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Star Trek Into Darkness Bonus disc (Released)

pittrek said:

A question - what is not on the Compendium ?

 Trekcore detailed a few items that did not appear there:

There are also a few other bits still left out for unknown reasons, including:

 Two deleted scenes from the XBOX Video release:

   "Pike's Office (Original Ending)"

   "Kronos Fight Before Khan Arrives"

The "MTV First" roundtable interview series, totaling approximately 30 minutes

Several minor behind-the-scenes clips and VFX pre-vis videos released via XBOX Video

The six different Port of San Francisco music cues

The Into Darkness 'B-Roll' video

The nine-minute IMAX preview cut of the film's introduction, released with the first Hobbit film

Any leftovers collection should basically be the two deleted scenes, the MTV First series, any of the BTS XBOX Live videos, the music cues and the b-roll. The IMAX preview material would be covered by the ratio-shifting full feature.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Harmy said:

A newer and more complete 20 minute version of the documentary.
Still work in progress but it will have to do for a while, I think, so I'd welcome it very much, if people made English SDH and foreign subtitles for this, so I can add them :-)

 I watched this the other day when it hit Facebook. Very helpful for keeping track of all the different projects around here. :D

Help Wanted: A Hard Day's Night? - Can someone do a preservation of?

lastjedi said:

i've been working on making a version with the original speed for the songs.because as everybody knows,the songs are much slower in the film.

 Not all, just some; any scenes where there are video monitors suffered from that.

This excellent article provides the following info:

During the performance sequence in the “TV studio” (filmed actually at London’s Scala Theatre, in front of a live audience of screaming extras), the music has always sounded oddly slow — and for a reason. Lester sought to show the experience of the band being captured by television cameras, allowing the film audience to see their images on the on-stage CRT TV monitors.  British video refresh rates being at 25 fps, and film cameras one frame short at 24 fps, Lester adjusted his cameras’ frame rates to 25 to avoid the characteristic black bar “roll” seen when a film camera’s frame rate is less than that of a video monitor’s.

“He shot at 25 fps, but with them miming on set to the music played at the proper speed, when it’s projected back at 24 fps, it sounds slow,” Okell explains. “That’s 4% slower, which makes it a semi-tone lower than on the record. The slower speed is imperceptible to the human eye, but definitely noticeable to the ear.”

Digital adjustment of the frame rate of the image or the pitch of the music was considered, but neither would have resulted in a natural look or sound, Martin explains. “Sam and I tried pitching the music up in Pro Tools, but it just didn’t sound good. It might seem odd, but having the song at the right pitch, but the wrong tempo, is more unnatural than having the song at the wrong pitch and wrong tempo.”  So it remained as is.

- See more at:

In addition, the speed issue affects the initial performances of "And I Love Her" and "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" which occurred in the middle of the film.

Personally I'm not convinced that just simply pitching the audio up wouldn't work fantastically, but I haven't tried it myself.