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Dragon Ball Series Preservation (* unfinished project *) - much info & ongoing discussion

I love this series (all of it Dragon Ball, Z and even GT sorta) but it has consistently gotten pretty shitty home releases. The closest we came to perfection is the Japanese Dragon Boxes for the original series all of the original series as those were made from the original negatives, but unfortunately they are out of sync, had their next episode previews out of order, need to be color and as many fans know, have rather poor Japanese audio. Toei junked the original master tapes after each episode was broadcast as the idea of any of the series getting some sort of home release seemed ridiculous to them. Thankfully the original broadcast audio does exist, albeit on VHS and Beta-max recordings of the episode’s original airing, however many of the fans who own these refuse to release them, and very few have gotten through the cracks.

Here is what I’m planning:

-I have the high quality rips and iso’s of the R2 Dragon Box sets which I will be using for the footage. I will make sure that they are the best encodes they can be to preserve quality(no I WILL NOT be scrubbing the image. The grain is there to stay!)
-For video editing I have Virtualdub, Avidemux and Premiere Pro. I will be using these programs to color correct the footage and put the next episode previews in their proper place before the credits.
-I also have the uncut Funimation audio with the original Kikuchi score and plan to get the uncut dub with the Faulconer score as well.
-Now this is the tricky part: I insist on using the original Japanese broadcast audio but it is rather hard to find, especially for all of the series. I already have the audio for episode 153 of Dragon Ball and episodes 1-17 and 95 of DBZ. I know there was a Japanese release called the “Big Box” in the late 90’s that included the original master audio for 2 episodes later in the series but have been unable to find a copy. If anyone has ANY episodes that I don’t have or knows where I can go/who I can contact to find something PLEASE let me know. I believe that Animax(or some station in Japan)still airs episodes of Dragon Ball GT with it’s original stereo audio(the first few episodes were in mono the rest in stereo)synced to Dragon Box footage and I believe there is a bootleg Mandiran release of the series that uses master sent to TV stations with high quality mono audio. I have been planning to tackle Z first of course, but seeing as materials for GT are easier to find I may do that first.

So the final product for each series should be something like this:

-R2 Dragon Box footage
-Japanese Broadcast Audio
-English dub with Kikuchu score
-English dub with American music
-English subtitles

Any interest?

The Knick Knack Boobs Restoration

Spaced Ranger said:

Well, most of this was my proof-of-concept on consumer media. We never heard anything more about that film auction. (For anyone doing that project, feel free to bounce over here and run with it!) Of course, that would by-pass the need for any reconstructive surgery.

I was going touch-up a live-model picture as Sunny Miami. You have no idea how much searching I did to find the purrrfect one! But thoroughness is a virtue. All to prove that “ridiculous cartoon boobs” (as someone once put it) are neither ridiculous nor cartoon.

Fortunately for the world’s eye-strain epidemic, I had to curtail further, uh, development, until I had the time to give it them her justice.

Good luck, I hope you manage to finish it. Like it or not, this is a piece of animation history and some of the (honestly rather prudish people) discouraging progress in this thread is a bit disheartening and confusing, as someone mentioned earlier didn’t someone spend time just editing a poster in a Roger Rabbit short? I thought you all were purists! /end rant.