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Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

theprion said:

Are you adding any footage (ie. Odyssey) to your base non-survivor cut that could throw these subs out of sync?

I’m interested in translating them to Brazilian Portuguese, and I can start work on it depending on whether or not the runtime will be the same. If you are, I’ll wait for V2 to come out - if not I’ll do it right away so you can include them in V2 (if you’d like, that is).

What do you say?

Big fan of your edits.


Thanks for the kind words theprion! I wasn’t planning to add any shots to the base version of this edit. I am working on redoing the intro effects as well as removing some further segmented shots that would slightly change the timing of the edit. I’ll hopefully have a V2 done by the end of the month with those updates.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

I just heard that these are no longer available. That’s a shame as you have continuously done superb work. I’ve had my edits ripped off before and I can understand the frustration attached to that. No doubt you, like myself, poured countless hours into your edits. While it’s frustrating and even disheartening, I personally don’t understand why you’d totally remove them because of one or a few people making lower quality copies. There will always be people who rip-off creatives. Always someone who will try to get a sub or a like from someone else’s work. The original directors and editors may very well be feeling the same feelings about fan edits and view them as being a defaced version of their work. Thankfully they still persist. Giving in and pulling out is letting those who copy your work win. We need you and your edits in our communities. Other’s low quality copies are simply there because everyone knows you’ve made gems. The real fans will use a Google search to find the best quality versions. Anyway, I hope you reconsider. You’re a fanedit of the month alum that stands as an example of consistency and quality. It’s a shame to lose your work and your creative excitement.
steps down from soapbox

IDEA: Super 8 in the style of Stranger Things

Thanks oojason! I’ve been hoping for the response you had. Definitely fuels the drive knowing others are excited. I need to familiarize myself with the movie and get some ideas for the opener pre credits. I feel like I need more of a game plan with thiamine before diving head on in as I’ve only really watched it once all the way through, and honestly was a bit turned off by the zombie stuff. But, the ST vibe and a good deal on the movie brought me back to it.

IDEA: Super 8 in the style of Stranger Things

So I watched part of Super 8 last night and couldn’t help but notice how similar Stranger Things is in its format. Small town, young group of kids, nefarious institution experimenting and trying to cover it up, kids stumble on what’s going on and are hunted by the baddies, etc.

So I wondered if it would be worth while to turn Super 8 into a spin-off of Stranger Things, at least in its presentation. This also gave me an excuse to mess around in Vegas to see if I could make an intro in the style of Stranger Things.

Here’s a proof of concept opener for what would become a 3 episode presentation of the movie.

Logo: Benguiat Std Book
Credits: Avant Garde Gothic Bold

Each letter of Super 8 was given its own video track. Insert>Text>Benguiat Std Book>Color set to 0.16 transparency level>Scale set to desired size (set to animate)> Location set to desired location (set to animate)>Background set to transparent> Outline width set to 1.701>outline color set to same as text color but with 1.0 transparency score. Animate scale and location for movement (do this instead of using the pan & crop tool). As the opening goes on slowly pull back the scaling and begin cross fading letters. Set desired paths using a set scale and animated location for the last assembly scene (where the letters come together) and use the pan & crop to create a continuous zoom out, then fade.

All names are set to 3 seconds with 5 frame transitions in & out and 10 frames between each.

The chapter was a bit difficult to figure out as the transparency and scaling still didin’t create a smooth edge on the letters. I ended up having the color transition from white to green and then chroma keyed the green out to get the crisp edge on the inside of the text as it super zooms in through the text

The movie is set in 1979 so I wanted to try and find some synthwave stuff from that year. After some googling I found Gary Numan’s Down in the Park. I love the Foo Fighters’ cover of this song from the X-Files album, but I just couldn’t find a way to make the song work. There was a synthwave cover of the song that was pretty good, but it was a little to happy and I wanted something more Stranger Things feeling. So, I started looking into dark synthwave and Stranger Things inspired tracks. I found the TOXXiFY and their track Cyborg Chase. It has a very similar feeling to Stranger Things and captures a bit of the vibe of Down in the Park so I settled on that. After some clipping here and there and rearranging a few parts I was able to make a ~1 min track that I felt good about.

I need to go back through the movie to see what the music is like in it. I may add some Gary Numan stuff and other synthpop from the times to give it more of a Stranger Things feel. I’ll also need to find some pre credits footage that follows the story and sets things up without spoiling things. I was thinking about using the editing room footage from area 51, but it doesn’t really capture the ST vibe and it spoils way too much at the beginning.

It’s a basic idea right now of using this custom intro to create three chapters to tell the story of Super 8. Let me know what you think.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (COMPLETED)

I’ll probably do a whole new version with that opening.

Thanks for your thoughts stevepaynter. You make a good point about the muscle. I had originally cut his death as it just felt odd to not even know these characters and then to have such an emotional scene when he dies. The tone of the film at that point just didn’t fit for me. I’ll mull it around in my melon to see if my mind changes though. The shot of him flying through the air is comical yes, but that was a scene that I needed to utilize a wipe transition to show time passing and to get a wipe transition in. That was one of my main goals of the edit, to add those little features that make movies feel like Star Wars. The shower scene also was cut for the same reason.

Rise of the Rebellion: A Rogue One Edit (Released)

It never really got beyond concept mode in the past. I recently rewatched Odyssey: A Star Wars Story and saw how I could pull it off with the new footage. There’s about 5-10 seconds of video and audio taken from that fanfilm to help add the footage needed to pull it off. I messed around with it a bit more and found a way to get Jyn and Cassian visually into the U-wing by repurposing some footage I’ll be removing from the film as they descend the tower. I’ll upload another draft when I get a bit of time to work on it today.

Idea & Info Wanted: The Force Awakens - a PG edit?

Here’s what I’d suggest to tone it down.
-Lower onscreen death body count
-Trim or remove Kylo hacking Lor San Tekka down
-Trim or remove Poe’s interrogation
-Remove Finn cursing in the Falcon
-Trim the rathtar scene?
-Trim Force vision Kylo massacre where he impales the guard
-Trim/remove Finn fighting stormtrooper
-Remove Finn yelling that’s one heck of a pilot
-Trim or remove the balcony scene (this will be the hardest part of making the edit PG imho)
-Trim Kylo punching his wound and blood
-Triim Finn and Kylo duel