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Star Wars Sequel Duology: The First Order = Imperial Remanent, Resistance = New Republic, New Jedi Order still intact

Palpatine does not appear. Snoke is the villain throughout (even on Exegol!).
Here is an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozgt7T98sVg

That’s insane! The lighting of snoke looks identical and it fits perfect. I actually really enjoy the “I’m all the Jedi moment” but don’t have a place for it to fit into my edits so I’m excited to see what else you got coming.

As to the concept of what you’re doing, I more prefer them to be separate characters, as I really like all of them and don’t want to use one over the other.

Star Wars Sequel Duology: The First Order = Imperial Remanent, Resistance = New Republic, New Jedi Order still intact

The sequels have been trashed on enough, so I’m going to try not to talk about that too much in this post. I’ve always been very annoyed at how much potential the characters in the sequels had. I find the characters of Rey, Finn, and Kylo to have really amazing concepts but for me, it was ruined by completely undoing the OT and having a lack of a plan for the trilogy. So this is my attempt at trying to keep them more in line with a legend’s story taking place much earlier in the timeline.

The Basis of these edits is the amazing Heir of the Force and Fate of the Jedi. I have changed it into a duology, as even though I like some aspects of TROS, I believe it to be unharvestable as it was completely unearned.

The main differences from those above edits:

First of all, Heres how the timeline works

Right after Return of the Jedi, Han and Leia have their first child, Ben Solo, who then goes to train with Luke in his new growing Jedi Order. The location of the Jedi Order is made secret due to the Imperial Remanents’ existence. Ben is manipulated by Snoke, (as seen in the comics) and leaves with another group of students (the Jedi order is not destroyed.) Luke is destroyed by this, and using the map to the first jedi temple found in BF2, he goes to the temple to find answers on how to help Ben. A Map to Skywalker, is put together and is hunted down by the Empire with the goal of finding Luke, and destroying the Jedi once and for all. This all takes place when the Solo twins are born, but very young. Han does not leave the New Republic and return back to smuggling, but the fall of Ben to the dark side has split Han and Leia up temporarily.


No Crawl, but blue text setting up the context, as in my opinion the crawl should only belong to the main 1-6 saga movies

Using Elevenlabs AI, all mentions of Resistance and First Order are changed to New Republic and Empire

the biggest one is that Han lives. This is made to slot into legends so Han has to survive. I like Hans’s death and what it means, but the only possible way it can stay like that is if I move this all the way down the timeline to after the YUzhon Von wafr and completely remove Chewbacca from the movie. If you don’t care about legends, there is a version of this movie with and without it.

Next is Starkiller Base. Starkiller Base’s weapon function is completely removed, as it was a stupid trope even in ROtJ.

I’ve always been bothered by the fact that there are little to no mentions of anything prequel related in TFA and TLJ, so prequel sounds, and a vision of Anakin in the Jedi temple from Kenobi, is added in Rey’s vision

Deleted scenes are also added back in.


No Crawl, but blue text setting up the context, as in my opinion the crawl shpilg only belong to the main 1-6 saga movies

First of all, even though I like the meaning of the title (as a movie NOT as a sequel) the title has to be changed.

Some shots of Han are going to have to be added since he survived (there will be a version with and without)

Using Elevenlabs AI, all mentions of Resistance and First Order are changed to New Republic and Empire

Vader vs Kylo fan film is added in, as it fits basically perfectly. It adds to Kylos very abrupt change from Vader and is also just great fan service

I’m not sure about this yet, but there is a fan film about Kylo Ren that expands on Luke’s failure (and also has Anakin in it) so I think it would be a great addition to the movie during the flashback section. it is animated, so it may take you out of the movie, but I think it’s worth it.

Deleted Scenes added

The resistance fleet is NOT the last of the resistance, and the stakes of the movie are from them being cut off from communications , + the fact that all of Reys friends are all on that fleet

I think I’m going to change Luke’s lightsaber back to being blue, as it visualizes Lukes’s arc throughout the movie, because he uses the lightsaber he refused from the beginning of the movie. The only problem with this though is that it makes Ben look like an idiot as he just saw the lightsaber being destroyed.

Lukes dialog about being the last jedi and about the war just beginning is changed

(not sure about this yet) some of the ending of TROS, including an appearance of Lando, would be the scene where all OT actors are reunited and the war is finally over after the signing of the treaty (sadly has to be off-screen)

These will take time, especially since I am also working on my main SW saga edits, but these should be released before those since they are fairly simple.

Star Wars Saga Fan Edit: Prequels Simple Edition & Original Trilogy Prequel Edition

PsyGemini said:

Thanks for reading and replying!

I’m still on the wait for my definitive version of Ep I and II (Ep III Rebalanced does it for me), so count me anxious to see what you’re gonna cook out of these two.

Thanks! EP III rebalanced sounds interesting… I’ll make sure to check it out

Have you watched Caleb Gamman’s Ep II (AoTC Fixed)? IMHO it’s the best one yet, just suffers from the horribly low-quality deleted scenes, and IIRC could edit some 3pO CG slapstick childish humor out. But pretty sure that’s easily doable these days.

I have heard of it, seeing the YT video in my recommended, but I’ve never looked into it. I’ll see if any of the changes will work for me.

Oh, but…
“The fish attack is still there, but trimmed.”
PLEASE don’t. I’m more than fine with showing the underwater city and a bit of the gungans, but the “let’s go through the planet core” is some of most nonsensical thing we’ve ever had in science fiction, and adds nothing to the plot whatsoever. But hey, your edit, your calls, of course.

My reason for including it was to keep the “kids movie” feel of this movie. Lucas always intended for each SW movie to be different, and all I wanted to do was keep the complexity of the story while making it a fun kids adventure. I definitely see what you mean though, It’s really just there to show off the new visual effects. Removing it would probably tighten up pacing also.

Star Wars Saga Fan Edit: Prequels Simple Edition & Original Trilogy Prequel Edition

I’ve been editing movies as a hobby for a while now, but have never released any before. This is my biggest project yet and will hopefully be fully finished by the end of the year or sometime next year. So here’s my plan:

The Prequels: Simple Edition:

I have always had a soft spot for the prequels, but whenever I rewatch them I always get annoyed at the problems they have as movies because it gets in the way of the stuff that makes the prequels so special. The goal of these is to keep the main idea of what I think George Lucas intended the prequels to be but remove all the over-complexity and unneeded stuff.


NumeralJoker’s Extended TPM
Hal9000’s Cloak of Deception
Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Lines

Hal9000s edit is what I believe to be the almost perfect version of this movie and will be the main basis of this edit with just a few additions.

Hal9000 crawl, but with the original title restored.

The Underwater scene is back, but trimmed to speed up the pacing. My reason for including this is to add back the little character that Jar Jar has, have a better introduction to the Gungans, and have a reason for Qui Gon to keep Jar Jar around. In the scene before they jump in the water Jar Jar does not tell them about him being banished, and later remembers after they enter the city. I used a line from Lego Star Wars as I believe the original scene wasn’t very good.

A partial deleted scene is added to show them arriving at Naboo.

Deleted scene with Greedo is added. I know a lot of people don’t like this scene because it comes across as universe shrinking, but I like it b/c these movies were always intended to be viewed as prequels, it adds more characterization of Anakin, and I like the irony of the scene.

Deleted scene of Anakin saying goodbye to the old woman is added

When Padme meets with the Gungans, Jar Jar line is added back in b/c of addition of the underwater scene

Attack of the Clones:

EditModd’s AotC Edit
NumeralJoker’s Extended AotC
Attack of the Clones: Fixed

Even though I have a lot of problems with this movie I’ve always had a weird soft spot for it.

Hal9000 crawl, but with the original title restored.

The best restructuring of the love plot I’ve seen is what EditModd did with his edit, so it will remain mostly the same here with the addition of the Tic scene and the infamous “I don’t like sand” scene (which Isn’t that bad)

The goal of the restructured love plot is to make it flow better and just show that Padme actually also likes Anakin.

Yoda and the Younglings scene is added back

The Kamino plot will include most of Hal9000’s changes as it just makes it flow much better (Boba Fett is still a clone tho)

The Battle of Geonosis onwards will stay mostly close with theatrical, but will obviously remove the c3po droid section, and will have a quicker exit for Dooku. (I’ve been thinking whether I could also switch the lightsaber colors to better contrast the OT)

shot from BobF is added in color graded to AotC to emphasize Boba’s feelings

I’ve also been toying with the idea of using a trimmed fireplace scene right after the battle of Geonisis, to introduce the idea of keeping their love a secret

New VFX is now added from AotC Fixed Edition

Revenge of the Sith:

Theatrical Edition
NumeralJoker’s Extended RotS
RotS: Closer to Canon
A couple of lines from the ps2 game
Tales of the Jedi
Star Wars Story on YT

2 versions of this movie will be available, the extended Siege of Mandalore and other mediums cut, and the main cut.

Revenge of the Sith is my favorite movie of all time, so this will be the cut with the least changes.

Main Cut Changes:

A couple of the changes from the New Canon Cut are added, like Anakin fearing for the lives of his entire family instead of just Padme. (extended cut will include ahsoka in dream sequence, main cut will not)

New Ending using Obi Wans Message

Deleted Scenes added back in

To connect back to canon, Appos Arrow is now added from this video:


And that’s it.

Extended Cut Additions:

I tried using cutscenes from the ps2 game, but the style is just way too different and old. I guess I could upscale them but I think it would take you way out of the movie (PM or reply if anyone is interested in seeing what a version with this could look like and I will finish it)

Tales of the Jedi Padme’s Funeral

New ending using Cinematic Captures “The Dark Times” This could contrast Obi Wans message very well for showing 2 different viewpoints

Original Trilogy: Prequel Edition:

These are basically what I think the special editions should be, connecting the OT more to the Prequels while also being able to watch these perfectly on their own.

If these were in a box set, 2 versions would be available. The original unaltered and upscaled OT to show someone for the first time, (4K77, 4K80, and 4K83) and these Special Editions, which would basically be the “canon” version of these.


Adywan’s SW Revisited
Star Wars Story on YT
A New Hope Canon Cut
Auralnauts on YT
FXitinPost on YT

The crawl is a little altered, just to mention the Emporer

Adywan has always been my go-to for watching the OT, so an upscaled version of that will be the basis of this edit.

Some upscaled Deleted scenes are added in, like the Luke and Biggs scene

I was also trying my best to even a little bit get the first mention of “a sith lord” to work in an edit

The original Stormtrooper voices are SO iconic, but some of the voices will be replaced with Temurra Morrison’s voice, as by this point regular soldiers and clones were combined.

Here’s an example of what that could be like (note that the Stormtrooper filter and click :


Reuse some shots and add music to REALLY emphasize Obi-Wan’s trauma (I was thinking of using Obi-Wan has PTSD or using new sfx as Obi-Wan is remembering his past but it takes you too much out of the movie)

Most people remove the Special Edition Jabba scene, which is definitely for the better, but using vfx SW Story has made the scene actually useable and it will be used in this edit (when I get to it I’m going to hopefully get his permission to use it) Here it is if you’re interested in seeing it:


I’m ngl, after SC 38 came out that old lightsaber duel is VERY dated (doesn’t mean it still doesn’t get the same point across) but the problem is SC 38 is way too modern, as it has completely different cinematography than ANH. SC 38 Reimagined is going to be used, but it will be heavily edited to fit the style of ANH and the speed and sound of the other lightsaber duels in the OT. The very cinematic shots of vader are going to be removed, vader throwing his lightsaber is removed, and the dialog from Episode III (as much as I love it being there) is removed.

I was also thinking about using some of the additions from (I’m sorry I don’t remember who made this edit I will try to update in the future) A New Hope Canon Cut, as it has some cool additions like adding Death Troopers to the conference room

Empire Strikes Back:

Adywan’s SW Revisited
Star Wars Story on YT
Battlefront 2
FakeYou (website for AI)
Auralnauts on YT

Of course, Adywan will be the basis of this edit.

Using lines from BF2, Morrison’s lines will be re-added in as his delivery was much much better there. (maybe I can also use some of the original lines?)

Using AI of Morrison’s voice, a couple of new Stormtrooper lines will be added in

A lot of people will probably not like this change, but when Yoda reveals himself as a Jedi, using the video below, A lightsaber is added to connect back to the PT


And that’s it.

Return of the Jedi:

Special Edition
ilFanEditore’s RotJ Renewed
Star Wars Story on YT
Battlefront 2
Crimson Maul on YT
(possibly) Kenobi

Because RotJ Renewed is still a work in progress, ilFanEditore’s RotJ Renewed will be the basis of this edit, as it’s fantastic and the closet we have to that so far

Vader’s arrival and the introduction of Wicket are added back in

Using Ai to isolate the audio, the Sand Storm scene is added back in and the dialog will be louder

Maybe more deleted scenes?

A couple of the special edition changes are added back in like the species from TPM walking around Jabbas Palace

Using lines from BF2, Morrison’s lines will be re-added in as his delivery was much much better there. (maybe I can also use some of the original lines?)

Using AI of Morrison’s voice, a couple of new Stormtrooper lines will be added in

Only using the blue armor parts, Rex is now added in by Star Wars Story as it can be seen here:


Hayden Christensen Deepfaked as Vader:


Special Edition Ending (one of the few good special edition changes) is restored. I was thinking about maybe using some footage from Kenobi or the Behind the Scenes of Kenobi, to show that Anakin has actually aged, but if not the original ending is still great. (maybe I can deep fake it as I have experimented with it before)

And that should be everything.

I have plans to edit other SW projects in the future, but this is my main fan-editing project at the moment.

I’m new to this website and community, so please tell me If I’m doing anything wrong!

Also If you’re interested feel free to leave a reply or send a PM and I will continue to update this thread and share my progress