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Westworld TV-to-movie ideas

I started watching Westworld back a few days and I started a fanedit idea, the thing is, its probably going to be 5h long. To avoid that, I’ve wondering if I do a Dolores based only edits, or center the story around the park and cut some screen time for the hosts. I want to make a movie that clocks around 150 to 200 minutes maximum. I’m eager to hear your guys ideas on it

The Mandalorian Episode 2: Search for the Jedi (WIP)

smudger9 said:

So disappointingly chapter 15 was pure filler. Some great individual moments like seeing inside Slave 1, seeing Din remove his helmet and the seismic charges. However, it’s 100% side quest.

However, it can be easily cut. I’ve moved the Gideon/Child scene forward slightly so that it occurs whilst Din and Boba are heading for Nevarro. Then I have the Din/Cara conversation which cuts to the Din holo transmission to Gideon - the implication being that Cara manages to get Gideon’s co-ordinates off screen.

Here’s hoping for a long final episode otherwise I’m going to be stuck in the horrible position of season 2 being too long for 1 film, but too short for 2 😦.

To be honest, Episode 2 could potentially be around 160-170min, a lot would be cut from episode 15, and still work as a 3-act movie. It doesn’t have to be necessarily 150min flat in my opinion 😃

Idea: for a fan edit of 'Avengers: Infinity War'...

benduwan said:

why you don´t combinate infinity and endgame in one movie and call it “the infinity endwar” or so?

I’m actually just waiting the Blu-ray to come out, I’m willing to make Avengers: Annihilation (or any other title), in a 5 and half hour experience (if possible, include deleted scenes, if they release it), so I will have Infinity War, Endgame and this edit on my collection. I’m still planning some things, such as include Ant-Man and the Wasp mid-credit scene on the Decimation scene and eliminate the Pager scene to have Captain Marvel as surprise. But I’m thinking things through.