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Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

All PMs replied. Please - don’t just post in the thread, I will likely miss the notification, make sure you send me a PM too. Heck, you’ve got better luck PM-ing me and not posting in the thread to let me know you’re requesting a link than just posting the request here…

Rosalind14 said:

Sounds awesome!

Replied to your PM!

FishInk said:

I would love a d/l link. I was disappointed when the DVD release had a different dub from the VHS I fell in love with. It sounds like your version puts the audio I love back in.

fletch said:

Can I get a link if possible,thanks.

Didn’t see PMs from y’all? PM sent.

Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

If I missed you, I’m sorry, just send me a PM

I can’t keep track of Private Topics until you reply, so I very frequently lose track of things…

MMHC said:

LHSmarchingredcoat said:

Being able to hear the Laserdisc mix would be great! Would love access to it if possible:)

Me too!

deoreus said:

Hello, I absolutely love this movie and this seems like a fantastic remux, a link would be very nice 😃

FVDnz said:

Count me in too! 😊

ChuckieDee1973 said:

I’d love a link, please


jollysight said:

I’d really like to see (and hear) your work on this. Could I have a link, please?

I’m guessing the default mix is the best audio option?

I’m partial to the Hypersonic mix, but some people will only watch the Dolby Surround mix and treat the rest as heresy. Some grew up with the DVD mix so that’s “right” to them. Up to you really. And sent.

Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

Oh man, this blew up. If you sent me a PM, I answered it! If you want this, you know how it goes, please PM me.

MMHC said:

LHSmarchingredcoat said:

Being able to hear the Laserdisc mix would be great! Would love access to it if possible:)

Me too!

FYI - I wasn’t able to find the Japanese LD mix, the “1988 Dolby Surround” track in Japanese is from the 2009 Bandai Blu-Ray. The “Streamline”/Electric Media/Kodansha English Dub is a sync’d and slightly edited (not by myself) track from the Criterion Collection CAV LaserDisc.

Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

JF_Sanderson said:

I believe the Funimation Blu-ray has the hypersonic mix in 16 bit, even though the box claims 24 bit. What is the total size for this package?

Right, I didn’t use the FUNimation version of the Hypersonic mix, it’s from the first Japanese Bandai disc that had it. It’s a big boi, ~50 GB / ~50 Mbps, lol. ~43.3 GB if you demux everything from it but the Hypersonic mix.

Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

Anakin Starkiller said:

This is scandalous. How dare you exclude the kitchen sink?!

It broke sync for everything else when I muxed it in…I think I just needed to cut the end off since it runs a bit longer and it seemed to be in sync at the start, but I didn’t bother investigating. If I had an Atmos setup I might be able to better tell if it was “worth it” or not, but from the few bits in the movie that actually utilize surround effects that I checked, at least on my regular 7.1 set-up:

  • It is better than the “2021/4K version” of the Hypersonic mix
  • It didn’t sound very different from the “classic” 5.1 DVD mix at all
  • I still preferred the 2009 Hypersonic mix

Pretty sure my AVR automatically enables PLIIx for 5.1 sources that aren’t explicitly DTS-ES flagged.

Yes, I know you’re being sarcastic.

Akira (1988) "everything but the kitchen sink"

This was a pain in the butt to mux, had to rip two of my own discs and then download ~200 GB of stuff…this site’s been a resource to me for a while, so I thought I’d share something I initially put together for myself and save anyone else that might be looking for it the trouble.

It is all stuff that’s “readily” available, but to my knowledge, isn’t assembled in this manner anywhere. There are 1-2 P2P releases that come close: one has the audio tracks demuxed, the other converted a bunch of them to FLAC, downsampled from 24-bit, or both. I’d rather not deal with audio channel mapping woes (or forcing WASAPI to get around them).

Only way I could feasibly improve on this (for myself) is the Japanese Dolby Surround audio from a Criterion LD. The mix has some more low-end than the version we got on the Blu-Rays.


  • 🇮🇹 Dynit Blu-Ray 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray, 35.4 Mbps Avg / 37 Mbps Max
    The 4KBD has excessive (IMO) DNR.


  • 🇯🇵 2009 Hypersonic Mix, TrueHD 192/24
    the gigantic 12.5 GB one from the 2009 Bandai Blu-Ray - Default
    FUNimation did something to it that shaved 4 GB off of it. Then the Japanese redid the mix entirely for the UHD release, for the worse IMO. And that newer UHD Hypersonic mix sounds even worse on the American UHD BD, go figure.
  • 🇯🇵 2001 Pioneer “Classic” 5.1 Remix, 48/24 DTS-HD MA
    Default track on the Dynit BD
  • 🇯🇵 1988 Dolby Surround Mix, FLAC 48/16 from LPCM 48/16
    Also from the 2009 Bandai Blu-Ray
    would love to get the LD mix
  • 🇺🇸 Animaze/Pioneer Dub, TrueHD 48/16
    from the Japanese 4KBD
    FUNimation upsampled it to 96/24 on my 25th Anniversary disc…
  • 🇺🇸 “Streamline”/Electric Media/Kodansha Dub, FLAC 48/16
    Criterion CAV LD
    There are QC issues with the 96/24 version on the FUNi BD


  • 🇺🇸 25th Anniversary Subs
    🇺🇸 25th Anniversary Forced Subs for Dub
  • Choice of three fansubs
    🇺🇸 THORA
    🇺🇸 niizk
    🇺🇸 REVO
  • Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish PGS subs
    from a P2P 4K release, colors might look funny as a result if they actually used subs from other UHD-BDs or repackaged regular BD sourced .pgs with BT.2020 color primaries

the Atmos track from the Chinese 4KBD is the kitchen sink…
unless I missed something, everything is sync’d perfectly.