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Does Re-Mastering EVER make a production better?
As well as a Star Wars fan, I am also a hugly devoted fan to the British Sit-Com 'Red Dwarf'. In 1997 Grant Naylor Productions and the BBC took the first three seasons of Red Dwarf and remastered them in a very similar way to how they remastered Star Wars. We got new CGI shots instead of the original mdodel shots of space craft and stations, and we got pointless new sound effects. Like the remastering of Star Wars, it turned out to be very unpopular among the faithfull.

I'm just wondering really, why does anyone remaster thier past work? Surely it only serves to destroy the snapshot they have created in time and just cheapen it to modern day standards. It makes no sense. Star Wars is wonderful because it shows us and reminds us of how revolutionary those special effects were int he 70's and 80's. To replace them with CG to bring them 'up-to-date' (which, incidently, will eb out of date soon enough) totaly ruins the legacy. As does denying the fans of the original versions, as George Lucas seems to be doing.

Now, unlike Star Wars, Red Dwarf has recently started to recieve DVD releases and, to the utter joy of myself and other fans, they have used the orignal versions. I really don't think that George Lucas understand just what an impact he would make by releasing his versions as orignally intended. All it takes is some injection of money to clean up the prints again, transfer it to DV and it will live forever.

I realise i may have just repeating many things already said in this forum but, as a newbie, i just wanted to tell you my stand point on the whole matter and also have an excuse to talk about Red Dwarf. I will leave on this thought though. The greatest enemy to a great film or TV show is an overly critical creator. And that is sadly what is happeneing with Star Wars.
Info Wanted: i'm a newbie, with a question - I won an ebay auction for the 1995 VHS...
I have just bought the following set from ebay (Uk editions):

What i really want to get hold of is the OT widescreen editions. I'm sure the editions I've just bought arn't what i'm looking for but they were cheap and I wanted at least one version of the trilogy. Does anyone have an image of the UK OT widescreen releases so i know what I'm looking for?