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Puggo GRANDE - 16mm restoration

I posted a thread about this, and I've PM'd Boba Feta, but haven't gotten an answer. Does anyone have box and disc art for Puggo Grande and Puggo Strikes back?

I see numerous places where it was posted earlier in this (and the PSB) thread, but in every instance I could find the links are now dead, so I'm hoping we can get a new posting of the art! Thanks so much! I really like these version and want to have nice box art on my shelf, and to have my discs look nice!

Looking for Puggo Box and DVD Label Art

Hey everyone,

I've been looking and looking but I can't quite seem to find good copies of cover and especially DVD label art for Puggo Grande and Puggo Strikes Back. It looks like they have existed at some point or another on the site but every link I find is dead. I'm putting together a collection of fan preservations to keep on my shelf and I'd love to have nice art for the boxes and for the dvd's themselves.

I'm sure this stuff is available somewhere but I can't seem to find a good liink to high quality art that anyone has made. Thanks in advance for your help!