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Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Here’s how I approached that scene:
Due to Bodhi’s weird noises it required a surround track rebuild. I dropped out all of the soundtrack right after the first messenger motif plays. At that point I matched the volume for each track using the Stardust track from the FYC soundtrack. I placed Cassian’s lines on a separate center track and adjusted the length to have the low cellos come in at the right time so that it didn’t clash with the music. Sharing all of that incase you were planning to do that edit on your timeline. I personally like to see if I can replicate scenes to better understand the process. I can also share a higher quality audio file that you can match up with the video if you’d like. 😃

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

DigMod, would you mind posting a clip of your version of the “I am the pilot” exchange?

Sure thing, I’ll render up a copy as soon as the little rogue squadron is lights out.

As for the lenses, I do tone down the red lenses extensively throughout, but the hallway scene is left untouched in regards to the red eyes and lights.

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

jarbear said:

Ah, those are good points and it would make it “murky” about Cassian’s “secret” orders. What would be the point of those orders if the earlier scene at the briefing room was just about finding the pilot. I also get what you mean with Jynn’s role and it does make some sense. There would be a disconnect with the “kill orders” if there was nothing officially or unofficially talked about finding Galen.

SO I would be ok with not going that route now for the sake of the “secret kill orders” since that change in itself I think adds plenty of benefits.

It could simply be explained as Draven saying, find the pilot and bring him to us so we can find and eliminate Erso. Returning the Pilot would go along with that narrative. Their learning of Galen being on Eadu then prompts Cassian to update the mission status and ask if they should go to Eadu to finish the mission. Draven says proceed and stick to his orders. No continuity issues, imo. Especially due to the fact that the order is never explicitly heard from Draven.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

I appreciate your thoughts! For me Jyn saving the girl is that moment when her conflict with being an anti-hero is on full display. She doesn’t care, until she sees herself in this girl. Then she gets it. From that point forward she starts to use her position to forward the rebellion cause. She stands up to Saw’s men. She stands up to Cassian and makes them see why they need Galen to help in their cause to stop the evil empire. To me that is the moment when she emerges from the dissident to the hero who understands the cause. This is the same fuel that takes her into the Alliance council. She essentially becomes the heart of the rebellion fight at that point and shows them all what true heroics are while they hide in the shadows, just as she had. I suppose there is a flaw in my thinking when she talks to Saw and says she doesn’t care about imperial flags flying across the galaxy…I’d like to think that’s her conflict with the new direction. I’m not much for the anti-hero story line so I suppose I see her as a Luke Skywalker type. Not caring until circumstance brings it to her face and she must decide. Thanks for the though provoking feedback!

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

theprion said:

Hey DigMod, it’s great to learn of the progress made on RotR v2/ Survivor Cut. Really looking forward to it.

I just recently saw v1 again and wondered how do you feel about some points, specifically:

  • Isn’t Jyn saving the little girl in Jedha a little too cheesy? I mean, the place looks like another wretched hive of scum and villainy and when negotiations go aggressive, there’s a crying little girl in the midst of crossfire… Not just conveniently a little girl, but of all of the alien populace, a human at that. R1 makes its point in having sympathetic anti-heroes in a journey for redemption and this by-the-book selfless feat just makes Jyn a tad more predictable way too soon in the movie. Surely her own childhood traumas of abandonment are pretty obvious by then for the audience to need this kind of unsubtlety. Also, it makes for a strange cut that Jyn’s hair is all messed up after the blast but is back to pristine in the next shot.
  • Right after that Jyn guns down a trooper without as much looking his way…
  • In the alley fight, Jyn goes berserk and batons up about five armored troopers. The movie sticks again with the conventional hero archetype - has to be kind, has to be physical. Even though its guerilla warfare going down.
  • K2 slides in and out too conveniently during Jedha. It’s okay we get to learn how much of a rebel he is the first time, disobeying Cassian and shadowing the team all along. But then he turns off the defiant/protective attitude when Cassian orders him back to the ship a second time, and right when they are about to be captured once again… he turns his back and consents, to be seen again only when apocalypse hits (and it wasn’t a plan to get to Saw because he was just “standing by as you requested” while folks would hopelessly be Bor Gullet’d).

These bothered me to some degree and I thought of sharing. Would like to know what you think of it.

Thanks for these ideas. For me, Jyn saving the girl is an essential scene. It’s a physical representation of her story and helps us understand her motives. With the new adopted edits from the OT community the main focus is on trust, trust to do what is right. This scene shows her moral compass and unwavering drive to do what is necessary and right.

I’ll agree that Jyn going berserk is a little over the top. I kind of like it though, if nothing more than Cassian’s “oh wow, she’s something else” moment when he sees how independently capable she is at taking care of herself. It shows the start of his connection to her. I also like the K2 scene for a similar reason. It’s the right amount of brevity in a tense situation and shows how Cassian is reliant on these two characters. I fear that the necessity and import of Jyn and K2 would be diminished with the removal of those two scenes.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

Figured I’d update the crawl as many had indicated that they felt the ending was a little ambiguous.


The EMPIRE’s reign of fear has spread across the galaxy. Imperial forces occupy all regions of space. Hope and freedom are beginning to fade.

The REBEL ALLIANCE has formed from the last remnants of the Republic to resist the Empire. Little do they know that the Empire has secretly begun the development of a new super weapon.

Obsessed with power, Director Krennic seeks the defected scientist, Galen Erso, to finish this dreaded weapon that threatens to envelop the galaxy in fear…

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

EddieDean, for the most part yes. I’m kind of leaching the awesome ideas in this thread 😃
The BIG difference in the current edition I’m making is that members of Rogue One will survive the assault on Scarif. The scenes up until Scarif will remain similar. I’m taking ideas from this thread and slightly adjusting them based on personal preference.

Jarbear, I was going to suggest using Jyn’s line about seeing her father’s message to make Bodhi’s connection flow, but it looks like you have the same idea 😃 I stopped it after she says her father so that we get Bodhi and Baze’s despair scene first. Then she starts to rally them about fighting back and Cassian walks over.

I think I’m ready to call my own new version completed, unless you all come up with other new and awesome ideas. I’ll also be making an updated version of my base edit with the newer updates but with the original ending. Thanks for letting me leach on to this project thread 😃

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Messing around with this on my timeline. What is the flow of the scenes? Are you doing:
Jump from Jedha, Jyn rallies team, Krennic & Tarkin over Jedha, Yavin receiving update, U-Wing recieving orders, Krennic leaving
Jump from Jedha, Jyn rallies team, Yavin receiving update, U-Wing recieving orders, Krennic & Tarkin over Jedha, Krennic leaving

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

The survival cut is pretty much done. I’m going to try and throw together a trailer for it and then upload. Here’s the final edit list (is any edit list final?). I’ve also included most of the awesome ideas presented by the editors in Hal’s thread. I tried to tag them here. If I forgot you please call me out so I can credit you properly. Here’s the updated list.

  • Custom Crawl
  • Pan down to Krennic’s shuttle flying under the rings of Lah’mu
  • Removed Saw opening up hatch to find Jyn
  • Removed Rogue One Title card, now hard cuts to Jyn waking up as if she was dreaming
  • Removed planet card intro on Cassian’s introduction, it now does a downward pan wipe
  • Edited Informant scene to have the stormtrooper kill the informant instead of Cassian
  • Cropped Jedah planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  • Added iris wipe transition to Jyn’s rescue
  • Cropped Yavin and Rebel Alliance planet cards to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  • Removed scene of Draven telling Cassian to kill Galen Erso
  • Removed second Bodhi scene where he meets Saw
  • Inserted Shamook’s Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
  • Removed Bor Gullet
  • Removed Cassian’s lines “We find Saw Guerrera we find your father” as they are approaching Jedha (editing credit to RogueLeader and Burbin)
    “There’s a piece of clunky out of place dialogue that seems to be adr’d in. When we first get to Jedah, and Jyn wakes up from her dream, Cassian walks in and does a bit of chat with her: “That’s Jedah… or what’s left of it…” then he walks away while Jyn looks out the window, and yet even though Cassian walked away and his back is facing the camera we hear an awkward piece of unnecessary exposition: “We find Saw, we find your father.” I think the scene would flow nicer if that line is removed. Plus it’s an awkward thing for Cassian to say after endearing small talk since he was tasked to kill his father if they found him…I just think it’s placement and delivery feel off. It just feels like exposition that was adr’d in for anyone that was checking his phone during the rebel briefing scene. Doesn’t feel like the scene was shot with that piece of dialogue in mind and so it would flow better without it. And it would also flow better into the following scene, only having Cassian address Saw until here -
    “What’s with the Destroyer?”
    “It’s because of your old friend, Saw Guerrera.”” - Burbin
  • Added tie sfx to transition from K2 to Jedha pan shot
  • Removed Cornelius Evazan and Ponda Baba
  • Added Battlefront Imperial track to Rebel ambush
  • Removed camera cut to Jyn when K2 joins them in the city to create seamless continuous scenes.
  • Shortened Chirrut’s acrobatics to remove his “is your foot alright?” line and human shield antics
  • Removed the cut to Jyn and Cassian to connect the continuous shot where Baze fires at the stormtroopers
  • Removed Chirrut’s “are you kidding me? I’m blind” line
  • Inserted Shamook’s Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
  • Cut Draven’s confirmed orders to Cassian to kill Galen (editing credit to Burbin)
    “If we’re removing the first conversation then it would make sense to keep the information from the audience all the way so that we find out alongside Jyn. Either have those orders looming over as we go along the adventure, or keep it as a mystery as Cassian becomes more and more agitated until Chirrut tells Jyn that he senses he’s about to kill. I’m fine with it either way.”
  • Color corrected Vader’s eyes during his meeting with Krennic
  • Reordered post Jedha scenes (edit credit to Jarbear and RogueLeader)
  • Cropped Edu planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  • Removed Krennic saying “FIRE!” when no one will confess to sending communications from Edu (editing credit to Burbin)
    “One thing that’s always bothered me is when Krennic orders the Death Troopers to execute Galen’s team, he yells “Ready, aim, fire!” and then Galen steps in and says “Stop! It was me!”. Now, the Death Troopers don’t strike me as the type to hesitate following orders so truthfully Galen should’ve been shot down for stepping in. I wonder if the “fire!” could be trimmed so that Galen steps in before Krennic can finish the command.” - Burbin
  • Rescored Rebel Alliance meeting with Force theme
  • Removed Bodhi’s stuttering when asked who is stealing the imperial ship
  • Cropped Scarif planet card to remove text (added sharpening to film)
  • Removed close up of Jyn’s face and her taking out the Kyber crystal when waiting for the code to go through (used later to establish that she’s safe on the U-Wing)
  • Inserted Shamook’s Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
  • Cropped scene with R2 and 3P0 to remove them from the shot and reworked surround track to eliminate their dialogue
  • Removed Baze running with troops through the water (to be used later)
  • Removed U-Wing drop ship approach scene with Chirrut and rebels in view (to be used later)
  • Removed Chirrut death
  • Inserted trimmed version of Baze taking out the Death Troopers. It now runs along side Chirrut’s faith in the force scene as if Baze has developed faith in the force as well. I think it’s pretty powerful this way
  • Trimmed Baze getting shot. He now walks calmly forward to protect Chirrut and takes all of the Death Troopers out (cut the last trooper with the grenade) and then calmly looks back at Chirrut as he approaches the lever.
  • Removed Rebel soldier death that dies covering for Bodhi
  • Removed Bodhi’s death
  • Rescored Star Destroyer collision (Scrambling the Rebel Fleet & airplane collision/crash sfx)
  • Inserted Shamook’s Tarkin deepfake (thanks to Burbin for hi quality file)
  • Added Bohdi calling up to the fleet asking for an immediate evac
  • Added Corellian Corvette flyby sfx & Admiral Raddus saying “Blue Squadron get Rogue One!” after he says “All ships prepare for jump to hyperspace”
  • Added scenes from Odyssey: A Star Wars Story (rebel troops running, storm troopers firing, rebels entering transport)
  • Color corrected Vader’s eyes when he is watching the Rebel fleet be massacred
  • Repurposed and color corrected previously removed scenes to have a U-Wing transport pick up the survivors (U-Wing approaching to drop off troops, Jyn and Casian entering the elevator, Jyn looking at the kyber crystal, Chirrut, Baze and rogue one crew on the imperial transport)
  • Created U-Wing leaving Scarif shot
  • Inserted Removed shot of Jyn holding the Kyber crystal and repurposed shot of rogue one crew
  • Layered/Masked Chroma Keyed U-Wing jumping to hyper space from Yavin over the top of star field to have rogue one escape
  • Added RotJ opening shot of shuttle leaving the star destroyer; added two tie bombers escorting to match following scene;; added the Profundity; masked edges to have star destroyer enter into view infront of Profundity; added sfx to bridge scene
  • Trimmed Vader’s awkward hand gesture of choking rebel soldier and then motioning to fling him to the side. (it just looks too fan filmy for me)
  • Inserted Derpfake’s Leia deepfake
  • Fixed audio volume transition into credits
  • Added custom edited/fanedited credits
  • Added grouped name credits to shorten credits and have them end on the the musical finale (the original doesn’t for some reason)
  • Added custom title cards to ending
Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Nevermind, here’s a 5.1 clip to preview.

Actually, it sounds rough between lines so I’ll revisit it.

Well that’s a much better approach than I was trying 😃

Here’s my halfed version of Hal’s approach. The ending of it feels a bit rushed?

EDIT v2:
And an updated version that I’m completely happy with

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

I just watched from Jedah to Eadu without Draven’s “kill Galen” orders and it indeed is more impactful when Jyn realizes what is happening and also when the Alliance is at the table and the other leaders start going after Draven for going Rogue. Fantastic ideas!

I’m having a bit of trouble with smoothing out the audio with taking out Draven’s communication to Cassian after he receives the word that Jedah has been destroyed. I’ve looked for the music in the soundtrack and the FYC soundtrack I have but I can’t find it. Anyone know if the piece is available?

Hal, here are the wav files:
They start when Jyn wakes from the dream sequence and it ends on the last frame before the wide shot of Jedah.

ROUND 4 - now 22 movies!!! (Released)

The Ritty said:

DigMod said:

I’m confused. Isn’t this the same project as your other threads?

Yes just updated. I’m not sure how buried the other one was plus all the haters on it…bah I start a new one when I think I’ve done my final edits. This is the last one as I’m burnt out. sorry for confusion, I’m surprised to see people tag me from the other thread been so long now no one has…

Threads get bumped to the top of the list when they have new posts. As for the haters, weren’t we (I’m assuming I’m in that lump) just asking if you were open to feedback as the edits were in a workprint/ITW format? That’s a lot of downloading of active project files. Anyway, hope others enjoy your edit.

Hal’s Rogue One edit (a half-assed version of DigMod’s) (Released)

Hal 9000 said:

Quick note: the line en route to Jedha, “We find Saw, we find your father,” is present in some form in all but the LFE channel so I don’t think it’s worth going to lengths to remove.

I don’t see the issue with that line. It’s equal parts Cassian establishing trust with Jynn as well as making sure she doesn’t run off or go rogue on them.

If some are insistent on having it removed, I’m always up for a challenge. I can check the soundtrack and see if I can rebuild the tracks if needed.