & Tarkin over Jedha, Yavin receiving update, U-Wing recieving orders, Krennic leaving
Jump from Jedha, Jyn rallies team, Yavin receiving update, U-Wing recieving orders, Krennic & Tarkin over Jedha, Krennic leaving