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DuracellEnergizer said:

I’ll probably watch it sometime for the Tangerine Dream score alone.

The soundtrack is great.

fmalover said:

Crix Solarrunner said:

Last night I finally watched The Sorcerer (1977) after a friend recommended it to me. A very enjoyable, nail biter of a film. If you haven’t seen it yourself I recommend you check it out.



I remember reading that despite a positive response from audiences and critics alike, the movie was box office failure.

Well at the time of its release it was both a critical and commercial flop, but since then it has been re-evaluated and has been hailed as a overlooked masterpiece from the 70s. The director William Friedkin said in the bonus interview on the disc that it was released around the same time as Star Wars, and that film just buried Sorcerer.

I’m glad I was able to see it the old fashioned way, a friend recommending a film, reminds me of the way I used to find new music, someone in the record shop you’re familiar with hands you a album and goes “You might like this, it’s pretty cool”. I went in with no expectations and found a gem.

Prequels or Sequels; Which do you prefer - and why?

Had the prequels not been so reliant on CGI characters and digital sets before the technology was ready, as well had a tighter script I imagine I’d of enjoyed them a lot more. They certainly had a few good moments but ultimately failed. Although I still like them more than the sequels.

(And the Clone Wars animated series is top notch, finally working my way through it now)

Discussion: Little Men, Little Wars - Share Your Star Wars Collection

Today I realised that my entire collection of Star Wars is little more than this box of Blue Rays, at one point I had the original trilogy on VHS, books, graphic novels, posters, SNES games, a few of the original Kenner figures (Vader, R2-D2, Luke, Obi-Wan, Storm Troopers from Hoth and Endor), but over the years and moving from place to place they have all vanished at one point or other.

I’m kinda sad about that 😢

Also, the box is no longer accurate, thanks for nothing Disney! 😆

💡 <strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within 💡

V.I.N.Cent said:

^ That is one superb username!

Why thank you (I used a SW name generator back in the day for this fan comic that never went anywhere)

The Force Unleashed was a lot of addictive fun, I may have to have give that another go soon 😃

I saw that it is part of the big Christmas sale on Steam right now. I’m going to pick it up (and maybe the sequel even though I’ve heard mixed reviews for that one). It’ll tide me over till Fallen Order comes down in price.

💡 <strong>Welcome to the</strong>; Introduce yourself in here + useful info within 💡

Hello, I’m new here. I just found out about the project and I’m very happy that such a place like this exists. I’ve owned SW in one format or the other since the days of VHS, but it wasn’t until I saw a video on YouTube discussing the Despecialized project that I realised I’ve never seen this film in its original form!

I love the original trilogy, kinda enjoy the prequels, think the 3D animated Clone Wars show was great, played the Force Unleashed waaaaay too much, want to try the new Jedi Fallen Order game as it looks fun, and have enjoyed what I’ve seen of the Mandalorian so far.