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Problem Child Trilogy remastered on Blu

oojason said:

Remastered? Why so? What is wrong with the the current retail releases? Is there something wrong or lacking with any of the fan edits of this already out there?

Is it just the extras you are after?

Please try and give more info on what you are after / looking for before starting a thread like this - thank you.

Sorry. I meant remastered properly with great picture and great audio. Only the first movie was released on Blu-Ray and had mixed reviews about the disc. I mean, remaster the first two with the deleted footage in its places.

Police Academy Film TV Airings?

cpalmer2k said:

Does anyone by any chance have HD recordings of any of the “Police Academy” films (1-7) from TV airings on non-premium channels? Typically the TV airings of these films are edited for language/nudity, but do show a few scenes that aren’t in the theatrical versions. These “TV Edits” are available on various sites in SD form, but not in HD form. I would love to locate TV airings of them and “merge” them to make a complete version. I have good recordings of the theatrical versions from the HDNet marathon earlier this year, and I also have the UK Blu-Ray collection that I can use for source material.

I have parts 2, 4, and 6 on VHS, but only 6 has deleted scenes, but one of the cut scenes was in bad quality.