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Wanted: Scrubs Best Buy Bonus Disc Preservations - for a custom DVD edit
Hey, sorry for the necromancy, but this thread was the one that lead me to these forums. I have to say that I am quite impressed with the efforts being made by the fans here.

The Scrubs bonus discs are nigh impossible to find, the same can be said for many of the other retailer exclusives. As such, I would like to offer up a list of bonus discs in my possession.

*Lost S1,2&3: Best Buy & Wal-Mart DVDs
*My Name Is Earl S1: Best Buy CD & Target DVD
*The Office S2&3: Target DVD
*Heroes S1: Target DVD
*Ugly Betty S1: Target DVD
*Dexter S1: Target DVD
*Freaks And Geeks: Discs 7 & 8 from the Special Limited Yearbook Set
*Borat Preview DVD w/ deleted scenes & features not found on the regular release.
*Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2&3: The Lost Disc & Best Buy DVD's
*Hairspray: Circuit City Preview DVD, Wal-Mart Bonus DVD & Promotional Teaser DVD for the Broadway Show
*Sleepaway Camp Boxset: Best Buy DVD w/ footage from unfinished 4th film.
*Harry Potter 5 Movie Trunk Set: Bonus DVD w/ multiple features.
*Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix: Target Exclusive DVD
*Family Guy Blue Harvest: DVD w/ 3D footage.
*Family Guy Repackage w/ T-shirt: Bonus DVD
*Family Guy Off The Cutting Room Floor
*Family Guy Vol. 4: Wal-Mart exclusive DVD

*The Thief & The Cobbler Recobbled and various other cuts of the film.
*A plethora of John Waters/Divine/Edith Massey rarities
*Song of the South: Uncut with all sorts of extras, very clean transfer and no burned in subs