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What SE changes (if any) did people like?

I’m actually quite fond of three changes:

Han Solo’s charging into a room full of stormtroopers just makes that sequence even funnier to me.

Ian McDiarmid’s Emperor being placed into ESB was great.

I am fond of Victory Celebration over Yub Nub. Though I loved Yub Nub as a kid, I like the emotional impact of Victory Celebration now–I even like the galaxy celebrating scenes that they added.

Episode VIII : The Last Jedi - Discussion * <strong><em>SPOILER THREAD</em></strong> *

The Dark Empire said:

LuckyGungan2001 said:

I love your name and avatar. I’m a fellow Dark Empire fan.

Thx. And I like your avatar!!

darthrush said:

I guess I half agree with you here since I find the ski speeders to be aesthetically pleasing whereas the walkers and the new star destroyers feel really uninspired.

“Uninspired” is a good word for it! But the “ski-speeders” are a bit absurd.
The speeder uses a “stabilizer strut to keep balance when moving across alien terrain”.
But first it nearly crashes to the ground, rubbing the cannon (should get at least dirty on the inside, if not damaged) and the cockpit on the floor, then lowers the strut to be stable. I think rubbin the floor all the time with this filigree ships is not a good concept. The floor always have to be really flat. But even then they aren’t really stable.

All of the flying things with repulsorlifts in SW are flying stable. Think back to Luke’s Speeder.

Lord Tobias said:

Dark empire looks like vomit…so your judging of visual styles are questionable at best

Well… no… this is great comic art! Especially if you look at the release year.
I always love Cam Kennedys drawings. And I think you should be more polite!

Hey, thumbs up for the Dark Empire art appreciation. Dark Empire was an interesting comic book.

How did you first see the star wars films?

In the early nineties I saw the Star Wars films on TV–but I believe it was only the first two. I never got to watch Return of the Jedi on TV release or in the theater when the Special Editions came out. To this day it is the only Star Wars film I haven’t watched in the theater.

Besides Clone Wars, because that film had no business being released in theaters.

EDIT: I did eventually watch Return of the Jedi for a while of never seeing it. Being familiar with the first two films in the trilogy but never seeing the conclusion to the Saga was interesting for me. I had to grab every ounce of Star Wars things I could, and I went to the library and read all sorts of comics and books that were set after the original trilogy. They were something special, and somehow I missed any reference to Vader’s redemption and the Emperor’s death. When I finally watched Return of the Jedi it was pretty much everything I wanted it to be, and its now my favorite film of the original trilogy.