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Dumb and Dumber Fan-edit (Released)

Good News Everyone!!

I am back, I apologize for the extended absence! Damn RL for getting in the way! LOL

I am in the process of uploading Dumb and Dumber, (in addition to a few others if interested) to a newly-created account, I’ll most likely make access password protected, just to be awesome like that! If interested PM (or is it DM now? Damn Mandela Effect :p) for the link!

Wishing you all a good day, and good mental health!

Super Mario / Captain N / Zelda TV series preservations (a WIP)

Greetings everyone…

So, a few days turned into a few years LOL! If there’s still interest in this project I can find a way to transfer the captain N episodes online…most of the videos are in flv format, but the audio quality is really good, and as I said, the original audio is intact, as is the ‘original’ version of ‘How’s Bayou’, and the more well-known 2nd version. As well as 3 versions of the clip-show episode.

As far as I know, Season 2 was left intact

Info & Help: looking for... Back to the Future - Alternate line dub

Sorry for all the posts guys, but as I was listing my rare movies collection, I was reminded of the first time I watched the first ‘Back to the Future’ movie on TNT sometime around 1995 and how it used an alternate dub/take of Doc saying 'Marty, you made it!" during the mall parking lot meeting. I remember Doc sounding a bit more ‘enthusiastic’ whereas in the DVD/future airings he sounds much more ‘subdued’ I know it’s just a small clip, but if anyone has a copy of an early TV airing, it might make for a cool novelty comparison video for enthusiasts like myself! 😄

Info: Some rare movies I have...

Hello everyone!

I was going through my collection of movie rips and stumbled upon a bunch that I had ripped years ago that may be considered rare, and was wondering if they’d be deemed worthy of a spot in the preservation library…

I should note though, that most are sourced from VHS tapes recorded in 1997-2000 and unfortunately had to spend a few years in an un-airconditioned attic, I was floored that they were able to be salvaged but the quality understandably has suffered.

** The Lost World: Jurassic Park - Original Fox 1999 airing with deleted scenes added
** 1995/6 Airings of Airplane and Airplane II with deleted scenes added
** 1999 Airings of The Naked Gun films with deleted scenes added (33 1/3 includes exclusive bloopers over credits)
** 1999 TBS Showing of Angus with deleted scenes
** Comedy Central showing of Coneheads with deleted scenes
** Ernest Saves Christmas with Deleted scenes

** clip of deleted scene from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
** Jaws E! True Hollywood Story
** Gilligan’s Island E! True Hollywood story

"Jaws" - Laserdisc/TV/Documentary Preservation (* unfinished project *)

Greetings everyone!

I just stumbled upon this post after watching a making of ET documentary ripped from the laserdisc via youtube, and I was reminded of reading that the laserdisc of Jaws contains some exclusive materials that have yet to be included on the DVD/Blue-Ray releases, this project appears to be the answer to my prayers as I’d love to finally see what I’ve been missing out on…plus who could resist more Jaws!

Any status updates?

If you’re ever planning on doing another edition/still currently working on this project I have some things you might be interested in including (then again, you might not)

** TNT 1995 Airing of Jaws (Uncut and unsensored, and featuring interviews with some cast/crew as well as experts and shark attack survivors)

** ABC 2000 Airing of Jaws (Basically identical to the '80s ABC airing, but featuring interviews with Spielberg, the much-hated altered audio track, and a few deleted scenes left out)

** Jaws E! True Hollywood Story

Idea: Darkly Dawns the Duck - Original Broadcast Version - a preservation?

I have a slight update related to this post, I found a torrent on a Russian site that contained a VHS-rip of "Darkly Dawns the Duck", however the file has both English and Russian audio and I can't seem to figure out how to separate them.

If no one has already ripped the VHS then this might be a good starting point, if anyone's interested PM me and I can find a way to send the file your way!

I also found a copy of Plunder & Lighting uncut as one file, not divided into parts if anyone would like that as well!

Would anyone out there have the original broadcast versions of DuckTales: Treasure of the Golden Suns and/or Rescue Rangers to the Rescue?