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Friends: The Complete Edition - Blended Uncut and Blu Ray together. (Released)

Omg! Would you be able to PM me a link, as well?? You have no idea how much I’d appreciate it.

I still have all the old dvd sets because I literally cannot watch the syndicated Bluray versions without cursing at the TV every 30 seconds or so lol 😦

So, needless to say, I’m very interested in seeing your work! 👍🏼😎

Info Wanted: Blu Ray Authoring Software

I use TMPGEnc AW6 and have for a few years now, and its great software to do everything the OP mentioned regarding Bluray authoring. It’s DEFINITELY worth the price tag to acquire a life-time license. That being said, it’s not a video editing software, however it does allow you to do some simple trimming when adding video sources, and deciding where chapter markers should go (if your video file doesn’t already have them attached, that is).

I plan on purchasing the video editing software from them as well when I’ve got the time to mess around with HDR editing w/ 4K footage, etc.

ALSO - if you plan on using or currently are using Authoring Works 6, they’ve also got a plugin you can get called TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in AVC for Premiere Pro. If you edit videos with Adobe’s Premiere Pro, and eventually plan to burn them to an authored Bluray disc, I highly recommend you get the plugin. It’s got a BDMV NTSC preset that allows you to encode/render your final video project from Adobe in Bluray-compliant video (m2t/m2mts). I use the plugin with Adobe Media Encoder 2020, so that when I’m outputting the fully authored bluray disc to BDMV folder, the process doesn’t take hours, potentially because its got 4 hours of content to encode. Makes it easier on your PC as well if you get all the video encoding done beforehand, so that when its creating your disc in the BDMV folder, its basically just remuxing your encode losslessly to the BDMV folder along with whatever else you included when authoring the disc in AW6.

I couldn’t recommend TAW6 enough, actually.