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John Carpenter's Body Bags - Alternate Audio Track

The 2013 Blu-Ray and DVD release (and all subsequent streaming/download versions based on this release) of John Carpenter’s Body Bags has some pretty rough audio. In particular, the sibilance or “S” sounds have a noticeable distortion almost sounding like static. It is most noticeable in the opening segment, “Gas Station”. I reconstructed the audio to the best of my ability based on another track I found of a (mostly) uncut version. This was a PAL source that I had to convert, make several adjustments for sync and edit in parts that were exclusive to the new uncut version. As a result, this is certainly not a top-notch, crisp audio track but I think it’s certainly an easier listen than what was released.

The new, alternate track is in a .wav format and can be matched up to any rip of the 2013 Shout Factory Blu-Ray. Just substitute this track in any video program and it should match up.

It can be downloaded here:

Hateful 8 Roadshow Cut (Released)

Sand said:

Does anyone have a link to the roadshow cut? Not the extended on its own but the version with the Overture and Intermission cards and everything.

I don’t believe it’s been released in any form including a bootleg/cam. It would have to be an approximation using footage from the extended cut. The version I made has the overture, six chapter titles and intermission but uses all of the extended material.

Hateful 8 Roadshow Cut (Released)

bud46 said:

I haven’t seen the miniseries yet, but for those of you who have: Would it make any sense to filter out the new extra scenes and try to insert them into the film making some sort of “Comprehensive Cut”?

You know, getting rid of all the edits for the miniseries (previews, etc.) and just putting the new stuff into the film…

I have done that. I removed the recap, intros and end credits from the mini series. Then I put the 6 chapter headings back in and added in the overture and a brief intermission.

3:11:30 (with overture and intermission)
3:07:40 (without)