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Star Wars prequels on VHS: Original theatrical versions

I recently encountered an old VHS tape of Star Wars: Episode 1 on a yard sale. The tape is in great condition, and it has to be the original theatrical version because there is no “air taxi” sequence, as well as large parts of the second lap from the pod-racing sequence have been cut out.

Maybe the VHS versions of Episodes II and III are also the original theatrical versions instead of the DVD cuts. Can anyone confirm this? I would love to start a “spot the differences” game and find some alterations Lucas made to the prequels that people didn’t notice before.

The Last Jedi: The De-Feminized Fanedit

First of all, that was a background character with zero dialogue (if we ignore her singing Jedi Rocks). Second of all, I’m not even sure she’s human.

Coming back to the comment of hair-dyeing, I’m annoyed by the fact Disney has introduced main characters with weird hair colors, while Lucas never did that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m open to new stuff in Star Wars: new spaceships, new planets, new lightsabers, etc. I’m perfectly fine with that. But outstanding hair colors feel so out of place in Star Wars, that stuff should belong in anime.

I think my distaste of anime hair in TLJ is no different than the fan reaction to the toilet humour in TPM. On both occasions we got something that didn’t feel like Star Wars at all, and fans were pissed off.

Star Wars The Last Jedi: The Sacrifice edit

Okay, maybe “gender-equalized” isn’t the best name. But i wanted a title that included the fact I cut out so much of Leia and admiral purple-hair, while not stooping to the level of “Defeminized”, because unlike the other faneditor I did not touch on Rey almost at all, nor did I make edits that cut out women doing stuff like the Defeminized edit does. I’m definitely open to renaming, but I don’t know what name would satisfy both the MRA’s and the SJW’s.

Also, nobody has PM’d me to ask a link yet. Is the title so bad that nobody wants to see it?

The Last Jedi: The De-Feminized Fanedit

The purple hair is a blatant ignoring of the rules of the Star Wars universe that Lucas has carefully crafted over the course of 35 years.

Think about it. Lucas threw all sorts of weird stuff at us, including spherical space stations, green aliens with horns, 10ft tall slugs, 1000 degree swords and dozens of alien planets, but he never, EVER shoved humans with weird hair colors down our throats.

The Last Jedi payed homage to so many parts of Lucas’ original work, but they completely ruined it by having this one character with a very outstanding characteristic in marked contrast with everything else the series ever had up until then. That was for me the primary reason this character had to go completely. It had nothing to do with her gender, or the fact she didn’t tell Poe the plan (although that was pretty stupid). If she hadn’t had purple hair, I probably would have allowed her to stay in the film with her lightspeed suicide.

Star Wars The Last Jedi: The Sacrifice edit

This edit was originally created as an HD 2.0 version of the infamous Defeminized edit, but it grew to be much more than that. Several ideas of the Defeminized edit were ignored, while only a few basic elements were carried over. It boils down to:

  • Kylo Ren kills Leia when he blows up the bridge of the Raddus.
  • Holdo is nowhere to be seen, and Poe does the lightspeed suicide.
  • Finn doesn’t almost sacrifice himself.

That’s basically it. I did not go with cutting away several women just for having less “girlz powah”, or cutting so much of Rey to the point Luke has almost no arc.

Version 0.2 is out now, exactly 2 hours long. Thanks to deleted scenes and scrapping some ideas, the Defeminized edit is nothing compared to this.


  • Added deleted scene of Poe in the Raddus, deciding to buy time for the evacuation.
  • Cut all dialogue between Poe & Leia so that Poe is not defying orders.
  • Removed Paige, she was mostly irrelevant anyway. We see commander Canady ordering to destroy the last bomber, almost immediately before the bombs drop.
  • Several other small cuts during the space battle.
  • Cut Luke’s X-Wing.
  • Replaced Luke’s daytime sequence with deleted scenes “Luke has a moment” and “not much of a sewer” back-to-back.
  • Removed Poe’s slap and demotion. After the “not much of a sewer” deleted scene, we cut to Rey discovering the Jedi texts.
  • Edited the Kylo & Leia scene. Kylo fires the torpedos on the Raddus with determination.
  • Leia is killed in the torpedo attack. After seeing her dead body floating in space, we cut to Poe mourning her death.
  • Removed Leia being carried to the medical center, but kept Finn finding Rey’s beacon.
  • Edited scene of commander D’Acy to have her announce that Leia & Ackbar are dead.
  • Added deleted scene “It’s kind of weird that you recorded that” right before Finn deserts to an escape pod.
  • Edited Finn & Rose discussing the plan with Poe. Leia is not seen, and it cuts to Rey after Finn says “Poe, we have to do this”.
  • After Rey’s meditation lesson with Luke, cut to Finn & Rose in DJ’s ship.
  • After Rey & Kylo’s second Force connection, we skip to Rey’s lightsaber practice.
  • Added deleted scene “the caretakers village”.
  • Moved officer Connix telling the fuel status, to after Poe’s scene watching the medical frigate being destroyed. Connix appears to be telling this to D’Acy.
  • When the last support ship is destroyed, Poe asks Finn where he is.
  • Removed Poe’s mutiny. Because there’s no admiral purple-hair, he can arrive on the bridge without trouble.
  • Poe and C-3PO are alone on the bridge when Finn & Rose are caught. Threepio leaves the bridge to one of the transports.
  • Poe does the lightspeed suicide (he dies).
  • Added Phasma saying “Disobedient, Disrespectful, traitor!” I wanted to use the whole deleted scene, but it was clearly unfinished and would clash with the original cut.
  • Added Wilhelm Scream to a trooper getting blasted by BB8’s AT-ST.
  • Cut out all Poe & Leia footage on Crait & the Falcon. When we hear Poe giving important commands, I plan to replace with my own voice, or maybe a woman’s.
  • Finn doesn’t almost kill himself. He breaks off the attack like the others, and the door gets blasted.
  • Removed Luke & Leia scene. Projection Luke just greets Threepio and goes to Kylo.
  • Luke survives his Force projection trick. We see him looking at Ahch-To twin suns when we fade to credits.

Version 0.2 is available in 720p streaming-compatible mp4. Watch online or download in minutes. Feedback will be highly appreciated.

The audio may be jumpy between cuts. I have the Blu-Ray with its multiple audio layers, but I want to have the visual part of it fully done before I fix the audio.

The Last Jedi: The De-Feminized Fanedit

Believe it or not, but I’m actually planning to re-do this edit in HD now that the Blu-Ray is out. I already made a rough draft of it, and with all the extra footage from deleted scenes, and original ideas I’ll drop in this edit, I ended up with a rough draft of 116 minutes instead of 46.

The goal of my edit is to preserve some ideas of the original creator like Leia being killed, no admiral purple-hair and Poe doing the lightspeed suicide, but no cutting Rey’s training and no Luke being blasted by a single AT-M6 (seriously;, what on earth was he thinking? I get he didn’t like Luke doing a Force projection, but this was supposed to be a good alternative?)

Once I have the Blu-Ray, I can start making the final cut.

Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

Possessed said:

poita said:

I still haven’t seen AOTC, I really should try to watch it.

I would watch a fanedit. If you’ve truly never seen the theatrical you might be able to actually enjoy it, but you are pretty much guaranteed to not like the theatrical.

I was considering the exact same thing when I went for my very first viewing of The Phantom Menace, but in the end I did go with the official Blu-Ray version (not DVD because puppet Yoda in TPM sucked). This allowed me to get my opinion on the real thing before heading to a fanedit.

Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

I have made a comparison of the DVD version with what I made. In some occasions I saw that the DVD version had more blue, so not the most realistic colors.
My intention of this color correction was to create the most realistic colors for each scene. I made multiple LUT files and looked scene-by-scene what I thought was the most realistic.
If it’s necessary, I can reprocess the video’s with 23.976 frames/second.

Attack of the Clones: Color Correction of the Blu-Ray

Hello guys,

I found this article about changes in re-releases of the prequels:

It stated that the Blu-Ray version of AOTC has some weird color grading. I decide to use DrDre’s tool from to fix it.

The following changes have been made to the colors:

  • The Jedi meeting in Palpatine’s office has been made more blue.
  • An orange hue has been added to the meeting with Obi-Wan, Anakin & Padmé to add to the effect of the sunset.
  • A pink glow present in the entire chase sequence has been removed.
  • I added a slight yellow touch to the Jedi Council meeting for better skin tones, especially for Yoda & Windu.
  • The same yellow touch has been applied to Palpatine’s conversation with Anakin.
  • A purple hue in the conversation between Obi-Wan & Windu in the hallway of the Jedi temple has been removed.
  • The scene of Padmé packing her things in her apartment has been made a bit more green.
  • The Archives have been made more blue to be consistent with how we see them in Revenge of the Sith.
  • Skin tones have been improved in the refugee spaceship with Anakin & Padmé.
  • Added a bit of green to the younglings scene without altering the lightsabers.
  • Removed pink from the arrival of Naboo scene. The result is much more orange, which suits the bright sun of Naboo.
  • The colors in the conversation between Padmé and the Queen have been slightly tweaked.
  • All scenes on Kamino, Naboo & Tatooine have been made more orange, as well as the Geonosis scenes up until the arena battle.
  • Orange has been removed from all scenes starting with the arena battle.
  • The same orange hue has been added to the Naboo wedding.

A 15-minute video showing the changes can be found at

The only used video source is: STAR WARS Episosde II Attack of the Clones Official Blu-Ray 2011
Format: MP4
Available in HD 1080p and SD 360p, H264 29.97 fps
HD File: 2.62 GB, 2.5 Mbps
SD File size: 945 MB, 800 kbps


NEW WHAT IF: What if Luke decided to not leave his father on the Death Star II and died in the explosion?

Just finished re-arranging the shots, later I’ll add some sad music and create fitting audio for the whole thing.

WIP Visuals:

Maybe I’ll have to cut down some dialogue to make the thing more fitting, or further arrange the shots. Everything can still easily be edited. What do you think?