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My personal edit of A New Hope (with SC38 Reimagined) (Released)

Alright, so I made a bit of an update to my edit of ANH. Namely, I restored Vader’s initial line when he first encounters Obi-Wan. I didn’t like the idea of Vader saying the exact same thing to Obi-Wan that he already said to Ahsoka. Honestly, I’m not sure why FXitinPost changed it in the first place, since the original line was perfectly good already.

But anyway, here’s the current version of the scene if you want to check it out:

If you want a link to this updated version, let me know.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)

sade1212 said:

MMP said:

I can’t understand why so many of you have a problem with Rey being a Palpatine. For me, it’s the only possible explanation why she is so powerful. I like the character of Rey, but in Part 7 & 8 it always bothered me, that she was too strong and powerful. But when it became known that she’s a Palpatine, everything made sense to me.

But why is Palpatine so powerful? If it’s genetic, there’s no reason Rey couldn’t have been born with the same random innate power as young Sheev. If it’s from years of intense Sith training, then Rey wouldn’t have inherited it.

The problem isn’t inherantly with Rey being a nobody, it’s that she was written in such a way as though she is coincidentally connected to everything and central to everything while also gaining power conveniently rapidly and effortlessly, with J.J.'s mystery box as the “excuse”.

But you’re right in that Palpatine being the reason doesn’t work, because Palpatine needed to train to become as powerful as he is. In my opinion, a better way to fill J.J.'s mystery box would have been if they had just gone the Bourne Identity route: I.E. make Rey a powerful partially trained former student of Luke’s who had gotten her memory wiped. TLJ could have then opened with Luke recognizing her but still refusing to complete her training. Rey’s disillusionment with Luke would coincide with her gradually regaining her memories of the man Luke used to be.

But as it stands, I think people place way too much stock in the “message” that comes from Rey’s lineage. There doesn’t need to be a message, some people in Star Wars are randomly powerful, most people are randomly not powerful at all, some people are powerful because of their bloodline, it just is what it is and it doesn’t need to be a message about what people can be in real life, other than the fact that none of that stuff should matter in regards to the choices you make. And from that perspective, Rey being a Palpatine is…fine.

Return of the Jedi (Chronological Saga) - (* Final version released *)

Different strokes, I guess. I’ve always thought of the “It’s too late for me” exchange as being one of the most powerful in the entire saga, so I can’t wrap my head around the idea of thinking it’s useless. The whole point of Anakin’s tragedy and redemption is that he thought the dark side could not be rejected and could no longer see any good in himself. When Luke rejects the dark side and sees the good in Anakin, it inspires Anakin to finally break free of the dark side.

The PT shows us that Anakin was once a good man, but it doesn’t show us much of anything about Anakin’s mindset about himself after he becomes Vader. And while ESB establishes that Vader is reluctant to kill Luke, it doesn’t establish any deeper meaning behind it other than “he’s my son”. It’s the relationship they have in RotJ that develops it further, with Luke getting through to Anakin by choosing to see the good in him, refusing to kill him, and rejecting the dark side.

Star Wars Rebels with the epilogue scene removed (for chronological viewings)

So, this is a pretty simple edit, but I figured I’d post it here anyway in case anyone wants it.

Basically, I’m planning to have a massive chronological Star Wars marathon, including Clone Wars and Rebels, but the epilogue scene at the end of Rebels kind of throws off the chronological sequence pretty drastically. So I decided to remove it, and hopefully when the upcoming Rebels sequel comes out I can edit it onto that as a prologue instead.

For this edit I used an existing edit from another user on this site, which combined all of Rebels into a series of 8 movies.

If you want a link to the epilogue-free version of the final Rebels movie, let me know. I also have the other 7 movies and can pass them along if you’d like.

Harrison Ford in "Solo: A Star Wars Story" - Amazing deepfake

I just discovered this and now I want it to become standard practice for all recasts. I hate recasts, it’s one of the main reasons I still haven’t gotten around to watching Solo. But if we ever get to a point where someone can deepfake Ford’s face into the entire movie, I’ll definitely give it a shot.

And someone should add Mark Ruffalo into The Incredible Hulk while they’re at it.

<strong>Revenge of the Sith + The Clone Wars 4 hour Supercut 2020</strong> (V3) (Released)

Okay I just got done watching this, and I loved it. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to an unmerged RotS after this, it just meshed so perfectly in my opinion.

Only two minor issues stood out to me:

  1. The scene where Obi-Wan has a hologram conversation with Ahsoka, are you sure that scene is supposed to take place after Obi-Wan arrives on Utapau? The way he says “I’m being sent to hunt down General Grevious on Utapau”, makes it sound like he hasn’t gone there yet. Would this scene fit better a bit earlier, right before Obi-wan leaves?

  2. If you decide to keep the final Vader scene as a post credits scene, I think you should have it fade to black at the end. It currently ends abruptly, which is awkward.

Now I just really need a movie edit of Rebels so I can have a more concise conclusion the Vader/Ahsoka and Obi-Wan/Maul story arcs without having to sit through all the filler.