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RELEASED: Raiders of the Lost Ark 35mm LPP Theatrical Experience - v1.0

Jmarsh2001 said:

So this happened in what, 2016. Its still not available at any source that the common non 12yo person has time to try to access?! I haven’t been on myspleen since…2007? 08? When all of these pussy repositories went private in the late oughts what did it accomplish? Nothing but closing off access because I never ran into too many normies there to begin with. If THEY want them shut down they will be shut down. You don’t think that all of the posts across the internet saying what copyrighted property was available where is enough to get these things destroyed? I don’t belong to any private trackers so how do I even attempt to sign up to blutopia etc. This is all very shortsighted. Frankly these things should be spread across the web so they have a better chance of surviving the inevitable destruction of these dinosaur sites. There are multiple scans of Song of the South on internet archive for crying out loud. Man up zoomer-boomer internet, the only ppl that fall into these cliques on the internet are 12/55yos. Even this site does the thing where “oh, we don’t post things that these companies can use to take us down” but…you allow ppl to collect money to scan films to distribute them? You know ppl have been caught up in a lot of legal problems for less than that right? Why can’t the scan just have a nice searchable name and file size attached to it and ppl can find them where they may. Its 4 years later and this shit is still unfindable. Very sad, boomers.

if instead of writing an entitled and childish rant, you actually put effort into finding it you wouldve already gotten it by now

it literally took me 6 MINUTES to find a user that had it and was willing to share it with me

but after that rant?, have fun trying to find anyone whos going to be willing to help you now

Evil Dead trilogy - best versions?

counting official releases only, the best ones are as follows

german unremastered bluray for the first one, has the original english mono and 1:78 or 1:33 aspect ratios

uhd release for ed2 (no original audio unfortunately)

and the shoutfactory set for army of darkness

the primitive screwhead fan edit is essentially the directors cut of ed2 with some of the lines changed to the us theatrical ones, and every deleted scene crammed in where appropriate, and an altered 5.1 surround mix