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Slightly Damaged 70mm ROTJ Clip from eBay, Worth Preserving?
Time (Sorry, I don’t have a real scanner so I had to use my phone)
This clip is supposed to include the scene where Yoda dies, and this checks out given what is on the film. However, not only is there is a noticeable bend in the film near the beginning, but also a large scratch that goes down what looks like the entire clip. I do not know how long it is, but I do have measurements. The entire reel is rather large, around 4.2 inches in diameter, but the film only takes up about 1.5 inches of that as each side has .75 in each. The white reel looks almost identical, albeit bigger, to the 35mm ROTJ test print I found on eBay around the same time from a different seller, which leads me to believe this may be a test print of some sort. I have only looked at the very beginning frames, though, so it’s hard to tell. Is this worth getting scanned at a higher resolution like 8K or 10K? There’s a lot of detail still in the parts that do not have the scratch.

Return of the Jedi Original Optical EFX Test Print found

I got one! It’s labelled “Vader deactivates his lightsaber and turns toward camera.” Looks like the scene where he takes Luke’s saber and turns it on. I intend to get it scanned hopefully sometime this year after I get my other projects scanned. It’s a little red but it doesn’t look very damaged.
EDIT: It seems from the description that it’s the entire ~8 second shot of “Indeed you are powerful as the Emperor has foreseen” and that’s it because this one doesn’t have a white pole version included since the saber is being deactivated.

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

I recently acquired a 16mm copy that I’m getting ready to get scanned sometime soon, most likely before the end of this year. Not sure of its condition. I have a thread on here about it. This thread, however, will be VERY helpful in fully restoring it when it finally gets scanned! Thanks to GoboFraggle1983 for that screenshot!

Looking into preserving a 16mm print of Pixar's Knick Knack (Help?)

I recently acquired a 16mm print of Pixar’s 5th short film, Knick Knack ( since I have been very interested in converting film to digital and doing digital color-grading for some time. Being on film, I think it’s safe to say that this is the sought-after 1989 original “uncensored” version. However, I don’t have a personal 16mm projector of my own to screen it and know what its current condition is (yet), but I am currently looking for one in my area to test it. Ultimately, I’d love to be able to convert it to digital to preserve it. I do need some help getting started, however.
What is a good scanning lab that’s well-known for scanning these types of cinema film? I’m looking for one that has a scanner with the ability to scan at 2K, and includes cleaning and ideally a digital file for little or no extra charge. One in East/Middle Tennessee would be best, but I am 100% willing to send it out if there’s a really good one out there. I think since the can says 4 mins, that this is around ~144 or 145 feet of film if that helps somewhat.
How many of you would like to see this eventually released? I know there was a version that appeared on Archive .org, but it had heavy sound/color issues in some areas and it was only 480p as well. I would be willing to color-correct a 2K version, and the soundtrack was released on CD so if I need to fix the sound, it shouldn’t be extremely difficult. If a lot correction is needed, I’m willing to invest in the Laserdisc and Blu Ray sources. Please comment with helpful tips and such if you think I’m going to need them. Thanks!