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Return of the Jedi is grossly misunderstood

First off I’ll say it right out, ROTJ is my favorite Star Wars film. I’m also a hardcore purist and nothing else exists in my happy brain except for the original theatrical trilogy. It’s a wonderful world to live in, like it’s 1983 again, the best time in Star Wars history.

It’s my theory that, in the Way I seem to remember it, sometime after Revenge of the Sith came out and before we ever could imagine a sequel trilogy existing, the internet and pop culture started to rate the Star Wars films and decided that Empire was the best of all the films. I can’t really argue that it’s not. I’d accept any of the original 3 as an answer to that question.

Seems like everyone then decided that A New Hope was next and then Return of the Jedi. Some poor confused folks actually thought that Revenge of the Sith was better than ROTJ. And it seems most of the reasoning behind this was that Jedi has teddy bear Ewoks for kids and toy sales. I hear a lot of “Harrison wanted Han to die and they didn’t do it because of toy sales”, again.

This all seemed to be accepted as some reason to shit on ROTJ. I’m disgusted to read the current opinions as more and more people rate these new Disney films as better than ROTJ. These people are out of their sad minds.

Take a little inventory of the scenes, characters, performances, story development. It’s fantastic.

Jabbas Palace, for Christ’s sake! The emperor! Wrapping up the whole story incredibly well. Anyway. I’m gonna add more to this because it’s important god damnit.

Can we get some love for Yub Nub?

Yub Nub is way better and it’s also what Wicket says to himself when he scurries away in order to surprise the storm trooper so Leia can take him out.

It’s supposed mean “freedom” or “hurray” in Ewok language. It’s great.

I always get a little frog in my throat when the strings swell up and turn Yub Nub into an incredibly emotional moment as luke sees his father join obi wan and yoda.

I love it. I hate the change.