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//Star Wars Begins\\: HD Version Now on Vimeo
Originally posted by: Sluggo You remember this Trooperman quote from a year back...
My second point is that this is by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, whose music was the inspiration for John Williams AND George Lucas as well. This is a little known fact, but George Lucas bought an album called "The Sea Hawk", a recording of Korngold's film music by Charles Gerhardt, and it was this that inspired him to request the same type of score from J. Williams- he even mentioned "The Sea Hawk" in the conversation.

The main title music I have used comes from this same album that was the original inspiration in the first place.

And finally, it's very possible that this was actually the main title theme used in the original TEMP TRACK for Star Wars- notice the similarity to the original Star Wars theme.

There is another Korngold sound track that sounds even more like Star Wars. It is the sound track to the film Kings Row (1942). The main theme contains a refrain that is very close to the main Stars Wars theme. You can hear a little clip of it on the Amazon website here. The refrain I'm refering to is played at about 11 seconds in.

"Da da da Daaaaa Daaaa"

Info: Your work is being sold

As for this sell.com, if you notice, nowhere in their selling rules does it say anything about not selling bootleg material. I think someone needs to get the studios hip to this site the way they are to eBay. Because obviously no one has noticed this place yet.

Sell.com seems to be a US only site. It doesn't seem to let people from the UK join up, which is weird as sellers offer shipping to the UK.

Am I missing something or is there a way for those in the UK to sign up to it, otherwise we'll have to leave the US members to police that site on their own?

Info Wanted: 'Casino Royale' 1954 version - has anyone done a preservation?

Hi all,

There seems to be both complete and incomplete versions of this CBS production starring Barry Nelson knocking around (see the wikipedia entry for details). The DVD transfers I’ve seen appear to be the incomplete versions while the Spy Guise & Cara Entertainment VHS release seems to be the only complete version out there.

Does anyone here know of an attempt to preserve the complete version on DVD?

Any help much appreciated.

The Blackadder
Has anyone attempted a preservation of the Blackadder 'Specials' and Sketches that have not been released on DVD/BBC Audio?

According to the now defunct www.blackadderhall.com the list of unreleased Blackadder bits is as follows:

The Army Years
This monologue was performed at the Dominion Theatre, London for the Royal Variety Performance 2000. Ben Elton, as compere of the Royal Variety Performance introduced the sketch.

The King's Birthday
This short sketch was performed at HRH Prince Charles' 50th Birthday Gala. It was televised on ITV (in the UK) on 14 November 1998.

The Pilot Episode
The pilot episode that's never been broadcast in the UK. Slightly different cast.

The Shakespeare Sketch
This sketch was performed on stage for an AIDS benefit concert directed by Stephen Fry on September 18, 1989. Currently on Youtube

The Women's Hour Invasion
This extensive script was part of a Children In Need Special way back in 1988. The Woman's Hour studio is invaded by Blackadder and Baldrick. n.b. Woman's Hour is a Radio programme in the UK.

The Royal Gardener
Rowan Atkinson created a new reincarnation of Blackadder for a TV advert promoting the Queen's jubilee concert. The new character, Sir Osmond Darling-Blackadder, is keeper of Her Majesty's lawn sprinkler.

Sadly I don't have any of these but they are out there somewhere.

Scripts for these are floating around on a few websites so you can at least read what you are missing.

Young Indiana Jones... a preservation (* unfinished project *) - a mass of info & ideas
More info from Theraider.net on the official release.

"Indy Jones Chronicles are currently being cleaned up, are having documentaries added to them and will be shopped as “films for a modern day high school history class.” He’s [Lucas] hoping they’re released on DVDs very soon."

Update: IGN.com published an article on Lucas' Young Indiana Jones Chronicles DVDs containing more detailed info and bits on the process of making this DVD collection:

The DVDs will include the reedited versions of the series previously available on VHS, which took the 44 episodes of the show and turned them into 22, 90 minute, feature length stories. Lucas conceived of doing this very early on, and when the series first wrapped production, shot footage that would help link the episodes more cohesively.

Lucas mentioned how the series was shot on 16mm, which allowed more money to be spent on the production and allow for longer shooting schedules than it would have otherwise had. However, he said, "we're in the process of enhancing and cleaning up [the picture] for DVD." Having mentioned the cost constraints the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was under, he also humorously stated, "We're spending more to clean things up then we did to shoot it."
Info Wanted: Condorman (1981) - any good preservations out there?
Originally posted by: General Gravos I always have some very fond memories about this Walt Disney production. Alas, there are still no decent dvd available. I bought the uk zone 2. Image format is 2.35 but like Star Wars OT, it isn't an anamorphic transfer. The picture is very grainy too. And zero bonus, not even a trailer.

I agree. I love this film too. It is a real shame that there is no decent release and that there are no extras for it floating about anywhere.

There were 3 Condorman comics produced to tie in to the film. One and two are just the story of the film but the third is a brand new Condorman adventure (allbeit not a very good one) featuring the villians from the film and a whole new array of Condorman gadgets.

These turn up on ebay every now and again.

Young Indiana Jones... a preservation (* unfinished project *) - a mass of info & ideas
Originally posted by: Cable-X1

They are not very common to find, that's for sure. I've never seen bootlegs on eBay, nor have I seen bootlegs at conventions.

A UK seller currently has some on ebay (I don't think I'm allowed to post links to bootlegs am I?).

There doesn't seem to be much detail. Probably just DVD copies of the VHS releases.

Idea: 'Douglas Adams - Hitchhiker'
Slightly off topic but maybe of interest to those following this thread that breaking news on The Douglas Adams Continuum Forum, is that the company behind the recent 'Hitchhiker's Guide' radio series are to make Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books into a BBC Radio 4 drama.

BBC Radio 4 has commissioned Above The Title (with Dirk Maggs at the helm) to make an 18 x 30 minute adaptation of Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books, following the indie's successful production of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It will run over 3 series of 6 episodes and will begin in October of this year. It was ordered by commissioning editor for comedy and entertainment; Caroline Raphael.

Idea: 'Douglas Adams - Hitchhiker'
Originally posted by: dcfcfan
Taking its name from the excellent biography, I would like to do a project paying tribute to Douglas Adams. I was thinking this could feature some of the rarely seen projects he was involved in. I have AVI files of "Hyperland," the "South Bank Show" episode about him and the "Doctor on the Go" episode written by him and Graham Chapman. I also have an AVI of his Letterman appearance to promote "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish."

Now this is a GREAT idea.

I think I have an off-air VHS recording of the South Bank show somewhere. I thought that did a great job. I remember being particularly excited that scenes from "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" were dramatised. Such a shame no-one has attempted a full TV adaptation.

Mind you if Sky One can tackle Pratchett's "The Hogfather" then there's hope yet!!