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The Last Jedi - Clean cut edition

Making notes as I go through v4:

  • The audio volume seems a bit low, and in some scenes lower still. I’m having to turn up my volume higher than normal just to try to keep up.

  • When it goes to Kylo Ren entering Snoke’s throne room at around 14 minutes in, Snoke references having the Resistance ‘on a string’ to General Hux, even though I believe Hux no longer speaks of it first? Maybe drop/edit out the audio of Snoke making that reference?

  • Where Luke rescues Leia (neat edit!), I’d replace the music that’s been inserted with something that is less loud/intense. Maybe something from Return of the Jedi involving Luke & Leia’s co-theme? The song is pretty quiet at first, but there’s a louder/grander part about 3 minutes in that may work better.

  • At about 38 minutes in, during the first lesson, Rey still talks about sensing nothing from Luke, and that he’s closed himself off from the force, but in this edit we’ve already seen him using the force to sense and rescue Leia. Probably needs to be cut? Maybe go from Luke’s lamenting how she didn’t even try to resist the dark side, to the ‘I’ve seen this raw strength only once before’ part?

  • I like the re-insertion of the ‘third lesson’ with Rey rushing off to ‘save’ the caretakers, however for my taste I would edit out the beat with them encouraging her to waive the lightsaber in the air; I think that’s a bit too silly, especially for an edit of the movie that takes out scenes like the opening Hux/Poe gag.

  • At the end of that same scene, after Rey leaves Luke in frustration, this is nitpicky but it felt a little unnecessarily awkward/jarring the way it cuts with a screen wipe to the scene of Rey connecting again with Kylo Ren.

  • Speaking of that scene, maybe cut out the ‘could you put a shirt on?’ joke?

  • This one may be very nitpicky, but if one of the goals is to make Hux seem less foolish, at 1:23:30, maybe cut out where he literally parrots Kylo Ren saying, “All firepower on the speeders”?

  • I see that Finn’s potential ‘sacrifice’ scene is cut. I’m not sure I agree with losing it entirely, but I understand cutting the ‘I saved you, Dummy’ bit as well as the ‘This is how we’re going to win’ stuff, including the awkward kiss. Maybe it could work to leave in his near-sacrifice, Rose saving him, but losing the follow-up and just picking back up with them when Finn drags her back inside?

  • Speaking of unnecessary parroting, at about 1:24:40, (I forget her character name) Carrie Fisher’s daughter is saying that no one has responded to their signal, and then the other lady restates the exact same thing a second later. Maybe cut the other lady who essentially repeats the same line? Actually, I paused the movie right at that point, and now upon resuming I see there’s no cut before the camera pans over to Leia. That might make removing it difficult-to-impossible.

  • The part where Luke is revealed to have survived the walker blasts, specifically where Luke mimes brushing dirt off of his shoulder… am I the only one who feels this is more of a ‘Mark Hamill’ move, rather than something Luke Skywalker would do? If so… maybe it should go?

  • Back on the ‘Save Hux’s dignity’ front, maybe cut out the bit with him saying to not get distracted, followed by Kylo Ren slamming him into the wall?

  • I’d say, ultimately, Luke’s death should be put back in. We may not like that he’s gone, but it is what it is, and Episode 9 will clearly indicate as much, presumably with him appearing in either flashbacks and/or as a force ghost.

  • Maybe I missed it, but did this edit cut the shot that reveals that Rey still has the Jedi texts? If there’s a way to keep that, I think it should stay in.

  • The ending feels a little weird without the kids on Canto Bight, but at the same time I understand why it’s cut since the rest of that subplot is gone.

  • Overall, while it obviously suffers a little bit from being re-edited like this (which inevitably can make it feel a little rough in spots and can make the pacing feel ‘off’, including the ending), I have to say that I don’t miss the Finn/Rose sub-plot on Canto Bight at all, however I slightly miss the final Canto Bight scene with the boy revealed to have force powers. It’s too bad that it’s impossible to replace that sub-plot with a new, improved one.

  • Once you settle on a final version or two (I would hope for at least one final version being one that only uses TLJ/TFA scenes), it would be great to get a 1080p or even a 4K version of this eventually!

Thanks for doing this!