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The Last Jedi Fan Edit - HELP NEEDED

FanEditor77 said:


I’m a big fan of your work! While I’m a little in shock that someone of your skill/influence commented on such a small issue, I will take your advice to heart.

I own a Blu-Ray of The Last Jedi and whenever I rip it there is heavy cross-hatching (probably the wrong word) and pixellation. I will try to figure this out. Perhaps it’s a sign that things are just not yet…perfected…anyways.

Thanks so much for commenting! It was, if nothing else, extremely encouraging!

I appreciate your kind words. I’m just one of many individuals here trying to get better at this hobby and pay forward the help and kindness other editors have shown me 😃

It sounds like your source preparation may be the cause of the pixellation. pleasehello’s post is pretty close to what I do and keeps the fidelity of the blu ray video file. Most Non-Linear Editors (NLE) will take a m2ts/ts file. Vegas needs aac vs ac3 surround files (highly recommend editing in 5.1 or higher as this will allow you the best opportunity to create seamless edits). Here’s my flow: Blu Ray > MakeMKV > TSMuxer (mux ts video file and audio files into separate files) > convert Audio to aac (most any free video converter can do this) or PCM Wav (Audacity) > drop files into Vegas Pro, sync and group/lock the files together. You can just throw an m2ts file in and often Vegas will be able to display the video and the surround track, but I notice that with some blu rays, especially Disney and or files that have multiple audio tracks, Vegas has a particularly hard time with allowing me to select the audio track I want to use, hence the creating a .ts and aac or pcm files as sources. It all depends on what your NLE’s compatibilities are.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (COMPLETED)

Thanks for watching and sharing feedback!

The restoring of the blue in Proxima’s lair was a late change. Feedback I had received indicated the scene was too dark after removing the blue tint. I also have blue lights in my house so I figured it was natural especially because it’s implied that the worms need the light to exist in the open air.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist (COMPLETED)

Hello everyone. My apologies for the scarcity of updates. Good news. The edit is done.

I was going to give up on a color correction, but then I just decided to just remove all of the color correction I had done and start over. I’m extremely happy with the results. Here’s the rundown:

-The blue hue is greatly lessened throughout if not completely removed in certain scenes
-The entire film has been brightened by a factor of x.25 or x.5 depending on the scene
-The snow scenes have been corrected to have white snow
-The interior of the falcon is white and the blue shadows are shifted towards grey
-The entire film has received a color sharpening by a factor of x.25 , x.5 or x.75 depending on the scene
-The color and brightness of Niima Outpost has been left untouched
-Proxima’s liar retains the blue lights as they’re essential to the worms

As I don’t create cases or discs for my own edits I’m only going to include posters for the release for those who have media servers like Plex. I’ve updated the OP with the new posters and updated logo.

I wanted to thank everyone who has shown interest and patience during the nearly 8 months it has taken to get from idea to finished project. The edit will be available through the usual chain by tomorrow evening.

Thank you again to everyone!

A New Hope 2019 edit Edition

If you could make Luke into a girl, make Vader younger, make Kenobi’s character not force sensitive, increase the size and power of the death star but change it’s name, upgrade the x-wings and make Wedge more like Han Solo, make Yoda into a woman and change his appearance, oh and change the name of Tatooine 😉

In all seriousness, I thinK it’s more important that you make an edit that is originally your idea. Sounds like Adywan’s revisited or Harmy’s Despecialized Editions would meet your fix.

The Force Awakens - PG edit

I also have young kiddos and made a Youngling Edition of ESB for them. Need to find time for a ROTJ Youngling edition.

Anyway, I think strategic cuts that remove the more intense elements would make the movie PG. Vader choked out the captain in ANH and Luke’s aunt and uncle were shown as burnt skeletons. I think those scenes, especially the latter, are more intense than most things in TFA.

I’d recommend the following:
-Cut away or remove Lor’s death
-Cut away or remove the village massacre
-Tone down Poe’s interrogation scene
-Minimize on screen fatalities throughout
-Cursing isn’t terribly hard to edit out, my Heir to the Force edit removes it.
-Remove Finn skewering the stormtrooper and some of the more in your face deaths during the Takodana scene.
-You could get creative and have a stormtrooper shoot Han to lessen the creep out factor, but you’d lose the impact if the scene and plot point of the two movies thus far.
-Leaving in Ren’s tantrums may actually make the movie lighter for a kid.
-Not sure if you can do anything about Ren vs Kylo