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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [Revisited] [w/ PoA]

All of the previews look amazing!

-I would like to see the classic train music from Sorcerer’s Stone return for the ending
-Maybe add some more flashbacks from the first 4 movies in the scenes where Snape and Voldi get into Harry’s mind to get
more continuity
-take out the “We fly of course” scene, Harry and the others wanted to use the chimney and it was possible after they got rid of Umbrigde. It makes way more sense, why they would fly to the ministry wtf
-Add a voice over of Sirius mentioning the fate of Neville’s parents (and maybe Bellatrix screams) when Neville and Harry talk after the DA meeting. It gets brushed over so quickly in this movie, I didnt even undertand it in the first few viewings
-Same with Susan Bones voice when Luna talks about Harry being able to use a patronus. It was originally Bones kid that
brought it up so it was a nice payoff and casting a patronus is a big deal in that universe
-Don’t add music for the big fight at the end, it is supposed to be silent

That’s all for now, good luck and keep us updated bro!

ANDREAS presents: Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix [REVISITED]

My suggestions for Prisoner of Azkaban:

  • I would like the movie to be more colourful if that’s possible, especially the scenes that play outside at bright day are way too greyish
  • I always hated that the patronus has a slight delay in this movie, like Harry screams “expecto patronum” and there are these awkward 1-2 seconds where nothing happens
  • in the book quidditch takes a big part because it is Oliver Wood’s last year and he still hasn’t won the quidditch cup, obviously you can’t add scenes that where never filmed, but maybe you could add one or two voice clips from previous movies like “be careful, Harry” to show he is at least there
  • the same for Cedric Diggory and maybe cut out the actor who played the Hufflepuff seeker, cause it creats a continuity error
  • the screams of Harry’s mother need to sound more terrifying and less like it’s singing
  • when Fudge tells Mcgonagall the story of Sirius’ betrayal you could show footage of their death
  • I hate the scene where the fat lady tries to break the glass it’s so unnecessary and painful to watch
ANDREAS presents: Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix [REVISITED]

I know this might be controversial but I always hated the way time travel was portrayed in Prisoner of Azkaban. It’s this endless time loop where Harry and Hermione change absolutely nothing, they just gain a little bit of perspective.

By removing Hermione throwing that stone and Harry seeing “his father” at the lake you could make it look like it’s the classic way of time travel. It would make moments like the saving of Buckbeak more meaningful aswell because they actually achieve something.

Though you would have to find solutions to Harry and Hermione noticing the minister and Dumbledore coming (maybe add a footstep sound effect) and Harry getting saved at the lake.

ANDREAS presents: Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix [REVISITED]

Here is a list of a few songs that would work in both of these and Half-Blood Prince

ANDREAS presents: Prisoner of Azkaban & Order of the Phoenix [REVISITED]

Here are a few suggestions foe OotP:

  • there are 2 subtle moments where you can see that Ginny still has a crush on Harry, maybe you can make them a little bit more obvious for example by music cues or zooming in

  • in the beginning you could make a transition shot where you go from happy Harry with his GoF Hair to a depressed Harry with OtP Hair (maybe even add a haircutting sound effect to make it seem as he changed his hair because of the traumatic events)

  • make the scenes with Grob darker to hide the bad CGI

  • when Harry is told that he has to go to court you can add a small moment where Harry get a flashback of the meeting for Karkaroff

  • add most of the deleted scenes except for the treylawne one

  • try to get rid of the “you are not like Voldemort” message of this movie, its cheesy as hell and was already featured in Chamber

  • HBP music for the love scenes

  • already include some of the Deathly Hallows Snape sequences when Harry gets into his mind

  • add Sorcerers Stone music for the last scene where they get to the train to make a little callback

  • the cloud effect you did at the beginning needs to be reworked a little bit