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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **

joefavs said:

This is the first time in my 28 years that I’ve even seen it suggested that Luke could’ve been doing anything other than choking the guards. I had no idea there was any disagreement at all about that.

Yeah this is the fascinating aspect of interpretation. I never once questioned this as a kid, but I’m glad we can still be reevaluating ROTJ after all this time.

I’m sure the guard on the left actually reaches for his throat, so it seemed obvious to me back then.

But as I got older it seemed more likely it could just be the guards reaction to a force impulse to ‘back off’, or a perceived pressure to back up.
I don’t believe Luke would choke someone for no reason, not sure why I was so quick or happy to accept that he did in '83.

The Sequel Trilogy we wanted...

Difficult topic to discuss really, as our opinions are subjective. I know a good deal of people who are Star Wars fans, and none of us agree with each other on topics like this.

But in general I sympathies with the idea and often lament that the sequel trilogy didn’t appear 20 years ago. Also I don’t know anyone who doesn’t imagine what might have been in such a scenario, I thought everyone did it.

Shadows of the Empire could have been made a film in 95/96. Loved Zahn’s survivor’s quest, hand of thrawn and outbound flight.

For the record, loved Rouge One, can’t stand the PT (would watch the two Ewok movies over these), don’t care for the current ST (i.e not what I personally imagined or wanted), and loved Alien 3, (director’s cut over the cinema release).

Basically, there’s no accounting for taste!

Eleven Reasons why ESB is The Suxxor

That business with Dack always botherd me as a kid, I mean he could have been unconcious, and my hero Luke doesn't even make any effort to help him. I was a bit let down.

I was let down too by BobaFett outwitting Han by flying in his blind spot. My child mind dealt with this trauma by assuming he was using some sort of cloaking device.

I was confused also by Vader one minute being on cloud city then on board his stardestroyer the next. I never could work it out ...... unless it has something to do with his mention of bringing his shuttle.



Twelve Reasons "Star Wars" (aka ANH) Suckz


1) We're looking for stolen plans that aren't a life form, but we're not going to bother with the tractor beam on this escape pod because it has "no life signs" duh...I hope Vader force choked some sense back into them.

2)Lukes underwater running out of air right at Han's feet, but all he does is splash around like he's at the swiming pool! I mean there's only like 15 inches of water!

3)The Death Star has too many chasms, they're everywhere, near walkways, landing bays, right behind workstations, even tractor beam terminals are placed out in them. For heavens sake why?, are they trying to save the cost of copper wiring and railings?

4)A single hole thats god knows how many miles long straight into the central reactor? Could they not have had a branching network of exhaust tubes? That's not a design flaw it's force choking incompetence.

5)So its's a really really important mission, firing a proton torpedo down the afore mentioned hole. Why in gods name does no-one think to fly behind and attempt to shoot any tie fighters that are attempting the same to the those engaged in said vital mission.  Hundereds of lives at stake and all.

On a slight tangent, I never had a problem with parsecs as some seem to.  I always assumed Han meant that he took a shorter route that was open to him due to having a more powerfull hyperdrive, or some such.



Are The Star Wars Movies Your Favourite Movies?

Starwars doesn't usually go on any list as it's a given, so will always be No.1


My favourite films tend to be those that made the biggest impact on me at the time, and no more modern films can ever achieve this impact again.


But for what its worth these films held me in awe when I first watched them, and still do today, in no particular order of preference, mostly sci-fi :)





The Thing '82

Invasion of the body snatchers '79



Day the Earth Stood Still '51


Alien3 Directors Cut

Silence of the Lambs

Raiders of the lost Ark


Dirty Harry




Help: looking for... 'Army of Darkness' and other Various Cuts

I did have the Moviedrome showing from the late 80's on BBC2 which was the T.V cut of RepoMan. Introduced and afterword by Alex Cox himself. This was my first viewing of this classic but sadly I cannot locate it and am fairly sure it was recorded over once I got the official VHS. I'm still looking though! So if anyone has this screening would be interested in a copy.

.: LeeThorogood's PAL LaserDisc Preservation Project :. - '97 SE Finished '95 THX Finished - '97 SE Uploaded '95 THX Uploaded to the newsgroup

Cheers for the superfast responce Lee, though I sorted it. Archive test reports all is ok, just waiting now for my DL disks to arrive in post used the last one on Empire.

I was never too big on the SE but these are so much better than my wide screen VHS versions that I have found a new fondness of the '97 SE. It brings back the happy memory of seeing the trilogy on the big screen again 13 years ago.  Man where did that time go!



.: LeeThorogood's PAL LaserDisc Preservation Project :. - '97 SE Finished '95 THX Finished - '97 SE Uploaded '95 THX Uploaded to the newsgroup

Awesome preservation thanks indeed to Lee.

I grabbed SW and ESB, watched them yesterday, but having trouble with Jedi.

For some reason rar part 5 is missing, is it just me ? So i can't unzip it as yet.


Edit:nevermind found it now it just showed up for some reason

Cheers again to Lee


The Special Edition wasn't needed.

Changing Obi-wans line to Anakin would of course just be a matter of personal preference, without the PT i'd agree with you but in the context of the whole saga, from the viewers perspective, a lot of the OT doesn't make sense.

Vaders reveal in ESB will sadly be a surprise i think to very few individuals ever again.

Obi-wan's subtle reveal hints to the audience what we already know and what he wasn't ready to tell Luke. His current dialogue makes less sense if viewing 1-6 in order (perhaps he forgot his name he seems to have forgotten R2 and threepio!), but whether better or worse hardly disastrous.

The Special Edition wasn't needed.

I wouldn't say the SE wasn't needed, just most of what was given to us wasn't.

We could do without the CGI (sorry Ady but not a big fan of your new f/x in revisited either, love all the other changes though), but enhancing what's already there a la hoth battle is fine.

I love the original Yavin battle as it reminds me of everything I love about starwars, the impact it had on a 6 year old at the time is obliterated by frankly common and nothing special cgi.  The superb model work done by those guys is part of what made it great and gives the films technology its gritty used look.

The only things in ANH that ever botherd me from its home video release in the 80's were,

Vaders white sabre after his battle with Obi-wan,

R5 being back at the crawler after he leaves,(actually did the SE even change that? seen so many versions now)

The line "close the blast doors" missing,

A something I would personally like to see changed is Obi-wan calling Anakin Darth during their final battle.  I think it deserves a more personnal acknowledgement between them, "You can't win Anakin" re-affirms his previous loss and lava ordeal, along with "Only a master of evil Anakin" would fit eerily well after the child killing scenes in ROTS (along with all the other evil stuff he's probably been up to since then).






Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Unholy Edition (Released)

Hi all any chance of some advice with rapidshare?

 I've downloaded all parts except numbers 2 an 16 which will just not work.  I always get the "you're IP address is already downloading a file" error. I can still download any other files ok.

I even tried it at my brothers house who has a different service provider and IP (obviously).

Any chance of putting these two files on another site? Or are the links just broken?

Thanks to anyone in advance.

Info: Does Anyone Have The Old Original Theater Bootleg '77 Tape? (Released)
Hello everyone,

Is there any chance a kind hearted soul would send me a copy of this '77 theater bootleg DVD?
I can't find it on any torrent sites etc.

I'm sure I don't need to say how much i'd like to add this little gem to my collection! We all feel the same way afterall.

It must be regarded as a sort of holy grail in starwars bootleg video, having heard about it on and off over the last 20 years.

I'm in the UK and will happily reimburse anyone for the time and materials who can send me a copy.
PM or email me please and thanks in advance.
All the best, chris.