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Direct references to the PT that were made in Disney’s ST

As far as signifigant direct story elements go…as in, stuff in the plot that comes out of nowhere if you go straight from the OT to the ST without watching the PT…the Darth Sidious acknowledgement is probably the main one, along with the whole idea of the Sith being this long standing organization/religion, which is important to Palpatine’s revival and his plans for Rey. In the OT the Emperor was, as far as we knew, just this lone powerful dude who managed to convince Anakin to betray the Jedi and become his attack dog. The PT is what worked in the whole Sith plotline.

The 2 Ewok Films - '<strong>Caravan Of Courage</strong>' (aka 'The Ewok Adventure'), &amp; '<strong>Battle For Endor</strong>'

Definitely wouldn’t mind checking these out. Despite the fact that I never actually watched them, these films occupy a strange and unique place in my Star Wars nostalgia. Back in the early 90s, when Star Wars was little more than a vague yet looming cultural landmark on the periphery of my awareness, I remember always seeing the Ewok films on the shelves of video rental stores along with the main films. For a long time I assumed that they, and the Ewok species in general, were a much more important part of the Star Wars saga than they actually were.

Of course, once the TPM hype train came along, I finally dove headfirst into Star Wars and learned that the Ewoks were just some unnamed alien side characters added to the third movie to sell toys and that the Ewok movies were just some weird spinoffs. But I’ve always been a bit curious about what the heck those movies were all about.