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Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

Hi everyone. First, I would like to sincerely apologize for falling off the face of the planet for the better part of this year. I hope you didn’t think I had absconded never to return, but I would understand the sentiment.

Second, I’d like to apologize again, because one apology is not enough. Seriously, I am so sorry to have disappeared. Life got a little crazy and this sort of thing had to take a bit of a back seat for a while.

Third, I’d like to share my plans for finishing this project. I have about a week, between December 26 and January 2, during which I’ll be off work. My plan is to commit these days entirely to this project, getting as much done as possible during that time and, hopefully, completing a 1.0 version. Unless there are errors that need fixing, this will hopefully be the final release. So, stay tuned, good things are ahead at the end of the year.

And again, I apologize about all the delay.

The Incredibles 2 - Theatrical Recreation v2.0

Having seen the theatrical version, I can say that your recreation is extremely close to what I remember. I am psyched for this. The original press release for the home video versions implied that the 4K releases would retain the theatrical presentation, and I was bummed when that turned out not to be the case. Thanks so much for making this!

Edit: I see the 1080p encode is coming soon - any ETA?

Goldeneye 35mm Scan and Preservation

StanTheStrongArm said:

This is pretty dang cool, man! But I have to ask, if this is only a preview, how much better can the final scan look? Could you give us an idea of what it’ll be like?

This is my first ever time doing anything like this, so I’m not sure exactly what level of quality I’ll be able to achieve. I’ll have a better idea soon, once I’ve made some substantial progress.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

DarthAnalyst said:

By happy accident, I was in the process of re-converting my Star Wars blu-rays and the theatrical ‘bonus’ discs for my son’s tablet and I ran across the ‘Despecialized’ movie posters online. Curiosity piqued, I ended up here.

I’ll sheepishly admit to a small amount of internal whining, grumbling, and wondering if the ‘extra’ steps required for downloading and opening was going to be worth it. Holy crap!

The quality of these versions is absolutely astonishing! I can’t imagine all of the time and energy (and love) that went into creating these.

THANK-YOU Harmy & everyone else who contributed to this effort!

Glad you went through the effort to get them, they are definitely worth it. I love Despecialized (and many of the other projects around here, too).

Beauty and the Beast 35mm "Help Needed"

DavidMDaut said:

Flubly said:

Would love to, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen Disney animation classics in any of the theaters around that do those type of screenings. I’ve seen some older Disney live action around, but not animation. I’m definitely keeping my eyes open.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a little more than five years, and outside of screenings at the Disney owned El Capitan in Hollywood (which are all DCPs based on Blu-ray transfers), Disney animation never shows up in repertory screenings. I’ve seen plenty of Disney live action stuff – even heavy hitters like the first Pirates of the Caribbean and Mary Poppins – on 35, but I suspect Disney keeps a pretty tight lid on their animated classics. It’s enormously frustrating.

Man, I would love to live so close to the New Bev :’(

[Released] James Bond The Living Daylights 35mm

singhcr said:

Colson said:

Hypothetically, if I were to buy the Goldeneye print, how should I store it?

The best way is to freeze it using the CMI packaging method. NASA freezes their Apollo footage, for example, but they have precise humidity controlled cold archive chambers that are unattainable for most archives let alone every day folk like you and me. But the CMI method allows you to use household freezers and commonly available supplies to safely freeze and preserve film.

I have a 16mm Disney archive and preserve my prints this way. Colder is better to prevent color fade for all prints and backing degradation for acetate or nitrate prints, but unlike undeveloped film that isn’t sensitive to relative humidity, developed film sure is. 20-40% RH is the range, 20% being ideal. You basically bag the print with two pieces of dried mat board, and bag it again and throw it in the freezer along with a relative humidity indicator card.

If you don’t have a freezer that large, you could use a fridge. Failing that, the next best thing to do is keep them cool and dry. Use vented film cans like these ( or drill holes in the cans you have. Modern prints like Goldeneye are almost certainly mylar/polyester backing and don’t suffer from vinegar syndrome or catch on fire like nitrate, but high temp/humidity will accelerate color fading regardless.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more.

Thanks! Luckily, I haven’t had to worry about this, as the print is now in excellent hands and will be taken good care of 😃