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Original trilogy deleted scenes restored Project?

This may have been asked somewhere, but since the quality of all the deleted scenes need work, has anyone tried to incorporate these scenes into other projects that are equivalent in quality?

For example, can some of these scenes go into Puggo’s releases, or into the cam versions of the 1977, “not-titled Episode IV” releases? An intentionally made, classic movie-reel version of all these files together may make a better match when blending, especially if you like the 70s or 80s film look.

Either way, I love the work being put into cleaning the scenes up, thank you for your efforts.

Return of the Jedi: Radical Re-Edit (Released)

This edit keeps getting better and better. The sense of urgency that is created for the Rebellion is right on track. The only thing that slows this down is on Endor - when Luke, Han, etc. allow themselves to be captured by Ewoks for no determined reason. This has nothing to do with your editing Daneditor, as this was the original film idea obviously. This never made sense to me - to slow down the Rebellion's biggest offensive by being captured. Han and Luke didn't know that Leia was with the Ewoks, so why waste time to be tied up and hauled away?

The only way around this (that I could think of) is to insert quick dialogue from from another SW movie. Dialogue that says the Ewoks have Leia, giving reason for the group to be captured. Example (paraphrased):

Threepio: I do believe they think I am some sort of god. I could be mistaken...they are using a very primitive dialect.

Han: ...why don't you use your divine influence, and get us out of here?

Insert dialogue from A New Hope (Death Star scene) here:

Artoo beeps rapidly

Threepio:...he says "I found her," and keeps repeating she's here.

Luke: The princess, she's here?

Back to ROTJ dialogue now:

Luke: Han, it will be all right. Chewie, give them your crossbow.

SCENE continues normally, with the group being captured.

I hope I typed all this correctly, so that it makes sense. Not sure if those are the best lines to insert, only an idea to justify being captured. You may think the original idea is fine though. Otherwise, this edit is really headed on the right path. Best fanedit of ROTJ so far, in my opinion.

Return of the Jedi: Radical Re-Edit (Released)

First, thanks for sending me the links. Secondly, I really liked this edit. Though I've seen ROTJ countless times, you actually had me wondering what was going to happen next with the editing. Considering the quality of the fan-made films you worked with, I thought the end result was a really unique and interesting version.

I did have 2 suggestions:

- Jabba's subtitles: Instead of saying "Surprise" or "We fooled you," how about something more mean-spirited? Like, "Well, what a touching reunion. Too bad it's not going to last." Or maybe dialogue suggesting Jabba knew it as Leia all along.

- Boba Fett's demise: When Fett is fired upon, the viewer is seeing it from his point of view, looking up. When Fett is hit, is it possible to see his inner viewscreen crack or go static, then just fade to black? If you leave it at that, the viewer gets the same impression of what happened. But without showing the body, the eternal question could still be there if Fett made it out alive.

All in all, nicely done. I'm in the 501st, do you mind if I give out a few copies of this?

Discussion: What am I up against trying to find a first edition Star Wars paperback?

Hello, everyone. According to this Wookiepedia page, I have a 1st edition paperback. The ISBN number and description all match.


The cover of mine matches the photo in the first post, though mine is not as bright (probably due to its age). It has 220 pages, no pics.

I also have the gold covered paperback shown in post #3. The gold covered paperback I have is labeled 30th printing, August 1983. This copy also has 220 text pages, but also a bunch of pics in the middle of the paperback.

Both copies have an identical "Prologue." The gold cover paperback also has a "movie promo" text page - nothing fancy; just names actors, editors, FX crew, a 20th Century Fox Release, etc. The gold cover paperback also says Del Rey in a couple places, whereas the 1st edition paperback does not.

I haven't read either version since I can remember. But in thumbing threw each version briefly, the text in both paperbacks appears to be the same. This is in looking at the beginning of chapters, paragraph forms, etc.

If you had any specific questions, feel free to ask or PM me. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I don't normally lurk this part o' the forum.