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Criterion-like box set for njvc's custom blu-ray set

yllyxzmz said:

stealthboy said:

Wow, those look fanstastic wombat_94! Glad my source files helped. You really executed well on that. Excellent idea on adding the star field to the slipcase!

I’m totally stealing that USB “stolen data tapes” idea 😃.

Ok first of all, fantastic work stealthboy and wombat_94. I’ve been fiddling around with making these myself for several weeks. I’m to the point of building the box, and I used 3x17mm criterion cases and 1x14mm case, because I had to go with the 25GB versions, partially because the download links for 50GB didn’t seem to be working, but also because I think 3 discs per set looks awesome, and also because I went with glossy printable blu-ray discs which look AMAZING, and I could only find them in 25GB.

Anyway, I’m having an issue printing out the box cover, because the spine seems too narrow. Stealthboy, I’m thinking maybe you shared the 4x14mm version, which I think is for the 50GB disc version? Or maybe there are 3 disc 14mm criterion cases that I haven’t been able to find, and that’s why my box set it too wide. Or maybe there was another version of the box images that you didn’t upload to the Google Drive share?

Wombat_94, I really like your starry field version as well (or if anyone can provide those images who got them from him at some point), and it seems clear that you and I are using the same box and case dimensions, so I’m thinking things will fit right. I don’t even need source files, I think the final images would work fine.

Anyway, I’m this close and I’m getting pretty excited, just trying to work out making the boxes right now.

I’ve been trying to put together my own box set using this art, but am getting confused about the case covers. Stealthboy says he used the 3 disc Criterion cases, but also seems to say that the sizing is all for 14mm instead of 17mm. Were you able to use his case covers for the 17mm cases, or did you need to resize them somehow? Just want to double-check before I go to a print shop!