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The Hobbit (M4 Book Edit) (Released)

sidshady12 said:

Yeah i’ve seen the ironfoot edition transition. I thought it was neat and pretty similar to what Maple edit also did, but the color correction to make it make a bit more smooth was cool. I’m just not a fan of the narration and jumping right into Beorn’s house, I like the natural progression from Gandalf talking about him to then being chased into the house. That way the only “non seamless” part is the fact we time jump from Carrock down to the forest- which was how it was when watching AUJ and DOS anyways.

And I don’t like the chasing.
The whole trilogy is so full of hunts, but this one is really so unnecessary.
Don’t think of it as a sudden jump into Beorn’s house, think of it as an intermission.
In Lord of the Rings there are these “jump intermissions” too, but strangely no one minded!
I don’t understand.

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

smudger9 said:

Kanemedhurst said:

How are you going about having Mando meet Cara Dune if Sanctuary has been cut?

Two options.

  1. Keep the first meeting with Cara and when Mando says “looks like this planet is taken” wipe to the Razor in space and then transition to Gunslinger.

  2. Cut their first meeting and just use their meeting from chapter 7… there is sufficient implication from the dialogue that they are old acquaintances.

I am for the first option.
Because it means more character building imo.


Gavinworld12 said:

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN was an unofficial Bond movie created by Kevin McClory, using his film rights for “Thunderball”. As it was unofficial and not produced by United Artists / MGM (it was Warner Bros who produced the film in this case), many of the hallmarks present in an average Bond film were forced to be left out, for obvious reasons.

The main goal of this fan edit is to add back in these hallmarks, as well as replacing the score with a more Bond-styled one (I’m aiming for using music that resembles the Moore era, as the film was released during that time). Anyone can help out here.

The creator of this superb edit is Blofeld’s Cat.
Just send a PM and ask for access. 😉

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [V3 RELEASED]

For me, the first film is almost perfect.
I also don’t think that Fennec and Boba coming together (or “the Book of Boba”) is somehow important for the stringency of the second season movie or further movies!

Season 1 and movie: We get to know Din’s job, and how he gets with Grogu into conflict about it and wants to save him.
In the process, he builds friendships with others (Cara, Greef, Kuiil, IG-11).

Season 2 and movie: Din searches for other Mandalorians to bring Grogu to his.
In the process, he learns about other Mandalorians as well as Jedis, and some of the black lightsaber is all about.

Season 3 and movie: Din helps Bo-Katan to conquer Mandalor, at the same time they get on the track of a larger intrigue of remnants of the Empire (Gideon/Thrawn), and try to defeat them with his grown network of friendships (Boba, Fennec, Bo-Katan, Greef, Mayfeld and maybe some new ones)?

Season 4 and movie: ? (Maybe Din and Grogu come a last time together again (also Ashoka or Luke), to defeat Thrawn/Gideon finally. Grogu dies in the end maybe…)

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

smudger9 said:

I’m still debating what to do with season 2, so I’m going through the process of trying a few things out to see how well they work.

The first one is removing the Krayt Dragon. Its a great sequence but it is very much a side quest. Here I’ve cut together a sequence where it has been removed. Let me know your thoughts.


I like it.
It just seems a little strange that Mando leaves and Boba’s helmet still remains on the table.

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

OutboundFlight said:

I think Ahsoka should be cut.

Here me out. Ahsoka’s episode is one of the best of this season. Incredibly well-paced plus the emotional callbacks to the Clone Wars and Prequels were excellent. But in the grand scheme, it is not essential. In fact, I would say it damages the ending of the Rescue because of how supposedly awe-inspiring the arrival of Luke is… when Mando has already seen a Jedi in action.

Imagine if the story went like this…
– Bo-Katan tells Mando to go to Tython and find a Jedi there
– Mando goes to Tython and Grogu is taken
– Mando leads a rescue, first with the Imperial Base and then the Ship
– After a movie of searching, a Jedi is finally found

It simplifies the plot. I’d argue Ahsoka is great nuance in a TV show, but for a movie, the pacing becomes incredibly rushed and the plot wonky.

Now, admittedly I haven’t worked out all the kinks. You would have to make Ahsoka’s voice sound like Bo-Katan, or potentially compile some clips from TCW and Rebels since it’s the same actress and make her say to travel to Tython. Second, Mando’s spear would be something we can assume he collected between episodes, although I really don’t consider this that big a plot hole. The only admittedly important piece of information we gain is the Child’s name being Grogu, but unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think this ever comes up again? Mando keeps calling him “the kid” and Gideon “the child”.

This would save 40 some minutes from the movie and gives you time to fully develop the Heiress, Tragedy, Believer, and Rescue episodes, which frankly I think are the real “core” of this season emotionally.

If this is possible,I think this is a great idea!

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

JakeRyan17 said:

I don’t mean to be “impertinent”, just giving story reasons for my opinions. Yes, I can make my own cut, and might. I didn’t want to “rip off” Smudger’s idea, and wanted to be supportive of his project and do my best to help him make it the best it can be.

But I never claimed ownership of this cut. I thought it was a discussion forum where suggestions and feedback were welcome? I guess it’s not?

Yes, as I said before ideas and suggestions are always welcome and certainly helpful.
But (imo) not in that demanding tone.
I already noticed this in the other thread and I would like to say I do not like this way.

That’s all.

Mando EP2: Search for the Jedi [V2 RELEASED]

StarkillerAG said:

I guess you guys might be right. But if we’re gonna cut that episode, we should at least update the first movie to have the clip of Gideon surviving be before the credits. >


It’s still Smudger’s cut!
I think his edit of season 1 is excellent.
Suggestions and ideas are always welcome and can be very helpful.
But here are some who made demands in a way (especially JackRyan) which are in my opinion quite impertinent!
He should first do better, or simply create his own edit.

Mando EP1: A Vergence in the Force [V3 RELEASED]

I find smudger’s text abosult fitting, so I only changed it slightly.
Here is my suggestion:

Five years have passed since the death of the Emperor.
The newly-formed GALACTIC REPUBLIC has restored peace to the core systems, but a power vacuum has plunged the outer rim into chaos.

IMPERIAL REMNANTS have formed in the shadows. They have taken control of distant worlds as they search for a mysterious asset that could return them to power.

Commissioned by the Bounty Hunter Guild and given only the asset’s age and the promise of a vast reward, a lone MANDALORIAN approaches its last known location…

Alien (1979): Ripley Does Dallas Edition (Extended) (Released)

b5historyman said:

BandobrasTuk said:

A few remarks from me.

  1. We don’t need to know about everything we don’t see.
    It’s pretty irrelevant why the cage is there.
    On the contrary when something remains in the dark, there is room for mystery and speculation.
    Hitchcock was a master in this discipline, or do you want to know why the birds became aggressive and why they suddenly calmed down again? 😉
  2. I do not believe that the alien is only keen on humans and has spared the cat, but that the cat could escape (see point 1 speculations).
  3. If you integrate the Dallas death scene, there are continuity flaws to Cameron’s “Aliens”!
    As a reminder: When the camera shots show the cocoons, Ripley tells Lieutenant Gorman that she’s never seen anything like this before!
  4. I don’t know if you have the technical skills, but it would be nice if someone could finally remove Ripley’s nosebleed before the fight with Ash! Because the nosebleed results from a previously shoted scene that was never used and fell under the cutting table!
    In contrast to the cage question of the cat, this scene makes no sense at all. Why does Ripley bleed out of her nose while talking to Ash?

Otherwise, I wish you a lot of interest in your work. 😃

Actually the Alien Queen does not contradict the cocoon scene in Alien (let’s get it right what came first) As I am the guy who mapped the life cycle for the Aliens:Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Brett was being transformed into an egg that would contain a face hugger that would attach to Dallas and implant a Queen embryo. If the cycle had been able to continue, the Queen would have emerged and the Alien would have fed it to maturity and then mate with it. The Queen would then lay her eggs. The Alien itself would eventually die (akin to some insects after mating). This cycle is what happened aboard the Space Jockey juggernaught. If they (Kane/Lambert/Dallas) had investigated the derelict hold, they would have found the fossilised remains of a Queen and at least one Alien. As for it being Cameron’s idea, I don’t think it’s the case, especially when you look at Giger’s Alien book and the painting “Alien IV” You can clearly see where he got the idea from.

You quite don’t understand what I’m getting at: Ripley says in “Aliens” that she has never seen these cocoons before. But if You cut the cocoon-dallas scene back into “Alien”, this statement is simply not true anymore! It’s a contradiction.