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Evil Dead Trilogy: The Complete Epic (Released)

I highly doubt I’m the first one to ever attempt this, but this is basically all three original Evil Dead films (The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, Army of Darkness) combined into one near-four hour long horror-comedy epic. Changes and edits made are very minimal, but to sum it all up, to avoid continuity problems, the very last shot from the original Evil Dead directly transitions into Ash flying across the woods in Evil Dead II, thus getting rid of the latter film’s opening (which was basically a much shorter remake of the first film because footage from the original couldn’t be re-used due to rights issues), and the portal exploding near the end of that film directly cuts to the Oldsmobile falling in medieval times in Army of Darkness. The Universal logo from Army of Darkness is played before the beginning of the first Evil Dead and a new ending credits sequence plays before the scrolling end-credits from Army of Darkness.

PM me for the link.

Pet Sematary (2019): The Extended Cut (Released)

This was a little something I made months ago. A fanedit of the recent Pet Sematary re-adaptation, reincorporating deleted and extended scenes into the film and replacing the theatrical ending with the much darker alternate ending, to create a much more satisfying experience for people who were disappointed by the movie.

Cuts and Additions (spoilers):

  • Louis talking with Ellie about how nervous they are moving into a new town.
  • Louis giving Ellie a hug as she goes on the bus to school.
  • Louis and Jud having a beer while Jud talks about his wife Norma.
  • An extended scene of Rachel talking to Louis about Zelda’s death and how she felt like a monster for wanting her to die.
  • An extended scene of Jud trying to dissuade Louis from resurrecting Ellie in the pet cemetery.
  • Rachel having a vision of Zelda while she’s at her parents’ home in Boston.
  • Rachel with her parents, demanding they let her hold Gage and saying she’s leaving the first thing the next morning to be with Louis.
  • An extended scene of the resurrected Ellie’s confrontation with Jud.
  • The alternate ending, in which after Louis hesitates to kill Ellie after she’s morphed into a more innocent guise, Ellie convinces Louis to bury and resurrect Rachel in the pet cemetery, Louis gets Gage out of the car, and it then ties back into the very first shots we see in the film, as we see Louis holding a crying Gage while the resurrected Ellie, Rachel, and Church walk up to them.
  • The shorter theatrical versions of the extended scenes are cut out.

PM me for the link.