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Batman (1989) 4K Teal Tint and SFX revision


it seems we can get many options to replace the new atmos mix but it’s getting difficult to know what differents original mix there really is…

olds mix with original effects so far:

2.0 from LD (considered to be the best one)
5.1 Dolby digital from 1997 dvd (should be the same as the LD,but encode in 5.1 and lossy)
5.1 Dts track from 2005 SE dvd (new mix or the same than the 1997 dolby???)
5.1 Dolby digital from 2005 SE dvd
5.1 Dolby True Hd from 2009 Bluray
2.0 from Itunes (before they replace it with the new atmos one)

so how can we tell them apart?

as for the color grading, i can’t tell for the 4k, but on the remastered Blu ray, there is way too much teal…
Maybe is it possible to make a regrade?