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Custom Bluray/DVD Menus

That is a phenomenal menu!

Did you use Encore/After Effects/Premiere or something else? I’m working on a set myself, focused on just the original trilogy. It’s a heavy work-in-progress, I still need to animate an intro and plan on making a full montage to play in the background. Apologies for the crude shots, I haven’t gotten full screen grabs yet. The background image is a placeholder. Would love any input, this is the first time I’m doing this.

<em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> — Official Review and Opinions Thread — <strong>SPOILERS</strong>

It was ok, I enjoyed parts of it. I don’t like prequels that try to explain away every little aspect we know of an iconic character all within 1 adventure, it makes them less interesting. The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean made the same mistake. And it’s more proof I’m getting tired of constant callbacks to the original trilogy, I’m ready for the franchise to go off in a totally different direction.

Phildesfr's Blu-Ray Complete Set

It’s not a direct download link. It leads to folders with cover art files inside them

Also, do you think you might remove the quoted part of your question? The reappearance of the phildesfr’s entire first post kinda clutters the thread.

Thanks, and welcome to the forum! 😃

That link worked, and my previous comment has been cleansed. Thank you, I look forward to being a part of what looks like an awesome community!

The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
  1. Make Boba Fett just Jango’s son, not a clone.

  2. Have Dooku just defeat Anakin and Obi-Wan and then leave. No Yoda fighting.

  3. Have Dooku play a larger roll in Ep. III, keep him the instigator of the Clone Wars, there’s no real reason for Grievous, he’s really just an extra character.

  4. Cut the whole opening of Ep. III, it’s just tonally inconsistent with the rest of the trilogy and doesn’t really serve a purpose if Grievous is cut out.

  5. Speaking of extraneous characters, make Obi-Wan closer to Qui-Gon’s age and more active in the plot, especially Ep. I. Qui-Gon ultimately doesn’t have much purpose to the saga and it would have been far more effective if Obi-Wan trained Anakin by choice rather than obligation to his master, plus his age in Ep. IV would then make more sense.

  6. Make the Jedi not-cradle robbers.

  7. Make the Force Ghost thing not be something to be taught, but return it to a natural state that Jedi pass to when they become Force ghosts.

Brady's Blu-Ray Menu Redesigns

One of my biggest issues with the current blu-ray releases has to be the menu design and overall organization: from the head-scratching decision to split the content up by planets to the letterboxed presentation of the featurettes, and the rather strange choice of hodgepodge documentaries on the 9th disc of the saga set.

There have already been INCREDIBLE designs here for covers and labels and even box set designs, but I’m wanting to focus internally on the menus and overall presentation once that disc goes into the player. Currently using Photoshop and Encore to achieve this.

What I’m working on is a menu system that focuses on a minimalist style with motion backgrounds, with a bonus disc background featuring animated Ralph McQuarrie artwork.

Any ideas, tips, comments etc. would be greatly appreciated and encouraged of course!

I just barely started, but this is a shot of the bonus disc I’m currently working on just to give an idea of what I’m going for: