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A New Hope 2019 edit Edition

If you could make Luke into a girl, make Vader younger, make Kenobi’s character not force sensitive, increase the size and power of the death star but change it’s name, upgrade the x-wings and make Wedge more like Han Solo, make Yoda into a woman and change his appearance, oh and change the name of Tatooine 😉

In all seriousness, I thinK it’s more important that you make an edit that is originally your idea. Sounds like Adywan’s revisited or Harmy’s Despecialized Editions would meet your fix.

The Force Awakens - PG edit

I also have young kiddos and made a Youngling Edition of ESB for them. Need to find time for a ROTJ Youngling edition.

Anyway, I think strategic cuts that remove the more intense elements would make the movie PG. Vader choked out the captain in ANH and Luke’s aunt and uncle were shown as burnt skeletons. I think those scenes, especially the latter, are more intense than most things in TFA.

I’d recommend the following:
-Cut away or remove Lor’s death
-Cut away or remove the village massacre
-Tone down Poe’s interrogation scene
-Minimize on screen fatalities throughout
-Cursing isn’t terribly hard to edit out, my Heir to the Force edit removes it.
-Remove Finn skewering the stormtrooper and some of the more in your face deaths during the Takodana scene.
-You could get creative and have a stormtrooper shoot Han to lessen the creep out factor, but you’d lose the impact if the scene and plot point of the two movies thus far.
-Leaving in Ren’s tantrums may actually make the movie lighter for a kid.
-Not sure if you can do anything about Ren vs Kylo

A simple ANH and RotJ idea

In my idea I thought that it would only necessitate pieces from the one side to be obliterated. The only thing they really needed from the death star was the super laser. A crawl could indicate that the weapon was crippled and that final repairs to the super laser are almost complete. That would attribute to the same weakness of the core, etc. That we see in ROTJ and why the need for a shield.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist

A little disappointed. My Thor edit was a test for using an iTunes file as a source and it worked great, imho. After a few renders of The Coaxium Heist I’m just not satisfied with what is being produced from my Solo iTunes source. I’ve tried a total change up to the color correction to see if it’s due to the secondary correctors I have in place, but it’s still looking softer and more pixelated than I was expecting. I don’t want to increase the bitrate higher than the source as it won’t really do anything besides inflate the file size…sigh

I’ll be hunting for a good price on a Solo Blu Ray to create a lossless source. I originally told myself that I didn’t want this movie, then a great price on a digital code presented itself and I gave it a go. After the many hours of interacting with this film I’ve become pretty fond of it. I should have just bought the Blu Ray to begin with and stopped kidding myself that I wouldn’t buy a Star Wars movie…I bought TLJ and I thought Solo was better… :rolleyes:

Sorry, didn’t mean to create unnecessary hype. I want this to be the best it can be before sharing.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist

I stepped away from this project for almost 2 weeks just to give myself some fresh eyes on it. I just finished up the final touches and started the render. This one is done and should be available in the next few days. 😃
My utmost respect goes out to all you colo(u)r correction all stars out there. You know who you are 😉

Thanks again for the encouragement everyone!

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist

Color correction will be happening. My main focus, at the moment, I’d to remove the blue tint. I’ve seen some edits go vibrant with colors, but those end up looking overly saturated to me. One struggle I’m finding is that to eliminate the blue, I’m needing to mute a fair amount of tones. This makes it feal almost grittier, which I kind if like. Increasing saturation reveals some blues again which I’m not keen on.

Currently I’m using the following:
General white balance to remove the blue to the film> secondary color correction for space scenes to remove the massive blue tint further. The sky is now very grey on Corellia, Mimban and the train heist. I grew up in cloudy weather and it looks pretty close to my eyes. Perhaps my eye for skin tones reveals that I’m a troglodyte who doesn’t see the sun resulting in none yellowy/orange skin.

I’m really trying to push myself to tackle color correction on this film (currently the hangup on some other projects). It definitely is one of my next steps in skill building. I’ll try to post some screen shots later.

Thanks again everyone!

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist

Hello all. All subtitles will be removed in this edit. L3 is more comedic relief than protestor now. I can’t fault her arguments and think with some of the initial stuff in the cantina-ish place removed we can retain the humor without the blatant protestong undertones. L3 is almost like a bickering sister/best friend to Lando now, or so I’m hoping.

The removal of L3 and Qi’ra’s girl talk scene does cause a slightly odd feeling in the extension to the Falcon flying through the cluster, but it’s kind of like the Falcon’s initial arrival at Yavin, which consists of long shots of the falcon in space and no dialogue. I think it will be fine though.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to transition from the crawl to Corellia and found an HD cinematic shot of Battlefront II that I’ll post to see what you all think. Greatly appreciate your positive feedback and interest!

I’m actually beginning to see a gem in this movie that I at first didn’t like at all. I think with this edit I might even like it as much as TFA.

Star Wars: The Coaxium Heist

Coming soon

Been working on this over at and forgot to share over here.

This movie looked like Star Wars but never really felt like it to me. Some of that lost feeling is due to a single uninterrupted narrative and the complete absence of one of Star Wars’ most iconic tools, wipe transitions. This edit will attempt to bring some of that Star Wars feeling back in and remove moments that are overly silly or ridiculous.

Edit List:

  • Created new opening including a custom Crawl based on the opening text and a custom pan down to Corellia
  • Applied a general white balance to remove the blue hue from the movie
  • Applied sharpening and contrast to entire movie
  • Cut Solo logo
  • Adjusted hue in Proxima’s housing and lair to be a darker more dull grayish blue
  • *attempting to pitch shift and/or replace Proxima’s dialogue
  • Cut imperial giving Han his last name. Han instead response with the name Solo
  • Added wipe transition to Mimba and added star destroyers approaching it
  • Used some of the crews escape from Mimba to further transition to planet
  • Removed Han getting blasted through the air (it is a great joke, but tonally is odd and I needed to put a -wipe here to establish the passage of time and couldn’t retain it)
  • Cropped image to remove the three years later text
  • Trimmed Han and Chewie scene to minimize silly stormtrooper banter
  • Removed shower scene (again it’s funny, but I needed a wipe transition to show time and decided it had to go)
  • Removed some of Val’s complaining while they are scoping out the job
  • Transition wipe to the night scene
  • Transition wipe to the train
  • Added shot of Han after Q’ira says she knows a guy and wipe transition to next scene
  • Remove the crew stopping to watch the droid fights
  • Lessened L3’s antics
  • Removed L3 saying to look away because she can’t perform while people watch her. She now just cuts open the gate and naturally everyone watches
  • Added greenscreened sparks to help with cuts during the above scene
  • Removed L3’s pompous, arrogant dialogue to Han
  • Added droid servo motor and metalic foot steps sfx to fill in center track void
  • Removed L3’s line about Lando flirting with Han
  • Removed L3 and Q’ira’s girl talk scene
  • Removed Q’ira and Becket’s “impressive” response to Han taking out the guard at the coaxium chamber
  • Removed Han’s curse when running to save Lando. It feels more natural without it imho
  • Removed Lando caressing L3’s head after her lights go out
  • Removed Beckett complaining about hurting his hands
  • Rearranged squid/escape pod scene and removed Han’s “because of that baby” line
  • Removed the gag of the Falcon engines petering out. Again, it’s funny and rhymes with the OT, but in a gravity well it’s just too ridiculous
  • Removed some of Han’s lines over the radio when they are arriving on Savareen
  • Removed Han’s lines to Enfys Nest about hired guns on the Falcon
  • Masked the scene of the falcon from leaving over the top of Beckett and crew walking out to meet Enfys Nest
  • Removed Darth Maul cameo, now Q’ira just leaves and we are left with mystery
  • Added wipe transition to the jungle planet where Lando is
  • Removed the final scene of Han’s dice
  • Added Iris wipe to credits from cockpit hyperspace scene
  • *no deleted scenes were added into this edit

Teaser Trailer:

1080p 5.1 MP4