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Reconstructing the Sequel Trilogy

Anakin Starkiller said:

The First Order and the Resistance work just fine if you change one small detail: they’re both funded by the Republic. Now it becomes a proxy war between two rival parties within the system. Snoke could be some rich senator.

Isn’t that exactly what it is according to canon like the Bloodlines novel?
Leia and former rebels are members of a party called the Populists and ex-imperials and loyalists are organizing in a party called the Centrists, though both parties include people of all origins.
A large portion of the galaxy opts to be independent and not part of the Republic due to the chaos of the past decades.
Centrist senators help funding the First Order while Leia at some point leaves the political scene to organize her own Antifa with the money of her Populist senator contacts.


I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Snoke gets retconned into having been a New Republic politician acting openly within the system at least for a short time. Barely anything about him was defined enough in the movies, nor in books and comics to explicitly rule out that option.
It would actually explain his first appearance timeline-wise in the Kylo Ren 4 part comic series where he isn’t portrayed as obviously evil as elsewhere. Or that Han and Leia know his name in Episode 7 when otherwise it seems like Snoke only ever talked with Kylo and just maybe with Luke who both disappeared from Han and Leias lives without a notice.
Snoke should really be a kind of public figure at least from the point onward that the galaxy is introduced to the First Order. Especially since the First Order is so hierarchy focused, you can’t really have that with a permanently secret supreme leader, though the same comic has Kylo unaware of Snoke being a supreme leader and the First Order entirely, the story set 4 years before Episode 7.

But all that is not really important since even less people actually care about non-movie stories now, in public and within Lucasfilm.

Also reminds me of Snokes and Hux’s backwards reasoning that the New Republic should be starkilled because otherwise they could help Luke rejuvenate the Jedi Order, when Luke and the Jedi should be protectors of the republic. The writing process for the trilogy was stunted from the beginning because the writers wanted the audience to understand everything by using terms the audience understands immediately when that was never how Star Wars worked (You fought in the Clone Wars?). This is downright schizophrenic when at the same time they introduce new elements like the three major factions with merely one sentence each in the title crawl but leave out all details that would help to understand the real, more complex situation.
The issue with the prequels wasn’t the political background but rather how it was presented which frankly is incomprehensible without knowing AND understanding the backstory details before even watching the movie. So they swung too far in the other direction by making the story so simple that each characters actions don’t make sense within the confines of their own reality.

Custom Crawl Creator: Revisited v3.0 [UPDATED] 3/4/21

My crawl doesn’t fade out enough and I don’t understand the paragraph about what to do in such cases from the instructions.HTML.

Can’t you just elongate the clip that is to be created by a few frames/seconds and program the text block to move along a bit further? I can’t find the animation of the crawl text.

Isolating sounds and/or dialogue and editing the opening crawl

I am working on a re-scoring of Episode 8 and want to remove the original music from some dialogue scenes or at least mute specific sound spikes so I can insert different music without it being too noticeable. Youtube Tutorials involving Audacity didn’t help me at all with this.
I also have problems with many scenes involving sound effects like Rey v.s. Luke in the rain and Kylo v.s. Luke. My feeling tells me that there is no way to isolate the sounds decently so I would also be grateful for a library of sound effects for lightsabers, punch/beat sounds and Kylos lightsaber, as I can’t find enough sounds to work well with.

My second problem is the crawl text as I want to change the title of the film and keep the rest of the crawl the same. I would hope this to be one of the easiest issues to solve.
The same way I would like to be able to edit the credits and seamlessly insert a couple lines of my own in the same font and all, though it is obviously far less important than the sound work.

I really want to improve my skills and finish this edit to a professional standard or as close as possible. Any help is welcome and much appreciated. Something like a tutor with whom to chat with about issues as they arise and maybe help out when I am utterly stuck would be a dream come true.