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Dumb and Dumber Fan-edit (Released)

Good news Everyone!

I was able to accomplish my goal! What I did was encode all the files into an ISO file, then rip/convert using VirtualDub and Kramer pop I was able to splice it together! It’s not perfect, but given the limited resources I had to work with, I’m happy with the results. If anyone’s interested I can put it up on utorrent. I think it makes a nifty alternative to those who don’t care for the unrated version, and enjoy the novelty of seeing scenes that are very rare, and don’t really affect the narrative.

I also did a similar project with the TV movie ‘Castaways on Gilligan’s Island’. All torrents I found omit a scene I forgot about until I came across the clip on youtube, and was able to successfully splice it back into the movie.

JAWS 2 - Extended Integral Edition (Released)

What are the scenes exclusive to the Brazil version?

Jaws 2 was the first movie to introduce me to ‘TV edits’. When I bought the VHS, I was disappointed at the scenes that were ‘missing’. Great character scenes. For not wanting to do the movie, Roy Scheider gave a great performance. I just wish they went a little deeper with Brody’s PTSD and paranoia

Dumb and Dumber Fan-edit (Released)

Greetings everyone!

I’m currently working on some custom edits of a few movies and have run into a few snags, and was hoping to get some tips.

I’m working on a semi-fan edit of Dumb and Dumber; I didn’t care much for the unrated edition and stupidly got rid of my original DVD upon buying said new version, luckily I was able to find a torrent of the theatrical version 😃

Now, here’s my plan; I found some clips on youtube of some short scenes not available on most releases;

  • Lloyd returning with change to find the little old lady has vanished and stole his wallet and beer (only available on Australian R4 DVD)

  • Lloyd almost getting hit buy a car while walking into the convenience store (apparently aired on TBS, but never remember seeing it. Replaces scene of Lloyd leaving store swinging restroom key around)

I’d like to try and add these scenes into the original cut to create a quasi special edition. I have all the ‘pieces’ of the movie in place thanks to VirtualDub, but unfortunately the frame rates don’t match up when trying to combine them, and changing the fps rates causes sync errors with the audio. Any advice?