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Help with Silverscreen Edition Download Issues

Back in January, I downloaded the SSE v1.6 from Mega.Nz using the JDownloader method. It is the same way I downloaded my .mkv of Despecialized Star Wars. However, something got messed up with the download for SSE and instead of JDownloader reassembling all of the .rar files I have an .iso file as well as 300+ .rar files in the folder that I designated the downloads to go to. In January, I tried every solution and nothing seemed to get me to be able to watch the SSE and I eventually gave up out of frustration. Now, with the new movie out, I’d like for the folder on my External Harddrive labeled “Stolen Datatapes” to become fully operational. Does anybody have any idea on what I should do with all of the files to get them to work? I’ve tried a lot, but I admittedly can’t remember what all I did try. I have no idea where to start now though.