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Info: 'The Star Wars Archive' - will myspleen accept them? (Released)

My Plans for the Star Wars Archives Discs would be as follows…

Disc 1

Star Wars Features including…
Deleted Magic Documentary
Original Screen Tests
The Birth of the Lightsabre featurette
The Star Wars Holiday Special - Original Version, and Rifftrax commentary
The 50th Academy Awards (full restored broadcast)
Star Wars: The Making of a Myth Documentary

The Empire Strikes Back Features including…
Clapperboard Episode from 1980
Rowman sourced Interviews from 1980
SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back - Original Uncut Edition
Star Wars: Music by John Williams Documentary
A Conversation with the Masters Featurette
The 53rd Academy Awards (full restored broadcast)

Return of the Jedi Features including…
Assorted Classic News Reports from US and Canadian Television
Pre-show from Original US TV Premiere of Star Wars
Late Show Interviews from 1983
Siskel and Ebert Special on Return of the Jedi
Nightline Discussion on Star Wars
The 56th Academy Awards (Full Restored Broadcast with Original Commercials)
The 2 Ewok Telemovies, including Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor

Visual Effects Features, including…
Vintage Featurette on the Making of the Death Star Plans from the Original Star Wars
Extract from Universe on Motion Control
Horizon: How to Film the Impossible, and its American NOVA counterpart, The Magic of Special Effects
Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible
The VFX Features from the Blu-Ray Set

Easter Eggs include, From Star Wars to Star Wars Special and Nostalgia Critic Review of the Holiday Special

Disc 2

Shadows of the Empire Features including…
A Fan Adaptation of the Graphic Novel
The Audiobook of the Novelization
Cutscenes from the PC Version of the Game
Cutscenes and Gameplay footage from the Nintendo 64 Version of the Game
A Longplay of the Nintendo 64 version of the game

Special Edition Features including…
Anatomy of a Dewback featurette
The Laserdisc BTS Featurette
The three individual featurettes from the VHS Releases of the Special Editions
Trailers for the Special Editions
TV Spots
The People vs George Lucas Documentary

Mythology features, including…
Star Wars Tech Documentary
The Mythology of Star Wars Special
Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed Documentary
Animal Icons: Star Wars Creatures

The Legacy features, including…
G4 Icons: Lucasarts
AVGN: Star Wars Games
Interviews with George Lucas from “Faces” VHS
A Comprehensive Collection of Definitive Collection Laserdisc Special Features
THX Logos and contents of THX WOW demo Laserdisc
Plastic Galaxy Documentary
Star Wars (in 30 seconds reenacted by bunnies)
10 things the Original Trilogy did wrong
Heart of an Empire Documentary
The 64th Academy Awards (Full Restored Broadcast)

The Animated Adventures Features, including…
The Complete Droids and Ewoks series, including the Great Heep special
The Omnibus versions of both series

The Audio Archive Features, including…
All three radio adaptations of the original trilogy
The LP retellings of all three films in the original trilogy

Additional discs will follow…

I wonder what any of you people here think of my ideas, and how it could be improved for distribution on MySpleen?

Info: 'The Star Wars Archive' - will myspleen accept them? (Released)

I have made a couple of additional Blu-Ray Disc Isos containing a wide variety of Specials, documentaries and other Star Wars Related paraphernalia on them. I am thinking about putting the disc Isos on MySpleen, but I am a little concerned. Some of the Documentaries include “Plastic Galaxy” and “Elstree 1976”. Given that NJVC placed the Full ISOs of Harmy’s Despecialized Editions, with all the features available on MySpleen, and the fact that the Star Wars Archives Discs are not for Monetary gain, IE: Free, and given that it is a fan-preservation meant to augment NJVC’s Discs, would that cause any problems if they were placed on MySpleen? I really would like to know.


Mod Edit: a quick look on myspleen strongly suggests this project was indeed eventually released there 😃

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

njvc said:

Ok I’m shutting the MEGA accounts down. This whole thing has gotten out of hand.

Thank goodness I downloaded the ISOs earlier. And also, I expanded the set to a 14 Disc super-collection under my own ability for my own personal use. I created five additional discs filled with more than enough special features that are currently not available with the njvc set. These include archival edition discs containing alternate versions of the trilogy, and a two-disc “Star Wars Archive”, containing nearly a hundred hours of bonus features, including four complete Academy Awards Ceremonies (the ones featuring the nominations and wins of the original trilogy, and the 1992 ceremony where George Lucas received his Irving Thalberg Award), the complete animated adventures and Ewok TV Movies from the eighties, the Holiday special, dozens of documentaries and news reports, game footage from Shadows of the Empire, the complete contents of the THX Demo Laserdisc, selected features from the Definitive Collection Laserdisc, the radio broadcasts of the trilogy’s dramatization’s, and easter eggs galore! I even included the original uncut version of SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back, complete with the cut extracts from Disney’s films! Not to mention I was able to compress all the 50GB iso files to fit in 25GB BD-Rs. So I created a great collection, which could have been a great addition to njvc’s set, but thanks to people breaking the system, that will probably never be…

Help: looking for... Subtitles for the 2 'Droids' and 'Ewoks' Animated Adventures

I found the ommibus editions of the Droids and Ewoks series, the ones released under the Star Wars Animated Adventures umbrella. However, the only ones I found are dubbed in Russian. I am wondering, where can I find the subtitles for these ommibus collections, English if possible. I really need help with this, so if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

schullz said:

I’d love to find a way to get these movies without using myspleen since they appear to not be recruiting directly from their website (plus being in college and working I wouldn’t have much time to be a contributing member to said forum) any help with this would be appreciated!

P.S. I only have 25gb BD disks so I’d want all content in 25gb parcels. Thanks in advane to anyone who can help me out!

There’s an easy way to compress the four 50gb discs (the three 50GB Main Movie Discs, and the Return of the Jedi/Star Wars Trilogy Documentary Disc), to 25gb format. All you need to do is process the 50gb disc contents through BD Rebuilder, to slightly less than a 25gb file format, and then convert each disc to an ISO for burning onto a single layer BD-R for playback on any Blu-ray Player. Simple!

Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set (Released)

njvc said:

Hi all, the full set of discs for ROTJ is now available on MEGA.


  1. Return of the Jedi Despecialized (Film only) - 25GB
  2. Return of the Jedi Special Features only - 25GB
  3. Return of the Jedi Despecialized (Film + Special Features) - 50GB


  1. Return of the Jedi Documentaries - 25GB
  2. Star Wars Trilogy Documentaries - 25GB
  3. Return of the Jedi Documentaries & Star Wars Trilogy Documentaries - 50GB

As previously mentioned, I recommend options 3 and 6 if you are able to download and burn 50GB discs. The ROTJ film discs now feature an HD menu video. This is the only change to the initial release.

Please feel free to contact me to obtain this set, or the SW and ESB sets.

I’ll be uploading the Bonus fanedit discs next, and will update when they are available. Thanks for your patience.

How would I be able to obtain the SW, ESB and ROTJ sets? I am really keen on trying to get this set.

Idea & Wanted: Academy Awards on the Warez scene

We’ve already won the battle to put the old Oscar ceremonies on Bit torrent, but there are those who cannot access these gems due to some problem or another. So what I say is, since the more recent Oscar Ceremonies are on the Warez scene, such as Rapidshare and Megaupload, why not the other ceremonies, so torrent downloaders, download them and put them on Rapidshare and Megaupload et al, so that you can get a bigger audience of downloaders!

Idea: Preserving the Oscar ceremonies

I have this idea. When I was on this forum before, I encountered a man named “Tequilla Mockingbird”, who happened to have the Oscar Ceremonies on video from 1987 onward. If people like him, and others who have old Oscar Ceremonies put these landmarks of movie history on to the web in the form of Torrents, or through some other means like the Doctor Who reconstructions, it could be a good hit. So please consider my idea and let me know soon if any of you like it.

Info & Help Wanted: Hey Hey its the final episode - "Hey Hey, It's Saturday"

I am interested in doing a DVD copy of the final episode of the Australian series “Hey Hey, It’s Saturday”. I have the first 140 minutes of the episode, plus the last forty minutes at the end. What I need is the last 100 minutes of the four hour special, which includes the Plucka-Duck and Red Faces segments. So if anyone in Australia has these last 100 minutes on tape or in digital file, could you please answer this forum, your help could aid in the preservation of this landmark in Australian television.

Idea: Oscar Ceremony Preservations...

Remember when I put up a topic for the preservation of Academy Awards ceremonies? Well what about if the ceremonies were given a similar treatment as the Doctor Who Recreations? People could put the tapes with Oscar ceremonies up, and they could have them copied around the world, for the different regions so that people can easily get them for free, provided they provide the necessary tapes to record them on. It could be a good idea.

Idea: Titanic - with a John Williams Score mix...
Many of you may think it is crazy, but look at it this way. James Cameron wanted to get John Williams to compose Titanic, and James Horner was selected because Williams was too busy working with Spielberg. So what I am saying is that this could be a look, or a reconstruction of what might have been, had Williams had been free to do the score for the movie. Don't believe me? Read "Titanic and the making of James Cameron", and you'll see what I mean.
Idea: Titanic - with a John Williams Score mix...

I have an interesting idea. How about taking the bulk of John Williams’ scores, for films like the Star Wars saga and other things like that, and synch them up to Titanic. I have already figured out with careful editing, you can put the Duel of the Heroes cue from Episode III to the scene where Titanic is sinking, and Across the Stars could make the perfect theme towards Jack and Rose’s romance.

Idea: The International Television Archive...

How about this as a good idea? You know how people have tapes from the seventies right to the nineties with films, containing commercials, old news broadcasts and even old shows and network IDs? How about if people set up bit torrent networks and transfer these lost icons (the ads, news broadcasts and ids) onto DVD format so that people could watch them and feel the nostalgia of a lost time. It could be a good idea if put into motion. A fan based archive for free access to the past. Protecting TV’s past for our future enjoyment. Then we will have peace.

Idea: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Special DVD edition
Maybe if somebody has access to the Special edition DVD of Nausicaa, like the one found at the bottom webpage...
Maybe the resources like its storyboards and audio commentary can be used. Also does anyone know where the Warriors of the Wind Trailer can be found?